PLA RADIO EPISODE #6 – Celebrity Prank Calls

In this episode RBCP attempts to prank call a few celebrities, including Corey Feldman, Eminem, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reba McIntyre, David Coverdale and Brett Ratner. I said attempted, not succeeded. This podcast is 12 minutes and 43 seconds long and a whopping 12 megabytes in size. It’s co-hosted by a couple of random elderly people who can’t hear anything. Here are some show notes for you…

00:00 Verna
00:05 Intro
01:20 Celebrity answering machines
02:20 Calling Corey Feldman
03:30 Calling Reba McIntyre
05:00 Technical Difficulties in the Orvil Household
06:50 Calling Jennifer Love Hewitt
08:04 Calling Eminem
09:43 Wrapping up with Orvil
10:35 Leave a voicemail at (505) 796-4020
10:45 Welcome to my World by Nerf Herder

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We're kidding, okay?  We don't actually give a shit about tr0n.Apparently everyone’s least favorite bridge troll Tr0n is in prison. “For being the 1337est hax0r of them all?” you’re probably thinking. Not quite. Tr0n was overheard in the Oregon prison exclaiming, “I’ve been taking it up the pooper since you were in diapers, kid! Ibaibaibaiba!”

In happier news, countykid managed to get a story published on Mentally Incontinent. It’s a hard hitting expos’e on some guy named Brad Carter. From the story… But, Chris Tomkinson’s life involving the PLA wasn’t nearly over. Between 1992 and 1998, it is estimated that nearly 8,000 calls were made to Chris Tomkinson with the intent of jokes. In his newly published journals, Chris wrote, “Brad just wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept calling me, and one time as I was stepping out of the shower, I caught I glimpse of a face looking at me. I rushed over to the phone to call his house and see if he was home, his mom picked up. He has just gone out. It was then I knew Brad needed help”.

A few changes

We switched servers (sort of) this week. A bunch of stuff was down for a day or so but now it’s mostly all back up. You’ll be noticing a few minor changes throughout the site soon. You now have the option of logging in to the site for certain things, I just installed the new shoutbox and I’m working on implementing a new form of commenting onto every page.


An announcement from my friend Joe at Mentally Incontinent (you might remember him from that insane Wal-mart revenge prank). I don’t usually do non PLA/phone/hackerish related updates, but this one is for a good cause so I’m doing it anyway. Joe & his wife are in training for a 100 mile bicycle race in Nevada for something called Team In Training, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They’re trying to raise $10,000 and have actually managed to raise over $1,000 already. The money goes towards cancer research and you can send as little as you want. Even if you don’t want to donate, check out the site and read up on it.

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PLA Radio – Episode 5 – Emails

RBCP reads and responds to a few emails from podcast listeners. This podcast is approximately 7 minutes long.

What the hell happened to Jolly Spamhead???

I got an email recently from an old PLA acquaintance (RiSc-Z3r0-> at Crackbox) asking me if I’d heard from Jolly Spamhead. I sure haven’t! And it turns out I haven’t heard shit from a lot of people in a lot of years. Good ‘ole Jolly Spamhead always seemed to somehow linked to various website defacements (remember that gave shouts to the PLA. Has anyone heard from him??

In fact, what happened to everyone else? Like Goldeneye (remember WraithTech?), Vixen, Brice Carlson, Spessa, Spygoddess, 3rd Worm, Compudroid, Luvox Phreak, LOGIC BOX and everyone else from the old list and the old FruitWare forums. Did you all just grow up and finally realize that PLA isn’t really that cool? If any of you are reading this, leave a comment below and let us know that you’re okay and what you’ve been up to. We miss you and we’ve been worried. HOW’S LIFE?


03/15/06 – clark from united kingdom: spamhead is living on a gay co operative in sheffield

03/14/06 – murd0c from 516: I hung out with 3rd Worm in NYC at least 3 months ago, he was a drunk old Russian-Canadian.

03/13/06 – Twist from CA to CT: I can see after seven years of popping in and out of the spot light nobody cares to talk about me. Last I saw the third worm he was chillin in Stockten California.

03/10/06 – RiSc-Zer0 aka Desperado from NJ: Hey Redbox, Thanks for postin’ bout Jolly Spamhead hope we find him!

PLA Radio Episode #4 – Beige Boxing at the Movie Theater

RBCP & Murd0c broadcast this episode from inside of a dumpster outside a Missouri movie theater, hoping to answer phone calls via the theater’s phone box that they’ve tapped into. They succeed, but are thrown into jail for a few months, pending trial. The involuntary manslaughter charges are dropped, but the phone calls are still hilarious. This podcast is approximately 19 minutes long. Click here to listen to it.

In this episode you’ll hear the best of our movie theater prank calls. You’ll also hear the song Guilty Deter which was parodied by RBCP and performed by Rob T. Firefly. You’ll also hear Rob’s remix of one of the theater pranks and an ad from our old Switch campaign. Don’t forget to visit PLA Radio for our past episodes. Then go to Podcast Alley and vote for us.

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The PLA Radio arbitron ratings are in!

I just took a look through the access logs for the past month to see how the show was doing. From February 1st, 2006 to March 3rd, 2006, here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Episode #1 (Brady Bunch, released on Feb 4th) – 2,319 show downloads made by 1467 unique IP addresses
Episode #2 (Social Engineering, released on Feb 25th) – 1,614 show downloads made by 824 unique IP addresses
Episode #3 (Deaf Relay Operators, released on Jan 31st) – 1,663 show downloads made by 872 unique IP addresses

I was surprised at the numbers – I kind of thought it would be much less. So, you know…thanks for listening! I’m not sure if those numbers are necessarily good, as far as podcasts go. Episode #1 is definitely the most downloaded mp3 file on this past month, though. I have no plans for future shows. But I didn’t exactly plan these first three either. So we’ll see what the future of PLA Radio brings. Really, though, thanks for listening!

And I’m not sure why the numbers of IP addresses are half of what the downloads are. I can only assume that everyone liked the shows so much that they just had to download them each twice.

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I have been a listener of the RBPC Show podcast for months now. No, not just because their show looks like a dyslexic version of my name. It’s a good show! My favorite podcast, in fact. I mentioned their show in my journal awhile back and the guy who runs the show even signed my guestbook to say thanks for listening. So the other day I join their forums and introduce myself. But instead of a nice, normal “hello” I threatened them with defamation of character lawsuits instead. All in good fun, of course. But then the accusations started flying and suddenly I’m the one on trial. There’s too much to explain but go visit the RBPC Show forums and try to sort it out for yourself. I think I’ve decided to give up on proclaiming my innocence. No matter how much I explain, they refuse to believe anything I say.

What really pisses these forum users off is the fact that PLA Radio happens to have more votes than them right now. So even if you hate PLA Radio, click on the button below just for spite. It’ll give Halo something more to freak out about.

3/13/2006 UPDATE: Their forums crashed and they lost all the original posts with the PLA bashing in them. It’s too bad because it was good stuff. But at least I can pretend that I haxed their forums to scare them into being nice to me.

PLA Radio Episode #3 – Deaf Relay Operators

The 3rd official episode of PLA Radio features a brand new co-host, Mary, who is a deaf relay operator. It also features songs, skits, messages, commentary. commercials and raps all unwittingly performed by deaf relay operators. It’s approximately 17 minutes long and the download is 15,597 kb. Click here to listen to it and click here for our PLA Radio page.

While you’re here, do us a favor. Vote for us on Podcast Alley by clicking on the button below. If we get enough votes, we’ll end up on the Top 10 list. And then all kinds of innocent people will be exposed to PLA Radio. So vote! And thanks!

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