Elite Cactus Squad

Elite Cactus Squad


Welcome to the Elite Cactus Squad membership page! This is our get-rich-quick scheme to help support the PLA, which will create more content, more shows, more videos, more music, more merchandise, and just a ton more awesomeness in general.

For as little as $5.00 per month, you will get access to PLA's high-quality audio feeds, exclusive episodes of The Snow Plow Show, and occasional videos from the live shows. But more importantly, your monthly contribution funds the amazing things that you find on phonelosers.org. The more support we can get, the more things that are going to happen around here.

If you want to get the most out of a PLA subscription, PLA's Patreon page is the best place to get that, with multiple levels of memberships and more rewards for joining. You can join here if you want, because some weirdos prefer it apparently, but Patreon is where you should go if you can.

If you're interested in supporting PLA's wacky projects, then sign up below with PayPal. You will automatically be upgraded so that you can view the secret podcast feeds, videos of live shows, and other secret content on this site.


. Bronze Subscription Silver Subscription Gold Subscription Platinum Subscription
Monthly $5.00/month
Quarterly $15/per 3 months
$30/per 3 months
$60.00/per 3 months
$120.00/per 3 months
Yearly $50/year

What is the difference between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum?

There is no difference between the various levels. You can pick how much you want to contribute and you'll receive the same benefits.

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