Snow Plow Show – November 8th, 2013 – Goodbye, Blockbuster




October 24th, 2013 Snow Plow Show – R.I.P. Ty

Snow Plow Show – October 19th, 2013 – The MC Ohm-I Hour

Thanks for the above picture, Johnicek! I’m calling this show The MC Ohm-I Hour because I think there was more of his music in this episode than pranks. Be thankful that you missed this show live because you won’t have to listen to the nearly 2 hours of boring stuff that I removed from the final edit. And the hour that’s left isn’t much better. Gawd, why even bother listening to this. Abort! Abort!

Hi Bradley Baby ~

I listened to your show last night, Saturday, the 19th of Hotober.

I put on your recording and wow, like 5 hours!

I was resting in bed with black and blue boxers and no socks.

I was comforted by your pranks for like I guess 3 hours or so.

Then I remember some other guy came on for something, and I fell in a deep sleep.

I awoke well and rested, but I think I came my pants somewhere before I fell asleep or while I was sleeping. Either way, it was a nice surprise in the morning.

Love Always and Forever,
Your Straight Guy Friend,
XOXO Jeffrey D.

Snow Plow Show – October 16th, 2013 – The Noon Show

This show is sponsored by David from Texas. Thanks, David!

Play GTA 5 With PLA Weirdos


If you tired of listening to the Kenny Loggins radio station and smashing into phone booths on GTA V alone, then you should join the PLA Radio Crew on Rockstar’s Social Club so we can all kill each other. Some guy named Blackmscruggs set this up. Why did he name it PLA Radio when there hasn’t been a new PLA Radio in decades now? WHO KNOWS! But search for “PLA Radio” on Rockstar’s social club or visit the link below to join. Thanks, Blackmscruggs!

Snow Plow Late Show – October 5th, 2013 – Just 10 More Minutes, Billman

Tonight’s show is sponsored by Johnicek.  Thanks for the support, Johnicek!

In this episode we mostly call people who’ve ordered dumb, useless things from catalogs.

  • Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys
  • Madhouse Chatroom –
  • Thanks for the prank suggestion, HectorDingDing
  • You’re Crazy by Antix
  • Sari by Nellie McKay
  • Rapping Robots From Outer Space by Rappy McRapperson
  • xFIRSTx has the best ideas EVER!
  • Listen to Madhouse Radio for lots of live prank shows!
  • There’s a new Twitter account for live prank show announcements.
  • Keyboard Cat by MC Shammers



Below is a video for an old Rappy McRapperson song that I love enough to have spent an entire Sunday making a video for it. Enjoy this song, accompanied by clips from the movie Home Alone. And while you’re enjoying it, subscribe to Rappy on YouTube and follow him on Twitter.

Snow Plow Show – October 1st, 2013 – Tabachi’s Gutter Spouts

Apartment filled with sand

  • Thanks for forcing me to do a show, Maxam.
  • This show is sponsored by Mike.  Thanks for the support, Mike!
  • This One’s For The Kids by Rappy McRapperson
  • Stickers should be here in another week.  ORDER STICKERS!
  • I JUST noticed that I talked to the same apartment lady at 18:00 as before.  I’m dumb.
  • It’s Going Down by Rappy McRapperson
  • Anyone have any links to the recent stories about Canadian security cameras?  I couldn’t find any.
  • LTmatt and Spray did a show on Tuesday – 
  • Shirley never did tweet anything hilarious about my call to her.  Neither did Maureen.  Cookie girl sure did, though.  She tweeted things like, “I’M SCARED” and “Scary phone calls. So scary that I can’t finish my cookie.” and “You win Greg from corporate office. I won’t be finishing my cookie now.” Then later she began to get angry with tweets like “A joke goes too far when you call a business and tell them you’re my family just to prank call me. Not funny when family stuff is happening.” and “Seriously. Whoever made that prank call needs to own up. Extremely harsh things were said and it is not OK.” and “Hey, Greg from Corporate, guess what’s going to be shoved down your throat when I find you. (picture of a cookie)”
  • For all your pranky needs, visit!
  • Rapping Robots From Outer Space by Rappy McRapperson


Free Water – The Tenants From Hell Anthem

Last week I released a new song that covers some of our water-related antics with landlords. This weekend I’ve completed a music video for the song, which is embedded above. I thought that simply writing out the lyrics would be a quick and easy way to make a music video and holy crap was I wrong. I spent a full week of evenings writing out all those words and then syncing them to the music. NEVER AGAIN.

If you like this song, here are some links to download the song for free and listen to other songs by RB & The CPs.

Also, my close personal friend Derrik Best has created the logo below, which I assume will adorn the high-tech machinery that this song will someday be responsible for. Thanks, Derrik!

If you’re a fan of our Tenants From Hell prank calls, below is a playlist containing all of our landlord prank calls, including the ones posted on Staci Stack’s channel. This playlist is around 2 hours long, so sit back and enjoy it for awhile.

Snow Plow Show for September 25th, 2013 – Butt Street

NYC 1970's pay phone

In this episode of the Snow Plow Show, a divine intervention by God connects RBCP to a tenant who thinks he’s a landlord. Thanks, God!

  • –Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
  • –The phone number to the atomic clock is 202-762-1401
  • –Laugh Track Matt Fucking Hill0ck really misses the old Jerky Boys video called Don’t Hang Up Tough Guy.  If you have the VHS/DVD or a file of this movie, send it to Matt!  You can contact Matt at YouTube or on his Facebook at 
  • –If my attempts on the oil change customers seems short, it’s because I cut it all out.  Nothing worked out.
  • –Use the podcast feed, stupid people!
  • –17:20 Knocking on Wood by Spose
  • –Shows that haven’t been posted can sometimes be found on the Mixlr show reel at
  • –The Matt Fucking HillClock will be a reality someday
  • –End song is You’re Crazy by Antix

Snow Plow Show for September 21, 2013 – The Jave Boxes Show

Red Roy Phones
 Here’s the late late late Saturday show, which started I think after midnight.  If you hate it, blame Jave, our sponsor.

  • Thanks for the number, xFIRSTx!  You jerk.
  • YOU SUCK, ZAX!  The last show was sponsored by Jave, just like this one is.
  • Mixlr chat!
  • 11:14 – You’re Crazy by Antix
  • For some reason I claimed the show was sponsored by Jopy.  But screw Jopy.  Kill Jopy.  It’s Jave, dammit.
  • 16:45 Hands up by Antix
  • What Does The Fox Say?
  • End song is Free Water by Big Stupid Old Man.  Download it for free at