The Story of Tannest

This page will try to capture the story of Samantha Stack, also known on the web as Tannest, ThatOneGirl, Cheeetah, W3bGirl, SamKay and cofegirl. In December 2003 I was going through old files and web sites on my computer, deleting things I didn't need anymore. And I came across mounds (tee hee) of Tannest files. It's stuff that's been off of the web for years now, just sitting on my hard drive. On this page I'm going to attempt to tell the story of Tannest while trying to keep the information I display not quite so slanderous so I don't have to deal with a bunch of new legal threats by Tannest & Co.

Let's see...where did it all begin with her...I think it was in 1997 that I met Tannest on IRC. I went into a dalnet IRC room which was probably #phonelosers or #rock and Tannest is in there under the name of PLAgirl. I don't know how she got involved with the PLA but I think it had something to do with her meeting LogicBox in a chat room. Maybe if LogicBox sees this he can clear up that part of the story. Anyway, I immediately dislike her but I'm nice to her because she's friends with my friends. I'm nice to her for a year and then I decide that I've had enough of her and start showing my true feelings for her.

Sometime during 1997, the Boulder News Forum incident happens which Tannest is heavily involved in. Also involved are me (RBCP), LogicBox, Spessa, Spee and lots of PLA Extras mostly from IRC and the old PLA forums. During the entire BNF thing, I'm pretending to be one of the BNF "good guys", slamming Tannest and providing secret information on her. It was great to see Tannest put up a front (tee hee) on the BNF like she didn't care and then to have her whine to me about things in private.

Tannest webcam boob shotSo at some point, I think it was still in 1997, I decide that I'm tired of pretending that I like Tannest. By that point, she'd snapped a picture of herself flashing her boobs on her webcam, thinking that the picture wouldn't get out. And of course, everybody was secretly trading it with each other. I took the picture and put it on the PLA web site, making it take up the entire screen when you went to the site. Then I messaged her on IRC and told her to go look. Her response was something along the lines of, "I don't know how to take this, RBCP."

The real fun starts when Tannest discovers a file in a secret directory on called tanenst.txt. This file was sent to me by somebody (I can't remember who) and I dug up some new information on her, stuck it in the file and put it up for some other people to download. Tannest flips out about all the information contained in the file. If she'd just kept quiet about the file, nobody would have known about it except for me and a few random IRC friends. But she brings the secret directory and the file to the attention of everyone. Her first order of business was to get together some IRC friends and take over any channel that she deemed associated with This included #peng which had nothing to with PLA. Her demands were that tannest.txt be taken down and the channel would be theirs again. Keep in mind, at the time Tannest was 35 with 3 kids. She could have put all this effort and energy into raising her kids which would have made her Mother of the Year! But she took over IRC channels instead.

TannestWe responded by doing even more research on Tannest and more than doubling the amount of information it contained. It was amusing to see her freak out about this. Tannest called it slanderous and defamation and a bunch of other big words that I didn't understand.

She had a friend call and threaten the owner of (who hosted at the time) if he didn't take down the page. He called me and said he didn't care what I did. Feeling so violated that hackers had found my secret directory, I had him password protect that directory so she couldn't look at her file anymore. Problem solved, right? Nope. Tannest had her friend write an e-mail to which you can read by clicking here.

Tannest swears to high heaven that the fact that this information file exists and is available to anyone doesn't bother her - but for some reason she continues to retaliate with IRC impersonations, channel takeovers and phone calls to my virtual domain provider. Sometime during all this, Tannest sets up a personal website at And somebody eventually hacks it in September of 1998. They don't do a very creative job of it and the hack doesn't last too long since Tannest is on the net 24 hours a day. The hacked page basically just shows her nude webcam snap and lists a lot of the personal information from tannest.txt along with the message, "You're screwing with the wrong people, sweetheart."

TannestThis David Capurro guy is determined to take down the PLA. He leaves some nasty messages on the machine of the guy who hosts and he sends more emails. Here is a copy of one which is basically a carbon copy of the letter he sent to, saying if I don't quit posting publically available information and slandering Samantha, my internet access and domain access will forever be taken away. Oh dear!

I looked up the word "slander" in the dictionary and anyone who cares to can read the definition by clicking here. It says that to slander I have "to injure by maliciously uttering a false report; to tarnish or impair the reputation of by false tales maliciously told or propagated; to calumniate." I really don't see how anyone could think I've done any of those things. Nothing I've written or collected is false, as far as I know the information that I have regarding Tannest is very accurate. But I'm just a measley high school dropout, what the heck do I know?

Click here to see a letter Tannest e-mailed to me. She brags to me about how much money she makes and then she calls my 2-year-old daughter an imbecile. Another amusing Tannest tidbit is this IRC log where she she warns everyone to NEVER get involved with a "hacker" because they all "think they are going to hack the planet." Keep in mind that in this log Tannest is 35 and LogicBox is 17.

RBCP doing his Tannest impressionSo a little time passes and the whole Tannest thing kind of fades away. The Boulder News Forum is also a thing of the past and nobody from the PLA bothers them anymore. Then in November of 1998, someone gets on PLA's discussion board and posts the phone number to some lady in Virginia. Later in the day I get an e-mail from a lady telling me that the lady who owns this number is extremely upset and that I should really do something about it because she's getting phone calls. Both of these women turn out to be from the Boulder News Forum.

I treked on over to the old BNF to see what was up only to find Tannest back in full swing, posting annoying messages to everyone, being mean to her arch enemy Jameson and trying to cause a bunch of trouble while at the same time trying to "be accepted" by the BNF crowd. She had even started up a new domain called to help feed the flames. Here are a few excerpts from some posts (Tannest posts as cofegirl now):


cofegirl - 07:35pm Nov 29, 1998 MST
Okay...One of you has gone over to the PLA discussion board and posted
someone's name and phone number using my name. You typed it as Samantha
Stacked but you did use my real email address for my own domain. You've
really hit a sore spot this time. Don't involve me with them. Don't post
as me. Don't register with 411 as me. I am going to find out who did it,
and I won't stop till you're in trouble.... Or at least finally exposed
to your pals on this forum. Have a good night!
Jameson_ - 02:43pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#52 of 59)
Murphy - Do you think it just a coincidence that Tannest is back here as
cofegirl and the PLA returns? I don't think so. I think she is still in
there hot and heavy. Loves that attention. Now she can play victim too!
How unique for her. Gsquared, good luck in your battle against the PLA -
I don't know that announcing your intentions to bring them down was the
smartest thing you could have done, but hey, if it keeps you and your
venom occupied elsewhere, I am all for it. Just try to keep it off the
Ramsey forums, OK? Back to case.

cofegirl - 02:44pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#55 of 59)
You're crazy...I had some IRC buds a year ago who were kids. I never met
any of them. I did date a 22 year old for 10 months but he was too young
for me and finally am with the guy of my dreams! I live with and am
engaged to a wonderful man who will be 40 in December. I also got asked
for ID Saturday when we were in a restaurant with a bar. Murphy, you are
so, so jealous. :)

cofegirl - 03:04pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#59 of 59)
jameson...I didn't stir up anything about the PLA this time. I have been
in utter fear of them for months. You're just grasping at straws cause you
know, "I've got your number". (So to speak)

earl - 03:49pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#60 of 65)

G2, If you want to go after the PLA start with their ISP, LOL
with a name like that I do not think you will get far. For your information
the telephone copanies have been trying to take the PLA down for over two
years now. A couple of questions. Are you registered with the DC Bar? What
state do you practice law in? I am sure by now the PLA has this information
but could you answer the questions here. Thanks. By the way if you look on
the PLA site they have instructions on how to get private phone #. Good
luck, you will need it.

connie_ - 04:06pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#61 of 65)
If Tannest is here, so is the PLA...Take it from one who watched it all,
and watched some posters she considered friends hack, BS, trash, and
generally make disagreeable, any forum that came up re: JonBenet (with the
HELP of the PLA)...lying the whole time about what was going on. Their actions
fueled the paranoia of other posters to the point of being ridiculous, to the
point of letting their paranoia, (after being together for months in
cybersleuths), overtake their common sense to the point where innocent people
were treated like dirt... Course, this is my opinion only...and of course only
worth the weight you may give it.. I make NO apologies for myself...never did
that kinda stuff.. but others who were involved in that mess are still very
active on the forum..and are still the ones doing the megaflaming.. And, in
many cases, IMHO, aiming the flaming at the wrong people.. But hey...that's
been the case for many moons, hasn't it?? Have a nice day.. C-2

cofegirl - 04:19pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#62 of 65)
Connie, I really feel sorry for you. I bet you still think LogicBox is a real
gem too. This isn't a flame, I mean this. I feel sorry for you. Go check out
what they did to me then try and say I'm with them. That's the last time I
address you though because I remember too well how fond you are of jameson.

jameson_ - 09:38pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#63 of 65)
Tannest was a PLA star. Make no mistake about it - it is all there on the
PLA site. She was with them when they were after Spencer and others. You
think she is rehabilitated? Not one of them? Living in fear of getting their
attention again? Would she really come back here so openly? O...K... Whatever
you say.

connie_ - 10:13pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#64 of 65)
Tannest I haven't talked to Logic since I left the forums. And I don't care
to, nor do I care to talk to you. I know what you did... I know what you
posted about me.. I know how many people you and your minions terrorized. You
say it is in the past..but although I forgave you a long time ago..I will
never, ever forget your actions, and the pain you caused so many people. I
haven't really talked to jams in a long time..once in the past year, I think..
And you do NOT have my permission to feel sorry for me. I was stupid and got
er violated...Never again... Screw me once, shame on you...Screw me twice..
shame on me, and I do NOT intend for that to happen. I am not going to hold
your past against you, if it truly turns out that you are past that stage.
But, the viciousness you showed to me, and many other really nice people who
were here to join as friends, in the name of JfJBR will not be forgotten.. I
am calling a truce, and won't continue this discussion. My personal contacts
with any of the posters is now nonexistant..I lost LisaMarie, Mapek and Wendy,
and it still makes me sick..

carter28 - 04:05pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#8 of 29)
Tannest, you can stop with the "e-mail bombs" to me now. They're childish.

cofegirl - 04:13pm Nov 30, 1998 MST (#9 of 29)
LOL Now that is funny! I have never email bombed anyone nor would I. I
work for an ISP you fool. I am tired of this for today, see you tomorrow!

hillary - 05:47am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#12 of 29)
Well, well, well. If it isn't RBCP himself. The PLA is back, but it looks
like the only one of them causing any trouble is Samantha Stack. How sad
that you need to come to this forum to spend time flaming others who have
no lives while you have three children sitting in your ex-husband's trailer
just waiting for the welfare check. I wonder what this 40 year old "boyfriend"
thinks about what Tannest does? I wonder if he chuckles when Tannest talks
about "back in the day" at the BNF? I hope you showed him your saggy breasts
photo. You should be honest with him and let him know what is in store AFTER
the wedding. 30lbs lighter...and twice as ignorant as she always was. Gotta
love that Tannest!

carter28 - 08:33am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#15 of 29)
I chuckle at everything Tannest does. :) Even if the late-night 4am hangup
calls to our home get a little annoying at times. The woman really needs to
grow up a little. If she spent as much time with her kids and she does obsessing
over stuff like me and BNF, she'd be mother of the year. And by the way Tannest,
your boyfriend before the 21-22 year old WAS 16 and you knew it. Don't try to
pretend that you and logicbox weren't "involved" on the net. He's embarrassed
about it but at least he can admit it. He was planning on moving up there after
high school & everything.

cofegirl - 09:24am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#18 of 29)
Jesus, you guys are messed up. I assume whoever is posting as carter28 is
supposed to be rbcp. I think he's 25, and I doubt he's started posting here
yet. I don't want to know. This forum has the worst vibes on the Net. I only
came here again to check it out one day after not being on for months and
months... I saw the slimeline thing and emailed the owner saying I thought
it was funny. Then I started posting again and several of "you" emailed me.
I didn't bring any PLA back here and it's why I am leaving now. I'd be
stubborn and stay just for spite if I had the time or inclination but I
don't. Plus, you guys can believe this or not but I'm a really happy person
now. I don't need this kind of anger. Adios.

jameson_ - 09:44am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#19 of 29)
Don't let the door hit you on your way out...

dianne - 11:17am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#24 of 29)
Advise, if you don't want the PLA, then my suggestion would be to make
sure they never get ahold of your photo or phone number, rofl.

carter28 - 11:28am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#25 of 29)
/me chuckles once again. Tannest just said yesterday that she would not
leave this forum just because "the PLA" is here. You sure do change your
mind a lot, Sam. If you're truely a happy person then why do you find it
neccessary to come into this forum and trash Jameson as much as possible?
Why do you feel compeled to make a What's the point
in making middle of the night hang up calls to my house all the time?
(Don't try to tell me that's not you, Sam.) Why have you been taking over
the IRC nicks of a bunch of teenagers to get back at them? Why does a
"really happy person" need to do all of this stuff? Is that what makes
you happy? BTW, I'm 26 now Tannest - waay too old for you. :)

dianne - 11:35am Dec 1, 1998 MST (#26 of 29)
I am confused, so without having to go back and research, too lazy
right now and not enuff coffee:), wasn't it Tannest WHO brought up the
PLA in the first place here recently? I personally like those PLA kids
and I show my kindness by sending them fresh baked cookies. I also make
sure I don't use my return address and DO not include a photo with the
package. Boy if I was G2 with my photo on the net and the PLA after me,
I would start to get real worried. And those sweet kids really don't
like the phone company, so I hope G2 doesn't work for any phone
companies, boy talk about a double whammy.




TannestI checked the log file on my discussion board and guess what I came up with? Yep you guessed it, and IP of posted the lady's phone number there which of course is an IP address at where Tannest spends her working mornings "managing" her employees. Tannest swears that whoever posted from on my web board was definitely not her, must have been some unusual coincidence or something. Here's an e-mail I got from her:

Subject: What is wrong with you?
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 12:56:46 -0800
From: Samantha Stack [email protected]

You have severe problems. You just can't get
over me, can you? Why lie about me posting
anything on your pathetic board?

I won't ever even look there again so don't
bother trying to get to me that way anymore.
If anyone does go to your site from BendNet it
won't be me and I will ask all of my employees
never to go there again either.


Yep, I was convinced. Even more entertaining was when I went to, the regular page was gone and replaced with the
text, "Welcome to jameson sucks! I have not posted ANYTHING on the PLA board since March and I would never again. RBCP is almost as big of
liar as jameson. Big surprise, they are both "bottom-feeders". Scum of the world. RBCP is obsessed with me and it's downright frightening. Look at his 'personal' page. He stole graphics off my old page and even copied my fonts. He has my counter pointing to his page. I guess he's in love with me or something. Sigh.... How sickening!!!!"

TannestSo I guess none of those connections in my old log files were coming from Samantha. I just thought PLA had a REALLY big following in the Bend, Oregon area or something and all this time it was just Tannest surfing our pages. At this point, the Tannest saga more or less ends again. Soon after all this the BNF forums get shut down AGAIN, probably because of all the bickering which is the same reason the BNF was shut down several times during the previous year. To really get a full understanding of Tannest, you really should read PLA's BNF Archive where you'll find lots of old posts from Tannest.

2 years later, I get an email from Spessa. She says that she was bored and did a web search for "Samantha Dahl" (Tannest's real name) and came up with a couple of web sites.

One was which was her personal homepage with a bio, pictures, resume, etc. The other was which was a community web page for Bend, Oregon which is where Tannest lives. I looked through her home page and then started to check out To get the full effect of the site I signed up for an account so I could see everything on it. There's a bunch of posts from Tannest but nothing all that interesting so I leave the site, probably never to return again. Less than 12 hours later I get an email from Tannest.

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:38:30 -0700 (PDT)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Time
From: "Samantha Dahl" [email protected]


I see you discovered my site. What do you think? You probably use
Netscape so it was probably a little lame for you on some pages. It
certainly has a lot of bugs still to be worked out. Eventually it is
going to have a lot of pretty cool things.

I used the word time in the subject because I didn't know what else
to say and it has been a long time. You know, it's been longer now
that I have been off IRC than I was ever on there... It's been so long
and seems so far away that it is hard to remember all that for me

Okay, I will just get to why I am writing.

Your name on the site got me to thinking about the whole thing again
and I really, really would like you to please remove the pages you
have about me with my kids names on them. I hope as a parent yourself
you can understand my angst at thinking my kids are on there like
that. They are totally innocent in all of this and you have to see that
it is unfair for them to be the ones hurt by whatever war there was
between you and I.

I'd be lying if I said the whole thing isn't really still embarrassing
to me but the main reason I am asking you to remove it is for my
children's sake.

The last thing I want to do is start anything back up here so please
understand that. I just hope you can agree that it has been a very
long time and whatever purpose the page was put up for worked...

I hope you will think about this.


Then after this I got a bizzare email from her just a few minutes later which is below. Apparently she recently went on a rampage, doing searches on herself and emailing the webmasters of every page begging them to take down any links or information they had up on her. I'm not sure who this email is from and apparently Tannest isn't either.

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:41:09
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fw: hi there tannest
From: "Samantha Dahl" [email protected]

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
Sent: October 23, 2000 11:28 am

Do me a favor, don't mail search engines to try to get the PLA
page removed, it won't happen. Maybe you shoudld't have gotten on
irc in the first place and fucked up your life!

(RBCP- I received this email this morning after emailing Google and
asking them to remove their listing in their search for the page with
my kid's names on it. I certainly was not trying to get the PLA main
page removed. I do not know how this person got involved but again,
the only request was for the listing of the individual listings they
have when my name is entered to be removed from their search. I
don't know if this makes sense, I thought it was you or something but
anyway... -Sam)


Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 21:10:58
From: Arbie [email protected]
Subject: Re: Time
To: Samantha Dahl [email protected]

I'm not sure if you're referring to or
Your homepage was a little dull (no offense) but ruled.
Are you the primary webmaster of that? Do you write all the cgi
stuff yourself or is it some kind of program you paid for and
customized? Whatever it is, it's cool. And the layout of the
whole site is great.

I'm wondering where you're still seeing any of your information
still up on my web sites. I had thought I took down any text files
relating to you over a year ago. I really don't think you should
worry about the text causing any problems in your family, most of
it really is outdated and is probably only read by a few teens now
and then who don't even know the whole BNF-PLA story. But if you
still see it somewhere I'd like to know where it is.

As far as that email you received that you forwarded to me - I'm
probably even more confused than you are. My guess is that it's
some webmaster from a PLA state site. There's over 100 of them so
I guess I don't recognize the guy's name/email address.


Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 11:44:18
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Time
From: "Samantha Dahl" [email protected]

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciated it. I haven't heard from
[email protected] since I cc'd the last thing to you I sent to him. My
thinking is he works for Google?

I had to laugh about your saying was lame. :) It
really is, I'm not very enthused about a personal web page anymore...
For months it was absolutely nothing at all besides the name., I really am more like the "forum monitor". I didn't do any
of the programming at all, we have four people who work on that full
time. I just lurk around on it and go out and talk to people and
take pictures and stuff like that. Answer email, etc...

The stuff that is still on your site about my family that I am asking
you to remove is in /conf/ or something like that. tannest.txt

Of course it would be nice to have the pictures removed (though the

transsexual on the phone was always nice)but I know those probably do
evoke a laugh or two still...

The thing is... When you go to Google or almost any of the search
engines these pages come up if you enter my daughter's name. This
really freaks me out, she doesn't deserve to pay for my stupidity. I am
asking you to please think about at least removing my children's names
from your pages.

Thanks again for your reply.


It turns out that when you go to and type in her daughter's name, it
takes you to the picture of Tannest with her boobs hanging out along with all
her personal information. My guess is that her daughter (who is 14 now) must
have searched for her own name, discovered the picture of her mom flashing her
boobs and asked her mom about it. After Tannest emailed me she decided to
email LogicBox to ask about that weird email she had gotten earlier. And then
he forwarded the email he got from her to me.


Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 12:11:24
From: "Ryan C. Scott" [email protected]
To: RedBoxChiliPepper [email protected]
Subject: TANNEST!

Hey, Tannest e-mailed me whining and bitching at me to get some guy I've
never even heard of to stop bothering her, since apparently I'm
responsible for everything that goes wrong in her life. I haven't
replied to her, but she sent me mail saying that "RBCP was at least polite
enough to reply," you polite person you. What all did she have to say to
you anyway? :)

--Ryan C. Scott ([email protected])


Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 14:40:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Samantha Dahl [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hello


For some reason, your friend or associate, [email protected] has decided
to make it his life's mission to terrorize me. He claims he is doing
this because, "I should not have pissed off PLA".

As you know, it has now been a longer period of time since I have
been off IRC and all that than I was ever even on it in the first place.
I think that for what it is worth, whatever "debt" I owe for angering
"PLA" has long been paid.

I am writing to ask you to please explain this to [email protected] I
would really like closure to this horrible experience. I don't deserve

this Ryan and you know it as well as I do.

I have also written to RBCP, who I see logged on to yesterday
and asked him to remove his pages that have my children's name on
them. I am also trying to get the various search engines to stop
listing those pages when my name is entered in their searches. None of
this is to stir things up I am just concerned about my kids. It was a
hard decision to write RBCP I hope it wasn't a totally stupid one.

I know I made you mad the last time we spoke when I said if you were
a good person you would ask RBCP to take the pages down. You have to
understand my feelings about this. Scarlett is 14 now and she did
not ever do anything to deserve having those pages come up when her
name is entered in a search on the Net.

I hope you're good and school is going well for you.



Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 14:30:07
From: Arbie [email protected]
Subject: Re: Time
To: Samantha Dahl [email protected]

I know exactly who [email protected] is and I don't see why it's so hard
for you to remember who he is.

Thanks for that info. I like what you did with,
I hope it doesn't get hacked again and end up in a bunch of archives.

I've told you before, that /conf/ is a private directory and there is no
reason for you to be looking in there. Maybe I'll move the
directory or something so you'll stop going in there. If it
bothers you so much then you should just stay out of there.

"You should learn to spell Dr. Seuss, you owe that to your imbecile
child. I see you consistently misspell it through out your lame
assed page." Do you remember writing this to me? You think I
should really care about what you want me to do when you're going
around calling my daughter an imbecile? You called a 3 year old
girl an imbecile, I bet you feel pretty smart doing that. Just
like when you were telling Logicbox (then 14 or 15, right?) to kill

How is having your daughter's name listed in some text file
bothering you? My guess is that your daughter searched for her own
name and it brought up the hacked web page with her mom's droopy
boob picture on and so you've been emailing
the webmasters trying to get it taken down from everywhere.

I hope you email me back. Me, Colleen, Spessa and LogicBox have
been having a pretty good laugh these past 24 hours with the emails
we've been getting from you. Just like how we all were laughing
our asses off when you thought you were confiding in Spessa about
the BNF stuff when it was her making most of the posts about you.
You know, she really liked you and considered you a good friend
until you pulled that shit with Ryan. Write back!


Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 15:55:17
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Time
From: "Samantha Dahl" [email protected]

You should try living in the present.

Thanks anyway.


The night she wrote me I decided to see if she still had anything up on (her old webpage domain) only to find out that the registration had just expired and it was available! So I registered the domain through and pointed it to my own webpage. By the time I got around to writing her, already had it up for me so I mentioned it to her in that email just to see what she'd say.

For now that's the end of Tannest but she'll be back. She'll get upset that we're not paying enough attention to her and start emailing us again. She'll have another lame excuse and ask for some kind of favor again. Until then, if you're bored do a few web searches through various search engines for "Tannest" or "Samantha Dahl" to see what comes up. There's some really entertaining stuff out there! It's been a few years, but you might try looking on and seeing if you can find Tannest on there. And Tannest, when you read all this (and we know you will!), please come back. I need more content for this page so if you could send me some more unflattering pictures of yourself or maybe write a few emails to be, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

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12/03/05 - max from oz: goatface.txt? URL?
Reply from webmaster: It's right on this page - in the left sidebar under the title "insane IRC log"

12/02/05 - someone from Germany: Then again, I just read the goatface.txt. This is abominable, and I feel sorry for Ryan. Oh damn. I'll just shut up myself.

12/02/05 - someone from Germany: Leave her alone already. Your site is fun but everybody should just shut up and move on. It's totally understandable and legit that she wants that picture deleted, stupid though it was to have it taken in the first place.

11/27/05 - Hamandi from Bend, OR: Which resturant does she work at? I want to steer clear of it!

11/25/05 - ksr from Eugene, OR: "If the tits fit you must acquit" RIP Johnnoe Cochran

08/30/05 - MIB from Area 51: If you have this dimmeldumb's home address send her a Mormon bible, condoms, KY jelly, porno mags, and then send x-mas cards to her neighbors with titty pics on the front. Prank call her like you did with curtis jones. Try to hook both them up. Using 3way calling call tannest and curtis and let them figure out whats going on. Make sure you post the mp3s on the site. Bye bye and buy bonds.

08/13/05 - neofox87 from undisclosed: Damn, Tannest is a bitch...logic, stay cool bro. :)

07/28/05 - random from here: Do a search for David "Cappy" Capurro. He's probably the fattest man you've ever seen.

07/24/05 - Student from Ohio: First of all, I would like to express how lame all of you are to terrorize a 42 -year old woman. Does it really give you great pleasure and joy? Does it really make you feel like a better person? Do you wake up saying to yourself “Gosh, now that I’ve made this woman’s life a living hell, and her three children’s who already have enough family problems as it is, I feel so over-powered with joy!?” Like I hinted before, the three children of “Tannest” have had many trials and tribulations throughou

06/29/05 - Zane Zaminski from classified: Samatha who? get a life hack some satellite feeds

06/09/05 - dr.light from yourmom: how old has she got to be by now... kind of absurd once you think about it

06/08/05 - roboto from texas: check out her daughter Scarlett, she should post a picture with here titties hanging out as well: and

4/26/05 - DDay: Oh, and on everyones favorite moron, it looks as though Mrs. Dahl/Hamon/Stack, etc might be Miss. instead. She apparently has herself posted on various dating sites, according to web scuttlebutt out there, but I'm too lazy to verify. She still trying to sue you for nothing? And, you'd think that with all the information SHE HERSELF posts publicly (check out her profile on, she'd be trying to sue herself. Apparently she still hasn't figured out the myriad wonders of that scary WHOIS command.

Entry From Holden Urwifes Tits on 04/25/05 20:32:58 - Writing all the way from

Well I went to the restaurant in Bend that she works at, not even knowing who she was. She was our waitress. She had the worst attitude that I have ever had the dipleasure of having to tolerate. She never once got my drink right....three times...this is not coincidence. She has no tact and is not very friendly. My advice STAY THE HELLL AWAY FROM HER AND THROW ROCKS IF SHE APPROACHES YOU

Ma'am if you are so successful then why do you work in a chinese restaurant as a waitress. If waitressing is your trade then you fine, otherwise take a realistic look at yourself and your accomplishments

Entry From pcdude on 03/14/05 09:48:50 - Writing all the way from Denver

Who Samantha?
Remember when Tannest got all bent over Jamison?
So, what is her name now? Samantha Stack?
Samantha Dahl?
Samantha Hamon?
She has to change her name every time she regrets opening her big mouth.

Entry From MCH on 03/14/05 09:45:09 - Writing all the way from Bend

Yeah, she married Don Hamon. Go figure...

Entry From ok on 03/11/05 21:51:07 - Writing all the way from

Tannest...Remember her?
Samantha Stack
Samantha Dahl
She is Samantha Hamon now. Still at
Samantha Hamon

[email protected]

Entry From Laughing It Up on 02/22/05 22:59:18 - Writing all the way from Central Oregon

Nope, she hasn't changed a lick. She doesn't have a legal leg to stand on and she's still a lying, manipulating, sad and sorry little person. It cracks me up to see that she's still begging and phonelosers keeps on grinning. Oh what a grand world it is! Keep begging. It amuses me greatly!

Entry From Samantha Hamon on 02/15/05 09:07:24 - Writing all the way from Bend Oregon

I have asked you nicely. You won't leave me alone. You know I have connections with police. This is a FELONY and I plan to persue legal action!
Please! PLEASE take down that photograph of me. I was a different person when I posted that. I have turned my life around, lost weight and married a wonderful man. The love of my life.
I just want to move on. Why cant you? You are pathetic and you need to get a llife, like me. I am sucessful, and happily married. You are just jealous that I am sucessful. You will be sorry

Entry From Sam on 02/10/05 15:24:16 - Writing all the way from

Why cant you just leave me alone!

Entry From oops on 01/25/05 10:50:21 - Writing all the way from

Tannest...Remember her?
Samantha Stack
Samantha Dahl
She is Samantha Hamon now. Still at
Samantha Hamon
[email protected]

04/26/05 - DDay from ol'skewl DAL #rock: Lord...I was looking through old 3.5 floppies and found a few ircii logs from back then, I need to send em to Logic.

03/24/05 - nate from ohio: *pukes*

02/22/05 - Laughing It Up from Central Oregon: Oh how ppl in Bend and Redmond love to trade this link around when she opens her mouth and all you hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

02/15/05 - Samantha Hamon from Bend: You will be hearing from my attorny. Take down that!

01/24/05 - hack from band: her name is Samantha Hammon now

12/10/04 - Havoqx from Lynnwood, WA: I will always love reading shit on this site. I have long since given up on my phreaker ways, but the storys will last forever.

11/26/04 - logic from PLA: I think, in the end, she got it much worse than I did. I was just a 16-year-old kid who didn't know anything about anything, at the time. So don't feel too bad :)

11/10/04 - penmin from pengi: damn, shes bitch, i feel bad for logic

9 Responses

  1. l33t HaX0r says:

    Ya I get off to dem titties…

  2. blu3b0y says:

    I remember when she was hanging out in this channel called #tv or #tvs. Sounds pretty innocent to a 16 year old. Then she sent me some of the pictures she collected. I deleted them but my Dad found one in the recyle bin. Does anybody realize how hard it is to explain to your Dad that a 35 year old woman sent you pictures of transexuals. Yea he wasn’t impressed and i’m pretty sure I got grounded.

  3. Legion303 says:

    tl;dr. But having seen Tannest in the various channels back in the day, I must say that I had no idea her rack was that juicy.

  4. Pauldarian says:

    Man I remember this, I still have that BBB IRC script =-p
    what ever happened to Noid, 9x nd w00rmw00d?

  5. 9x says:

    9x is right here, hangin out with ceeling cat. sup?

  6. PDXSoxgirl says:

    This is totally bizarre. Samantha Dahl is a wreck. She has slandered my son so much both on social media and with her big mouth. She is a horrid mother. She really is. She is a 50,000 year old woman who relishes in the delight of messing with people’s lives. She is manipulative, dishonest and a COMPLETE STONER who can’t hold a job. She is a filthy woman,. She is a waste of space on this earth. She now lives in Portland where she has managed to tear apart a father and his son. Yay for SCAM!.

  7. linearjet63 says:

    HA! Unreal. Samantha Dahl strikes again. She is such a liar. I am so proud of you online community. Take this ol’ girl down. bout time. Can I harass her now? She harassed me for what seemed like eternity. Sam Stack Jack Off is her name and being a lying degenerate is her game she ain’t no dame she is just LAME

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