Snow Plow Morning Show – December 20th, 2013 – Jingle Cats

Ophiax made the best Christmas ornament ever.

This show is sponsored by Perth. Thanks for the support, Perth!

  • That opening cat music was called Jingle Cats. To experience the full disturbing thing, watch it on YouTube.
  • Jiad is doing a Madhouse fundraiser to help some Alaskan kids have a good Christmas. You can donate to it if you’re reading this in December of 2013. If it’s later than that, don’t donate! PayPal all your money to
  • Holy crap, as of this writing, Jiad’s fund raiser has made around $400. That’s nuts! You people all rule. Those kids are having a better Christmas than my own kids.
  • Hey, want some girly pencils? There sure are a lot of them at
  • In the show I mention a new “openbook” for searching Facebook posts. Since the show aired, I’ve been given permission to give out the URL to it. It’s Thanks for setting this up, CoolRob & TheN!
  • Jiad’s show is The Art of Phone Larking
  • Leave a voicemail for PLA at (814) 422-5309
  • NotBrad submits a new song called It’s A Family Joke
  • Dr. Demento plays some Redbox & The Chilipeppers on his show.  Everyone should go to and submit a request for Free Water by Redbox and the Chilipeppers.  Keep doing this every week, forever.
  • The weird message is from
  • Here Is The News by ELO, requested by TheN from
  • I know I said the show was over, but I stayed on the air playing music and pranks and even making a couple more live pranks for an hour or two after.
  • I forget what the PLA song is.  Tristan made it.  Thanks, Tristan!
  • The Samantha is fully responsible for us prank calling Steve Wozniak a few years ago.  Since then he’s unfriended me on Facebook and blocked Samantha.
  • Cookin’ By The Book is a mashup with Crazytown and Lil Wayne.

Snow Plow Show – December 13th, 2013 – Calls From Prison

Thanks, Hose-A, for your wacky Jimmy John’s receipt!

Here’s a morning show that happened on Friday The 13th where I tried to make prank calls after playing a message that I’m calling them from prison.

  • Cashmere Sweater by Nerf Herder
  • Hire a voice artist at
  • I can’t believe I didn’t tell that first guy that I was going to use the snow plow to break out of prison.  Stupid STUPID!
  • If you make prank calls, you should try making your calls come from prison.  The link to listen/download the prison message is
  • Search all the Craigslist pages with
  • Thanks, Brittany, for being a jerk of a friend and sending me your friends phone numbers!
  • Shoutout to Lux, The Neediest Guy In The Chatroom!
  • Jason Scott is awesome.  He runs
  • If you’d like to subscribe to this show, learn how to subscribe to things.  Derr.
  • has been sort of updated.

Weird – the iPhone podcast version of this show kept showing up as the 16 second clip about calling from prison. Thanks, everyone, for alerting me to this problem. It seems to be working for me now that I’ve broken the prison link above and reposted this show. Let me know if you still can’t hear the show. HUGZ!

Snow Plow Show – December 6th, 2013 – Snow Day

Thanks for this picture of your amazing cactus, Matthew Hesse!



2013 Madhouse 24 Hour Prank-A-Thon – The Brad & Staci Hours

Thanks for the Four Loko picture, Turbo!

This is Roy and Staci’s show, which happened during the 24 hour marathon on  There’s a LOT of us just talking in this and really no amazing pranks happen until about an hour into the show where Staci is in Wal-Mart and tells me who to call.  You should skip to 1 hour and 7 minutes to hear what happens with that, because it’s pretty funny.  And then go look at Staci’s YouTube and send her a message asking why the hell the video isn’t up yet.


Thanks, Carlito and the rest of the Madhouse Radio crew, for making this 24 hour Pranksgiving marathon happen!  Be sure to download Tabachi’s torrent to hear the rest of the marathon.  You can also look for the individual shows at…



Snow Plow Show – November 16th, 2013 – Ideas By xFIRSTx

Thanks for the pictures of this cool fire/police emergency thing from New York, Rhad!

Roy & Staci Make Signs in the Morning – November 13, 2013




Snow Plow Show – November 8th, 2013 – Goodbye, Blockbuster




October 24th, 2013 Snow Plow Show – R.I.P. Ty

Snow Plow Show – October 19th, 2013 – The MC Ohm-I Hour

Thanks for the above picture, Johnicek! I’m calling this show The MC Ohm-I Hour because I think there was more of his music in this episode than pranks. Be thankful that you missed this show live because you won’t have to listen to the nearly 2 hours of boring stuff that I removed from the final edit. And the hour that’s left isn’t much better. Gawd, why even bother listening to this. Abort! Abort!

Hi Bradley Baby ~

I listened to your show last night, Saturday, the 19th of Hotober.

I put on your recording and wow, like 5 hours!

I was resting in bed with black and blue boxers and no socks.

I was comforted by your pranks for like I guess 3 hours or so.

Then I remember some other guy came on for something, and I fell in a deep sleep.

I awoke well and rested, but I think I came my pants somewhere before I fell asleep or while I was sleeping. Either way, it was a nice surprise in the morning.

Love Always and Forever,
Your Straight Guy Friend,
XOXO Jeffrey D.

Snow Plow Show – October 16th, 2013 – The Noon Show

This show is sponsored by David from Texas. Thanks, David!