Snow Plow Show – June 26th, 2014 – Reservations and Voicemails

Thanks for this amazing cactus, Kris!

This show, with it’s billions of voicemails on the end of it, is sponsored by Tony in Arizona.  Thanks for the continued support and the kind words, Tony!  This show is only about 30 minutes long of things that aren’t voicemails.  The second half is all voicemails.

That epic cactus drawing above was sent to me by Kris, who does a regular animated series called The Bedfellows.  If you watch enough episodes of The Bedfellows, you’ll find one with a PLA logo in it.  Tell me which video of his has a PLA logo in it and you’ll win a tiny envelope filled with useless PLA crap.  Congrats on the 2 people who won!

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Snow Plow Show – June 22nd, 2014 – The Dharma Initiative

4 out of 5 toasters have a 6.5536 MHz crystal in them

This show was made possible by a donation of $200.52 in play money and plastic coins by Carl Sanders.  Unfortunately that wasn’t enough for me to afford PCN’s steep live broadcasting fees, but it was more than enough for me to make this podcast-only version of a show.  Thanks, Carl!

  • Still no Yelp review from Anne Marie while I’m editing this.  Dammit.
  • Rick Dyer is a guy who frequently fakes bigfoot captures.
  • My background music is too loud.  I’m SORRY.  I’ll turn it down next time.
  • Heathcliff Theme Song
  • When I called Richard, I meant to say I was with the Department of Transportation.  I’m dum.
  • “Don’t be an adult skateboarder,” says the adult prank caller.  I KNOW.
  • Weird Al Yankovic – eBay

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Stupid PLA Rubber Bracelets

What’s that?  You say you wish you could wear one of those douchey rubber bracelets around all the time, only instead of the bracelet saying “I <3 BOOBIES” it says “Phone Losers of America?”  Well are you in luck then!

This picture shows two sizes of bracelets – medium and large.  Which one you choose reflects what type of female genitalia you prefer.  My sexy hairy arms are not included with your purchase.

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And if you’re into wasting all your money on PLA crap, then you should look at PLA’s store and the new t-shirts on PLA’s spreadshirt.  The money you spend helps more crack and meth for me.  And more crack and meth means more shows and other fun PLA things.  So support PLA today!


Snow Plow Show – June 20th, 2014 – Blurry Houses

This show was made possible by Michael Foster.  Jesus loves Michael Foster and only Michael Foster.

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Snow Plow Show – June 14th, 2014 – That Awkward Moment With Zac Efron


Thanks for taking this picture, Stephen Xbluex!

That one show where RBCP just yells at people for an hour and then stops the show to watch a bad early-90′s movie called 12:01.  Hey, have you supported PLA today?  You can make more shows happen where RBCP yells at people for an hour and then stops the show to watch a bad early 90′s movie called 12:01, either by contributing to our Patreon or by contributing without Patreon.  Or you can help out without spending anything.

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Prank call website, send spoof and prank calls online

Snow Plow Show – June 13th, 2014 – House of Andreas

These hobo mailboxes fall apart like Legos when you trip over them.

Happy Friday The 13th!  A listener named Andreas sent me a giant list of names, phone numbers, pictures of houses and ideas for most of them.  So I turned his entire list into a show.  This is the show.  Thanks, Andreas!

  • Jiad did 3 hours of hilarity right before my show.  Click here to listen to it.
  • Are you tired of lazy-ass show hosts only doing their shows on Mixlr so you can’t easily listen to them later?  Enigma420 has given all the shows RSS feeds, whether they want them or not, so you can listen to them with your podcast apps.  Go to to get the feed URLs.
  • There are a LOT of overprotective husbands and wives answering phones in this show.  No trust!
  • When I said we’re an hour into the show, I forgot to account for the 12 minutes I spent playing crap before the show actually started, so it was more like 48 minutes into the show.  I still edited a ton of stuff out, though!  The show was around 2 hours and 25 minutes long originally.
  • Sweetpea by Bonecage.  Click here to watch the video for this song.
  • I can do whatever I want, I’m white by Rucka Rucka Ali – Requested by Liz.
  • Antix – Hands Up

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Snow Plow Show – June 10th, 2014 – 500th Customer

Thanks, PowerOfGamers, for this picture.

This song is sponsored by The Great Ben Kilburn.  All failures in today show are brought to you by Ben Kilburn.  And boy are there failures!

  • Psychos on the Street by Flash and the Pan
  • Welcome to the BotNet by TheN
  • How could Nick possibly not remember my voice from the call I did to him just 5 minutes earlier?/?
  • MUSIC: They Won’t Get Me by Roger Miller, What’s Up by He Man, There She Goes by Lalalalalalalala.
  • Robert at Starbucks never tweeted about his amazing contest winning experience there.
  • Leave a voicemail for me – 814-422-5309
  • Wax Audio – Stayin’ In Black

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Snow Plow Show – June 8th, 2014 – Bunch of Failures

Thanks for this picture, Nate Y!

There was a ton of fail in this show.  I edited most of it out and it’s still a big show of fail.  Enjoy!

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Rob T Firefly doing one of those wacky Kickstarter things

You know who Rob T Firefly is, right? He’s the long time BFF of the PLA who’s done lots of amazing things for us. Things like recording the songs Bell Odyssey and Guilty Deter for us. And writing the foreword and illustrating the PLA book. And doing wacky DJ drops for PLA Radio. And writing things for the PLA ‘zine back in the 1990′s. And just generally being an awesome guy who makes a lot of people happy.

Rob is trying to get some funding for a book about Doctor Who facts, which doesn’t actually contain any facts at all. Instead it’s fill with hilarious lies and deception about Doctor Who, and us weirdos here at PLA love anything that helps spread misinformation and confuses people.

Rob currently has a Twitter, a Tumblr and a website dedicated to his Doctor Who facts. So if you’re into this new Doctor Who thing that all the kids are watching these days, you should think about supporting his book project. And if you’re not into Doctor Who, you should support Rob anyway, just for always doing weird random things for the PLA. And because I order you to.

Snow Plow Show – June 5th, 2014 – Jesus vs. Killer Robots

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