Jackalope Jacks

Once there was a conversation on Cal's forum about unsecured cameras on the internet. The opentopia.com site was mentioned and we used it to find this live webcam at a bar in North Carolina called Jackalope Jacks. It showed this picture:

webcam prank call

This seemed like the perfect opportunity for some live interactive prank calling. So I called up the bar, talked to the bartender and asked him to go get the guy that was sitting at the bar and put him on the phone. A few seconds later I got to witness the bartender walk up to this guy and tell him he's got a phone call...

Click to hear me ask for the guy

webcam prank call webcam prank call

So the guy comes on the phone and I learn that his name is Dean and the girl's name is Penny. The conversation doesn't really go anywhere and Dean ends up hanging up on me. A minute later, Dean is back at the bar, talking to the girl who we now know as Penny. He clearly seems in much better spirits now, as he tells her about the bizarre phone call that he just received.

Listen to Dean hang up on me

webcam prank call webcam prank call

So I call the bar back and talk to the same bartender again, explaining that he made a mistake and that I actually wanted to talk to the girl at the bar whose name is Penny. He puts me on hold and goes to get her.

Once again Ben the bartender retrieves a customer for me

webcam prank call webcam prank call

After nearly two minutes of talking to Penny and telling her that I don't want her hanging around Dean anymore because he's a bad influence, she finally hangs up and comes back to the bar.

Penny tells me how creepy I am

webcam prank call webcam prank call

Dean and Penny resume their conversation, both weirded out about the strange phone calls from the guy that seems to know who they are.

webcam prank call webcam prank call
webcam prank call webcam prank call

Ben the bartender doesn't know me

During all of their conversation, I'm desperately trying to think up new ways to ruin their night further, eventually deciding that the obvious thing is to send pizzas to them at the bar. I call up a few pizza places and order the pizzas, one to Dean and the other for Penny. Then I sit back, watch the camera and giggle in anticipation of the pizza guys showing up at the bar to ask for them by name. To relieve my boredom, I call up the bartender to let him know that I've been watching them on their camera. The end of this call is cut off, as you can hear. Right around this time is when Dean and Penny completely ruin my prank by leaving the bar! The nerve of them...

webcam prank call

Then, not 2 minutes later, the pizza guy shows up and asks for Dean.

webcam prank call webcam prank call

After that pizza guy leaves, Ben the bartender stands and scowls at the camera while thinking evil thoughts. He only has a minute to do this, though, because then the second pizza guy shows up.

webcam prank call webcam prank call

And that's my adventure with Jackalope Jacks live webcam. I know, not the best prank ever, but it's mildly amusing and it combines the age old art of prank calling with the new fun of unsecured web cams on the net! Hope you enjoyed it...

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  1. Sejemaset says:

    might be good to fix the mp3s so that they work, also wouldn’t it be quite easy for a spammer to just macro in the word “HUMAN”

  2. Mariah says:

    that was dumb. i’m 13 and i know pranks better the that check it out: call a stranger listen to the tone of there voice see if there old,young man, lady. then saw in a acsent yeas, hi, make up your name, like yeas hi, this is mary Shohenboff i was calling to tell you about the muffins you ordered, there gonna be alittle late sorry. then if they say i didnt order that, then its, oh sorry, is your husband/wife there.
    i mean you dont mess w/ the genius i no lots more evil/funny pranks.

  3. TomLegacy says:

    Ummm… Mariah… WTF? That made no sense… And if you’re 13 go to http://www.nickelodeon.com and leave the mature humor to us kiddo ;)

  4. val says:

    That sounds like something that I would do, and yes… it is really funny. It would have been better if you had someone sitting by you as you talk on the phone, or speaker phone… so they could write the name down, and order pizzas or whatever… hang up… call back to ask for someone else, so the bartender is slowly getting ticked off. Keep calling and asking for random people and eventually your gonna piss off the whole bar. hah

  5. kyle says:

    google search
    they arent that great

  6. kyle says:

    sorry its actually inurl:view/stml

  7. Shelby says:

    google search inurl:view/shtml kyle forgot the h

  8. anon says:

    oh so classic
    too bad the audio is 404ing :(

  9. Cassiopeia says:

    Hehe this is pretty funny, but goes to show you gotta play it cool and not push things or they’ll leave. PIZZA = BRILLIANT.

  10. Sebastian says:

    Next time, instead of pizza, order some hookers.

  11. Jenn says:

    One night on IRC, s1acker, Cereal and Rogue did something similar. First, Rogue called to tell the bartender about a fight in the women’s bathroom and we watched a few staffers all run off camera. And some other things..

  12. Sara says:

    I saw a TV transmission on television, doing there as well

  13. Lwill555 says:

    I haven’t been able to successfully log into the webcam at Jackalope Jacks. Maybe you could help?

  14. Now take it 2 the next level find a Google cam its a Google hack. one pointed at a pay phone. If your a good hacker and researcher you can find out the phone number of that pay phone. And when theirs a crowd not far away..Ring it and watch the fun on the Google cam… Lot of work but it would make a funny show…

  15. EllaAndKalie says:

    I love Roy. ^_^ Lol <<<- Ella

    Y'all funneh! (: <<<- Kalie

  16. carl says:

    That was friggin awesome! To bad I missed it in real time.

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