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The Phone Losers consist of RBCP and whoever else he can get to go along with his ridiculous schemes. They've been making prank calls since the early 1990's. They are known for impersonating businesses in order to anger customers. Originally they did this by hijacking the telephone lines of a business, having it forwarded to a pay phone or other line that they could answer. These days they keep things slightly more legal by tricking businesses out of their customer phone numbers and then calling the customers at home.


Shows by the PLA

Since the mid-2000's, PLA has had several podcasts and a live call-in show.

PLA Radio - this is the original PLA podcast which began in January of 2006. It was created soon after RBCP discovered podcasts and wanted to make one of his own. The shows include the usual topics of phones, pranks and security, but you'll also find lots of references to other podcasts shows that were around at the time. The frequency of the episodes quickly declined when RBCP began The Phone Show in 2009. Technically this show still exists today and new episodes might turn up someday, but it seems to be mostly replaced by The Snow Plow Show.

Big Beef Bueno - this podcast began in 2006, soon after the birth of PLA Radio. It was meant as a place where material not cool enough for PLA Radio could be heard and serves mostly as something RBCP can just put anything he wants to in.

The Phone Show - this is PLA's first live show, hosted by RBCP and linear. Originally it was on Party 934, a low-powered FM station in Hudson Valley, NY, but then it moved to several different internet-only stations, including Cacti Radio, Blue Planet Prank Radio and Madhouse Live.

The Snow Plow Show - When The Phone Show disappeared, RBCP created The Snow Plow Show in hopes of creating a show that would encompass both audio podcasting and video for YouTube. After 2 episodes, he discovered that he hated all the work that went into creating quality audio and video material, so it's currently unknown what will happen to this show.

YouTube Episodes - PLA's videos, some of them called PLA TV, were originally hosted on website servers before moving to Google Video and then to RBCP's personal YouTube channel. In 2008, the official PLA Youtube channel was created, but it wasn't until mid-2012 that a lot of comedy material started appearing on the channel.

Their Pranks

Notable Pranks Click that for the notable pranks PLA has done.

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A "Cactus" has become the PLA's mascot, sexual pleasure device, and a catchphrase. The origin of the word dates back to an old prank call by Amigados, where he would say nothing but the word "cactus," over and over. In common usage, It can be stated with a question mark "Cactus?" or as an exclamation "Cactus!" Similar "Cactus" themed prank calls are often made by PLA members. (PLA issue #35, 1995)


Roy Gerbil RBCP has been calling himself Roy Gerbil in prank calls since 1994. "Roy" was a name chosen at random while him and Zak (the founder of PLA) made prank calls. Roy was originally a very perverted character, making sexual advances at prank call victims and constantly offering to babysit children free of charge. At the time, the Richard Gere story involving a gerbil was a well-known thing, so RBCP used Gerbil as Roy's last name. These days, the last name is often given a foreign pronunciation, sounding more like "Sherbeel." In 1995, Roy was a regular caller to a Corpus Christi, Texas DJ known as Crazy Corey, on the radio station KRAD, often calling in to be weird and perverted live on the air.

The Corporate Office PLA pranksters often call businesses and impersonate the corporate office of that business in order to get victims to do whatever they say. Most employees are afraid to question anything the corporate office has to say to them.

Stacy Stack Stacy is the name that r0xy often uses in her prank calls. She almost always used it during her prank show, known as The Fun Show.

Famous "Victims"

Mildred Monday Mildred was first contacted by RBCP in 1993, from a pay phone at the Lafayette Square movie theater in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he worked. Her number was picked at random from the telephone book because RBCP found the name amusing. The call was placed using a tone dialer red box to avoid charges for the call. RBCP pretended to be with AT&T, trying to put a call through to Mildred from herself. RBCP transferred her to his "supervisor," who finished the call. The supervisor was played by a kid named Jon Spencer, who was a coworker at the movie theater.

Throughout the 1990's, RBCP and various friends continued to make phone calls to Mildred, but only averaging maybe one call per year to her. In a 1996 call, RBCP tried to confirm an appointment to put new shingles on her home. In 1997, RBCP and Colleen Card called her about the black siding for her home. The 1997 was the last call made to Mildred until around 2009, when RBCP called her to let her know that service people would be arriving in the morning to pave her front lawn with asphalt.

In 1997, RBCP wrote a parody song about Mildred, to the tune of the 80's song Manic Monday by The Bangles. In 2008, RBCP recorded the song and included it on his PLA Radio podcast. You can listen to the song here

On February 17th, 2010, Mildred Monday died, presumably of old age since she was about 140-years-old. Here is her memorial page on Gnnr, a listener of The Phone Show was so moved by the news of Mildred's passing that he wrote a parody song about her in late 2010, to the tune of Yesterday by The Beatles. Listen to gnnr's song here

Grouchy Old Man The Grouchy Old Man saga began when the PLA discovered a video that was posted on YouTube by a local TV news outlet in Palm Beach, Florida in 2010. On April 1, RBCP called Grouchy Old Man and pretended to be from Google. Using the moniker “Chris Tomkinson,” he told Weisenstein that Google had received his request and would be taking care of the problem with his phone number. (Click here to continue reading about Grouchy Old Man...)

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Pizza Sound Check (Dominos) When RBCP and linear first began their weekly call-in show, RBCP would often run into technical issues with Skype because it wasn't set up correctly. To prevent this from happening often, he began doing sound checks before the shows by calling Domino's Pizza and asking them to rate the quality of various checks. He always called the same Domino's location and eventually employees got really annoyed with the regular sound checks, especially an employee named Keith. One female employee seemed to be convinced that the sound checks were a part of her job description.

As RBCP became more familiar with the Skype software and hardware setup, the sound checks to became less necessary, but they still happened at that same Domino's occasionally. Badf1sh, who had his own show on Cacti Radio, began using the same Domino's to check his sound settings and he also began pranking them just for fun. In the summer of 2010 (I think that's the year), RBCP visited that Domino's location in person to do a sound check. Unfortunately only one girl was working there and she didn't seem familiar with the annoying calls.

This Domino's location began receiving pranks from RBCP in the mid-80's. He used this Domino's to send pizzas to his neighbors and both him and el_jefe, the founder of PLA, often called them throughout the 1990's just to mess with them. Basically RBCP has been pranking this location for 3 decades now and he really needs to get a life.

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