PLA's Pizza Prank Calls

Once upon a time, we took all of the employees of a pizza delivery place hostage to make a political statement about something or another. While the employees were locked up in the cooler and our leader was negotiating with the police, my friends and I were bored so we started answering the phones and talking to customers. At first, we tried to just chat with them to pass the time but they refused to believe that we were international terrorists. So instead we decided to just pretend that we were the employees and we ended up fucking with everyone who called us. It was a really great time and helped relieve the stress of being tear gassed and stuff. Below are sound clips from a few of the calls, beginning with our YouTube playlist of our favorite pizza calls.

Callback – Attitude Problem: This guy has a serious attitude problem that hurts RBCP’s feelings.
Callback – High Rish Delivery: Carlito calls back a customer to tell her about the White Trash Deposit he’s added onto her order. (This call was stolen from the Madhouse Live prank call show.)
Callback – Online So Stupid: Carlito tells a woman about the charge-per-person fee, which she seems to have a problem with. The best part is her yelling at a family member for causing this. (This call was stolen from the Madhouse Live prank call show.)
Callback – Counterfeit Sandwiches: RBCP and NotBrad call a customer to let her know that her food was actually delivered by a con artist.
Callback – Lady Gets Scammed: Here’s another customer being notified that her pizza is fake. When it tastes like drywall, that’s a dead giveaway.
Callback – Bad Neighborhood: NotBrad is afraid to get out of his car because this customer lives in such a bad neighborhood.
Callback – Notbrad is Scared: NotBrad is sitting in his car, eating a customer’s pizza and asks the customer to just come out to his car to get the pizza.
Callback – Green Stuff: This pizza worker tries to sell a customer some extra “green stuff” on her pizza, but she doesn’t seem to want it.
Callback – No Pizza For You: NotBrad is apparently hiring his friends to deliver pizzas to customers.
Callback – Up In A Tree: This is a long call of NotBrad and a customer trying to find each other. The joke is on the customer, though, because NotBrad is hiding in a tree.
Callback – Order Mixup: This lady is a complete smartass as RBCP tries to sort out her order.
Callback – Chicken Feet: Patch tells a customer that one of their employees has put chicken feet into their pizza.
Callback – Computer Error: Badfish attempts to collect extra money from a customer because he accidentally undercharged her by $16.00.
Callback – Refuse The Pizza: Laugh Track Matt has to tell a customer that their pizza is tainted with…something.
Callback – Counterfeit Pizza: Patch tells a customer that their pizza didn’t come from our store.
Callback – Heroin Tip: Patch complains about the tip he received from this customer.
Callback – Pizza Hut Is Better: RBCP calls to ask why a customer prefers Domino’s over Pizza Hut.
Callback – Pocket Change: This employee tells the customer that a coworker accidentally dropped 38 cents into the pizza dough before it was cooked.
Callback – Salmonella: This guy tries to tell a lady that she’s just ingested a bunch of salmonella, but RBCP, not wanting to cause a panic, jumps into the call and tells her it’s just a prank. The lady is actually amused by the whole thing and believes that she’s on a local radio show.
Callback – Special Sauce: RBCP tells a lady that her pizza crust is filled with a foreign substance of some sort.
Kind of a waste: This customer really puts Spessa in her place.
Not an advice service: This girl isn’t happy that our driver refuses to deliver any meat on pizzas.
Not an advice service: A customer calls in for a pizza and gets upset when Spessa won’t help them decide what to get.
Complaint about a rude employee: Some customers call back in to complain about the rude employee they encountered earlier. I explain that I can’t discipline her for personal reasons.
Don’t be a nazi: Another customer complaint and this one is a total nazi.
You’re too old: An old lady calls in trying to order a pizza, not realizing that pizza is not an old person’s food. She tries to trick us by telling us she’s just 22. Then she tries to trick us by saying it’s for her teenage son.
Stop calling: A guy calls in after we’re closed so we chew him out about wasting our time.
Could I service you sexually A customer calling to compalin about rude employees is surprised when we offer to service her sexually to make up for it.
Party deal: A lady is surprised to find out that she can have her pizza delivered by strippers.
I can’t find your house!: This is during a slow period when we weren’t getting any calls. I called back a random customer that had called in earlier and beg them to help me find their house so I can deliver their pizza.
Go ahead and tell on us: A lady called in to complain about an employee so the manager calls her a big complainer.
Don’t piss me off: This lady is amused when we tell her that not pissing us off will get her a discount on her pizza.
Hang up call: A customer calls and hangs up on us. We have caller ID though so we call them back and give them a piece of our minds.
Health regulations: A customer is appreciative that we tell her about the roach problem before we take her order.
That doesn’t cut it: This customer almost meets our criteria to order a pizza from us. But not quite.

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44 Responses

  1. pizza hut employee says:

    so THIS is why they sent out that bulletin about not pressing buttons that the “phone company” told us to. Hillarious! Keep up the good work!

  2. PH employee says:

    Did you ever find out if the real employees got in trouble over this? I can see angry customers coming to the store, yelling & throwing things. It would be stupid, arrogant rednecks and total pricks who would visit the store, but I’ve seen it happen from time to time.

  3. pizza da hut says:

    I think the “not an advice service” one is the funniest. There are so many morons who don’t know what they want and they spend like 10 minutes talking to each other. A big waste of my time. I have a queue of others waiting to order. Some pizza stores have a policy of telling those jerks to call back when they’re ready and hang up on them.

  4. OMFG u guys r hilariouis i was laughung my *** off the whole time!! is it a real pizza place?

  5. Aaron says:

    Wow, this was awesome. Amazing. I’m still laughing. Thank you so very much.

    We play multiple pranks as well, my favorite is the “automated voice recording” prank, we pretend to be automatic voice recording saying we’re closed, and when someone complains we berate them.

    Also, taking two phones when two people call at the same time, flipping them over, and forcing them to order from each other is probably one of the most satisfying experiences one can endure.

    Oh, and when reading the toppings of a pizza, we have a contest to see how many toppings we can “make up” and get away with it. The current title is four, and the toppings where “Dog”, “JalaPENIS”, “Shrapnel”, “Butt Plugs”.

    Anyway, YOU RULE!

  6. Jackdog says:

    I love your work, keep it coming. Serious style you guys have.

  7. Brandon says:

    For real, how did you guys do this prank? There’s no way someone could actually work there, and not have the other employees here you guys, is there?

  8. whacked says:

    Could’ve been a lot funnier, especially the guy on the “special for not pissing me off” – he got so riled he totally lost his cool – who’s the dumbass now?
    The party one was fair, and the most unbelievable of the Stupid Customers category was the lady who ordered from the self-proclaimed roach-covered pizza place – unbelievable!

  9. Samurai Jack says:

    This is great. I dont know how you held that job long enough to do all those prank calls.

  10. Stormyz says:

    thanks for the pranks. Im in tears ilaugh sohard.

  11. Brad says:

    This is hilarious! “Oh no, your mad. Now were all gonna pay.” Comedy gold!

  12. Wow! First an Auto Parts store and then a Pizza place…Man I am glad you guys aint in Southie

  13. jabba says:

    doods, i was staying in buffalo last thursday and i tried to order a pizza to my hotel. i think it was you sonsabitches. it was funny to me, but probably not to everyone else. is there any way you can send the clip to me? nice work.

  14. haqur says:

    I’m actually quite interested in how something like this is achieved, can you link me to a specific, relevant resource for it?

    I’m not just the typical teenage retard looking to just prank a local pizza place like this, I’m a true computer nerd who would be interested in the technical specifics behind this :)

  15. danni says:

    omg. friggin awsome stuff i love it! …lol…

    got to get some more funny ones on here

  16. Pranker says:

    man my face hurts from grinning;) funny shitlolz

  17. locke1217 says:

    How have you guys gotten away with this without getting caught by the police?!

  18. i love old people… i cant wait to be old 1 day unless i get knocked down by a bus…
    i love helping oldies lik myself cross the road lik nd i love old skin so grey and wrinkilly wel i love being free in a nappy too pissing myself all day,night&evening
    bye only for now tho….

  19. anutha person from australia says:


  20. riyaad says:

    the pizza is onthe way to canda

  21. chappy says:

    Just order one minute before any pizza place closes it will make any manager go ape shit. I’m a driver I give customers free pizza coupons just if they order at the last minute then I wait forever before I come back. Manages go nuts the driver loves it. By the Time I get back the manager cleans up the store call late my mother fuckers come on you bitch.

  22. Michael says:

    you guys literally pwn every caller.

  23. Gak says:

    Hahahah, man you guys are hilarious.

    You gotta be like, there’s a bomb under your seat…

    Then when they ask ” what? ” be like, I said pizza smotherd in meat?

  24. deven m says:

    great pizza calls

  25. Tanner Eldridge says:


  26. Celebrity Rog says:


  27. LordAwesome says:

    I laughed my ass off when the lady called in to the place, and asked, hey can I get a pizza. And when the guy said 22 was too old to order a pizza, she said it’s for my 15 year old son. That would mean, she would haveto be pregnant at age 8, XD

  28. poppin palmer says:

    lol i found this even more humorous because i work at papa johns. good shit guys this is the best website ever! i want to do this kinda shit too its better than prank calling random ppl cuz they call u for customer service

  29. lolaids says:

    So you guys get employed at places and prank the customers?


  30. limerik says:

    I like the page, would be nice to have the comments on each pranks, though, not just an overall comment page. And if possible subtitles and some pics, that go with the prank….

  31. Michelle says:

    I have worked the pizza industry for years this is fucking hilarious

  32. Ducky says:

    Lmao! “I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t understand you, you sound to old”

    Hahahah, gawd, how do you not laugh?

  33. rachel says:

    i just wanted to give credit to the girl that was taking those calls. She was definitly better at fucking with those people calling. She knew just what to say to piss them off. she’s got skills, i bet she can get anyone to reach their breaking point.

  34. Tony says:


  35. Co-d says:

    So wait, the lady was 22 years old. The same lady has a 15 year old son. 22-15=7? I think im missing something. And they said MY generation was having babies young…

  36. Dudeson says:

    This would be so much better if the people answering the phones didn’t sound like such a bunch of pussies.

  37. boffin bbe says:

    prank calls didn’t put on a vioce so if i rang up a member of my family and prabked them they would of gussed it was mee x.x.x.x

  38. Caleb says:

    ahahahahahaaaahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhh!! Lol! So funnyyyyyy! Just don’t sware!

  39. Ajit.V.Gupta says:

    Although it was bit “over the limit” I should say it was one of the most hillarious audios I have ever heard …

    Especially when the manager retorts at that lady in “Could I service u ****” – I just burst out .. :)

  40. IAmRucka says:

    The best audio I’ve ever heard. You guise need more of everything. Now I want a freaking pizza! Too all of you who hate this…… You all are homo sexuals!

  41. oddacon says:

    don’t be a nazi about the whole thing your bringing my high down

  42. Sollux says:

    <33 how do you get the number seriously so people think you are really pizza hut?

  43. Jim says:

    I’d love to know how you hijack the lines at the pizza places.