Foursquare stalker Prank Calls

Here's the PLA's collection of Foursquare stalking calls. Foursquare is an application for smart phones that lets you share your current location with the public. We like to call businesses that people are at and tell them how dumb it is for them to share their location with the world. For more information on Foursquare stalking, view this post on it, listen to our podcast on the subject, and read the PLA Forums board called Let's Stalk People where you can post your own Foursquare stalking calls.

The following video contains some of our favorite Foursquare stalking calls, but there are even more calls below.

I'm From The Future! Gil gets a call from himself in the future, warning him of dire consequences if he buys Tylenol. Gil doesn't believe himself.

Red Cross Telemarketing Shaggy gets a telemarketing call from the Red Cross while eating at Royal Thai Cuisine.

Stalker warning for Nicole Nicole is getting a pedicure when she gets a call from a Foursquare representative, warning her not to post her location to the public.

Your Credit Card is Bad This guy can't manage his finances and needs to leave the gym. Tries to convince us he's got $400k in the bank.

Please Leave Blockbuster tells Sabrina that she's no longer welcome in their stores. She posted a series of tweets after this calls which went like this: "Just had the dumbest prank played on me thx to foursquare! Guy called Blockbuster, asked for me, told me he was from Corp. & that I wasn't.....welcome there, and how to leave the store! I was so frickin' pissed that someone had the nerve to call the store and do that shit!.....I hung up on the tool and told the Blockbuster staff, who were very apologetic. Just a reminder to be careful on foursquare updates! Seriously though! If that had been real, I would have been SO insulted! Just beware of any weird calls if you check-in on foursquare!"

Paranoid Waffle House Employees I go through several employees trying to convince them to let me talk to Issac. Afterwards, Issac posts to his Twitter, "I just had someone stalk me on @foursquare. They called the Waffle House and asked for me. Weird but funny. Scared the staff tho"

We need you at the plant! Adam was bowling with friends at Country Club Bowl when work calls to tell him he's needed at the plant. He tweeted after this call, "Found out they need me down at the plant..."

Roy the Internet Stalker Carlie is surprised to get a call from an internet stalker and decides on the phone not to use Foursquare anymore.

We Found Your Keys David gets a call from the station. They found his keys.

Afraid of Girls Kristine immediately figures out that somebody from Foursquare is calling her, but thinks it's somebody in the bar.

Don't Buy Pie It takes some convincing, but Lindsey finally believes that Roy is an internet stalker. As freaked out as she was in the end, she posted more Foursquare updates just a day later.

Pick Me Up Some Bacon Brad is hungry and wants Steve to pick him up something to eat. A day later he tweeted, "Yesterday I checked in via foursquare and a stalker called the biz and asked for me. Made me go hmmmm about foursquare and Twitter."

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  1. Tone says:

    Good Stuff!! keep it up!

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  3. awswome says:

    this was feakin awsome pranks… keep it up!!!

  4. jman says:

    What’s up Gil’s ass?

  5. Kyle says:

    This is funny kee

  6. Kyle says:

    this is funny keep it up p.s sorry messd up ^

  7. hibrad says:

    Cactus, hey Castus, CAstus ,cactus,cactus,cactus,cactus,cactus,cactus

  8. Nicole says:

    You really need to do more of these and post them on u2be!!! Get a series going! :) (Like with the car dings. -Which btw I wish you would also find a way to continue with! Maybe by using a new phone # and name; and having that #’s calls forwarded to your real #.)

  9. frank lestarchick says:

    Yeah, you guys need to make more of these or I’m gonna cry.

  10. Peter Comfort says:

    You should say that you are calling from the NSA and has been having him under surveillance for months and say that the place is surrounded and to come out with his hands up

  11. Meow mix says:

    Is anyone else hella attracted to this guy’s voice?

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