Radio Safe Prank Calls

Below you'll find the PLA's collection of radio safe prank phone calls. Curses are fully edited out, not just the vowels of curse words like you hear in some edits. Curses are either removed entirely or they're replaced by beeps. If you'd like to learn more about the Phone Losers of America, visit our press page.

You'll notice that some of these calls appear to be incoming calls to businesses, rather than outgoing calls that you typically hear in prank calls. This is usually achieved by walking into a store and secretly picking up their phone when we hear someone paged to pick up a phone line.


Truck Fire A lady calls an automotive shop to ask if her truck was ready to pick up and is surprised to find out that the truck has exploded, setting the shop on fire, and she will be responsible for the damages.

Pharmacy Mistransfer This girl is really upset when she calls a Wal-Mart pharmacy and keeps ending up in the wrong department.

Killer Robots We call a man in his motel room, pretending to work at the motel's front desk, and accuse him of building killer robots in his room, which is strictly against the motel's policy. Both him and his wife insist that there are no killer robots in their room.

Christmas Bows A lady calls a well-known super store and is surprised to find an employee who isn't willing to help her find Christmas bows.

Turn Down Your Radio A customer can't believe the way an employee of Wal-Mart asks her to turn down her radio so he can understand her better.

Unpatriotic Woman A woman calling a movie theater for the show times doesn't understand military time, so clearly she's a terrorist.

Jumping on the Beds Pretending to be an employee at the front desk, we tell an old woman that she needs to stop jumping on the beds because other guests are complaining.

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