The Snow Plow Show

The Snow Plow Show

The Snow Plow Show is hosted sporadically throughout the year by RBCP. Sometimes there are a couple shows a week and sometimes you won’t see a show for several years. Just like PLA Radio and The Phone Show, this show focuses on pranks, hax0ring, and whatever else the PLA is currently up to.

Shows are often influenced by the listeners in the Prank Call Nation chat room.  You can visit the PCN chat room at or by pointing your IRC client to and going to the #pcn room.


To listen to the show archives, click on the Snow Plow Show category on  You can also listen to the show on StitcherTuneIn, and the Phone Losers Show Archive on YouTube.

If you’d like to hear a live show as it’s being broadcast, good luck.  There is no schedule for the show.  RBCP does them whenever he can and doesn’t try to stick to a schedule.  The best way to be notified of a show about to begin is to subscribe to the Live Prank Show Network on Facebook or Twitter.  Sometimes you’ll be notified a few hours in advance and other times you’ll only find out minutes before the show starts.


You can subscribe to the Snow Plow Show so that new shows come to you as soon as they’re posted.

If you use an iPhone or other iOS device, click here to view the show in iTunes and to subscribe.  If you use anything else, here is the RSS feed.  You can post the RSS feed into any feed reader, such as Feedly, so you’ll be notified.

You can also subscribe to StitcherTuneIn, and the Phone Losers Show Channel on YouTube. If you’re on a smart phone, search for a “podcast” app in the app store, then search for “Phone Losers of America” or “Snow Plow Show” on the podcasting app.


If you’d like to send a voicemail that may end up being played on a future show, call (814) 422-5309.  If you’d like to send an email, the address is  For other contact options, visit our contact page or use the specialized forms below.



If you’d like to send the show a number to be pranked, you can use the form below. There is no guarantee that the number you submit will be pranked, but it’s worth a try.

Victim’s Phone Number:

Victim’s Name (or the name of the business):

Prank Premise (Give us a general idea on what you have in mind. You can also include other information about the person or business in this section):

Your Name (optional):

Your Email (optional):

This prank victim is a legal adult.

I have not been harassing this person or business.

This number does not belong to police, fire, or other emergency services. (All numbers are Googled before they’re called, so don’t try and pull a fast one.)

Verify Yourself. To prove that you’re not an evil spam-bot, type the name of the plant that you see into the box below. The word you’ll type here starts with the letter “c” and ends with “actus.”

Keep in mind when submitting a number to be pranked…

1. There is no guarantee that I will ever call your number. There are a lot of reasons I might choose not to call your number. It’s unlikely I’ll ever tell you why, though.

2. If you’ve been harassing someone, please don’t send me their number.

3. No, I won’t email you and let you know when I’m about to call your number. I also won’t email you and let you know that I’ve called your number. You’ll just have to listen to every show and hope that your number is called.

4. If you get into any trouble for whatever ends up happening in the call, that’s your problem. Don’t submit a number if you think it’ll get you in trouble. We do follow PLA’s Rules of Prank Calls, but shit happens.



Is there a song you’d like played on a future show? You can request it using the form below. Keep in mind that major-label music will probably be cut out of the show when it’s put on the podcast. The show plays mostly nerdcore, comedy and other geeky music, but I make lots of exceptions.

Song Title:

Song Artist:

Your Name (optional):

Your Email (optional):

Other Information, such as who you’d like to dedicate the song to or a link where the song can be found (optional):

Verify Yourself. To prove that you’re not an evil spam-bot, type the name of the plant that you see into the box below. The word you’ll type here starts with the letter “c” and ends with “actus.”


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