RBCP’s New Tell-All Expose Coming Soon!

After months of negotiations, Brad Carter has finally acquired the exclusive rights to a book detailing his take on the sordid details surrounding the Jonbenet Ramsey kidnapping and murder. Find out…

  • Was this all really just a Cuervocon gone horribly wrong?
  • What was El Jefe wearing that night!
  • Why did LogicBox drop out of school just weeks after the murder??
  • Were Brad Carter and Patsy Ramsey secret lovers??
  • How did Apok0lyps’ bologna sandwich end up being collected as evidence?
  • Did a malfunctioning police scanner botch the whole thing?
  • Exactly how saggy were Tannest’s boobs?

The book includes a thought-provoking foreward by Richard Cardo and is illustrated by mr_doc. It’s scheduled to be released in time for this year’s Christmas.

2008 Phone Mobs

March sure has been a big month for Phone Mobbing so far. RogueClown organized one last week, which apparently inspired NWBell to set up one this morning. Here are the edited clips from each of the mobs.

RogueClown’s Phone Mob This is yet another mob to the infamous What’s Your Bid station. Unfortunately, the hosts refused to react to our calls this time, which is what made the first one such a classic. But there’s still some good stuff on it.

NWBell’s Phone Mob Here’s the the results of this morning’s mob, also to a veteran station of phone mobbing. They too refused to acknowledge our presence.

If you missed out on these mobs, then you should sign up on the PLA Forums and become a regular poster. When a new mob happens, you’ll hopefully notice a post about it. If you enjoyed the Phone Mobbing projects above, be sure to take a look at our past Phone Mobs. And listen to PLA Radio Episode 13, which features some of the best mobs ever.

PLA Named as Suspects in the Jonbenet Ramsey Murder!

Jonbenet Ramsey More than 10 years have passed since the heyday of all our nonsense at the Boulder News Forums, which you can read all about on our Boulder News Frenzy page. And now an “investigator” has put together a rock solid case, implicating RBCP and other members of the PLA as the Jonbenet Ramsey kidnappers.

“RBCP is my lead. I’m hot on this guy.”

The “investigation” is put together by a man named Richard Cardo on YouTube with a series of 17 YouTube videos, featuring horrid sound quality, lots of stuttering, and lots of screen captures that are impossible to read. The first 9 episodes in the series examines the subtle meanings of the JBR ransom note. Richard notices that the writer of the note is obviously into phone hacking, listening to authorities on scanners and spoofing caller ID. All of this is clearly encoded in the ransom note. But the real clincher is the signature on the note – S.B.T.C, which obviously stands for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.

But Part 10 and Part 11 are where it really gets exciting! Richard’s first search leads him to an 1997-era e-zine called Telephone Free Planet. He quickly discovers that the author of this e-zine, KungFuFox, is actually RedBoxChiliPepper! RBCP has been writing Telephone Free Planet simply to promote the PLA e-zine. RBCP will stop at nothing to promote the PLA. Not even…murder… (Imagine that last line stated in a deep, dramatic, movie guy-type voice.)

And the similarities between the JBR case and the writings in Telephone Free Planet are uncanny! Such as KungFuFox (aka RedBoxChiliPepper) suggesting that beige boxers bring crayons with them to color Bell cans red, because linemen use special infrared glasses to find telco cans and they only show up if they’re colored green or grey. You can really fuck the linemen up if you color them red! And Jonbenet’s dead body was found red writing on her hand! KungFuFox also suggests smashing telco cans with baseball bats…just as JBR was bludgeoned in the head with what was probably a baseball bat!

“RBCP seemed to be the straw that stirred the drink.”

Part 12 talks about Jameson the Boulder News Forums that the PLA attacked in 1997. Jonbenet’s mother, Patsy, apparently said that the PLA was a threat and she didn’t want to be harassed by them. Robert is sure that Tannest and RBCP had something going on and he mentions LogicBox’s article in PLA Issue 45 which encourages readers to harass the Boulder News Forums.

He also notices that PLA Issue 45 shows people how to break into a house! RBCP, writing about ways to create more cordless phone users in his neighborhood, suggests the following: “Break into their house and take note of where all of their phones are located. Rearrange the location of all the phones so that their cordless phone will be in the spot where it will get the most use. Or just steal all of their other non-cordless phones so that they would have no choice but to use the cordless one. If you feel bad about stealing their phones, bring a supply of cordless phones with you and replace all of their old phones with cordless phones. Yes, it’s quite obvious that RBCP is the mastermind behind the Christmas break in at the Ramsey home.

Part 13 It’s time to put Brad Carter under a microscope. Richard finds some PLA fan art of Chris Tomkinson getting shot with a cactus gun on phonelosers.org and decides that RBCP’s son (who was an infant at the time those drawings were mailed to RBCP, by the way) is responsible for the drawings but RBCP must have written the captions under them. He shows the drawings and compares the lettering to that found in the ransom note. Richard also shows a picture of RBCP in front of a Southwestern building, flipping off the Bell symbol! The ransom note writer signed S.B.T.C! OMG, another connection! Richard surely came in his pants when he first spotted this picture.

Part 14 is a quick analysis of Colleen Card’s homepage in the 90′s and the menacing poetry on it. And then a look at RBCP’s homepage, his travels (which has him passing through Denver on the way to Ohio, just a year before the murder, probably to “case the joint”), and some information on the hacker party called CuervoCon. CuervoCon never happened, you know. Instead, RBCP and the rest of PLA’s active members met in Denver and had a party there. Things got a little out of control and the next thing you know…MURDER IN BOULDER! The PLA really knows how to throw a party. The next thing you know, the PLA e-zine has ended and the core members of the group are suddenly not on speaking terms.

Part 15 shows more in-depth analysis of the comparison between the JBR ransom note and the Chris Tomkinson cactus art. You know, little things like comparing characters, stylistic decisions on character formation, whole words and punctuation. Richard also finds pictures of RBCP’s postcards from his Ebay page which prove, without a doubt, that RBCP is the one who wrote the ransom note.

“He gives himself away by trying to disguise the way he writes his A’s.”

Part 16 shows that Steve Eller is Brad Carter. Obviously, since they both live in Ohio. Anyone who lives in Ohio is Brad Carter. This one is boring.

Part 17 wraps up everything we’ve learned about Brad Carter’s involvement in the Jonbenet Ramsey kidnapping and murder, and gives us a few more surprises such as the “bueno” connection between the murder and RBCP’s frequent use of it. But the real bombshell drops when Richard shows us a picture of a PLA contest entry of a girl holding a sign about the PLA. The sign has a smiley face on it…just like the one written in red ink on Jonbenet’s hand! And the smiley face’s eyes are drawn as vertical lines. NOBODY draws smiley faces with vertical lines. Nobody, that is, except for Brad Carter.

By the time you finish watching all these videos, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Brad Carter is the man behind the ransom note. Be sure to stay tuned to Richard Cardo’s YouTube page where he will soon begin to investigate other key members of the PLA and he will uncover their involvement as well. Also, take a look at our Boulder News Frenzy page, where the PLA once tried to cover up a murder by silencing the diligent investigators of the internet. Your time is soon, Brad Carter. Your time is soon.

320Sycamore.com Forums Here’s a discussion about the video series.

WebbSleuths forums Our old friend Jameson apparently is having a discussion with herself about this video series.

Vote for your favorite entry

The PLA Prank Call Contest is officially over and you can now vote on your favorite entry below. Click on the button of your favorite prank call, then click on the “Submit Your Vote” button at the bottom. You’ll be taken to a page of the current voting results. You can also click here to see the current voting results.

Tachyon’s 1st Entry: Cactusing a 7-Eleven

Tachyon’s 2nd Entry: Cactusing some other business

z3wb’s 1st Entry: z3wb violates some FCC laws in this homage to our What’s Yer Bid phone mob.

z3wb’s 2nd Entry: And some more of the same.

Harry’s Entry (part 1, part 2, part 3): Harry’s pranks a hotel (in homeage to our hotel calls) and tells the front desk that someone peed in his room.

Sam’s Entry: Sam calls a Wal-Mart and claims to have scammed a computer from them, just like our old modem scam prank on the PLA’s Wal-Mart Page.

Nova’s 1st Entry: Dino Allsman calls the pharmacy to refill his Xanax, which he uses to deal with the kids calling his phone and playing games. (read about Dino Allsman here.)

Nova’s 2nd Entry: Roy Gerbil calls to refill his prescription and there’s some confusion over his name.

Jprime’s Entry: Jprime tries to social engineer the phone company, but accidentally calls Wal-Mart instead. (Based on PLA Radio Episode #2)

Harry Latest Entry: Curtis Lee Jones wallet is found by a guest at the hotel and the front desk clerk isn’t happy with the man who found it. (read about Curtis Lee Jones)

Please don’t cheat. I know it can be done and it’s been done before. It’s not that hard or impressive and it will be sort of obvious if you are. So please…don’t cheat. The voting will end whenever I feel like ending it. Maybe in a week or two, I guess? If you’d like to see the current voting results, here they are.

I’m going to give out 3 prize packages for the top 3 winners. It’ll go something like this – the first place winner gets to pick the 10 tapes/CDs he wants, the 2nd place winner gets to pick 10 of the remaining 10 tapes/CDs, and 3rd place gets the rest of the crap that’s left. Everyone who entered will receive a PLA Media DVD and a DVD full of my entire prank call collection. Once again, lots of thanks to everyone who entered the contest!


Prank Call Contest Entries

Before we get into the prank call contest entries, here’s a quick site update…you can now receive emails whenever new content and updates are posted to phonelosers.org. We were using Feedblitz to accomplish this before, but it was slow and they probably sold your email address to Nigerians. The new system emails you immediately after entries are posted and you’re not giving up your email address to a 3rd party company. You can use the form below to sign up. Or you can just keep using the RSS feed like a normal person.

Now on to the contest entries! There have been quite a few entries that don’t follow the rules of this contest. People are sending in just regular prank calls that have nothing to do with the PLA. And one person send in a deaf relay call transcript. Sorry people, but I’m only accepting PLA-themed prank calls for this contest. Here’s are the current entries.

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who’s submitted calls so far. Keep the PLA-themed calls coming because you still have until January 15th to win some prank call CDs and tapes!

Prank Call Contest

As mentioned in PLA Radio #15, I’m starting up a new contest. The Win RBCP’s Old Prank Call Tapes and CDs Contest! I recently converted my remaining cassette tapes and CDs to mp3s, most of which happened to be prank calls. So now I’m left with several dozen prank call tapes and CDs that I have no use for. So I’m using this contest as a guise for offloading my old crap onto some unsuspecting prank caller who thinks they’re actually winning something cool. I’m a genius!

If you would like to win this excellent collection of prank call history (aka crappy old prank tapes, lots with terrible sound quality) then all you have to do is submit a prank call that you’ve made. Not just any prank call, though. It must be a PLA-themed prank call. Your prank call must include something done in the spirit of the PLA, such as cactusing someone, calling someone from the PLA’s past, reenacting an prank call or an event from our site, or just doing something generally PLA-ey. Get it?

How many of these prank call cassetes/CDs I give out to each winner will depend on how many entries there are and how much effort you put into it. If there’s a lot of entries, I’ll probably let the first place winner have first choice, the second place winner have second choice, etc. If you need some help on how to record your telephone calls, click here for a tutorial. Here’s a semi-complete list of the tapes and CDs you could win:

  • The CranKings – Sushi and Friends Act I (copied cassette)
  • The Teleprankers Volume 1 and 2 (copied cassette)
  • Frank Da Prank (copied cassette)
  • Screamers (copied cassette)
  • Benny Calls Volume 3 (copied cassette)
  • Jerky Boys bootleg (copied cassette)
  • Jerky Boys Bud Light commercials (copied cassette)
  • The Ball Busters (copied cassette)
  • The Musacha Tapes (cassette)
  • John Lancaster SPEAKS (copied cassette)
  • Phone Losers of America Give Me Liberty or Give Me Steak (copied cassette)
  • Jenn Redmond (copied cassette)
  • Mark Knofler (copied cassette)
  • Phone Pride World Wide (all 4 of his CDs)
  • Bubba Johnson & Company (copied cassette)
  • The Phone Heads (copied cassette)
  • Dumbass (CD-R)
  • Garson Landfil (CD-R)
  • Go With The Flow (CD-R)
  • Tube Bar (cassette)
  • John Trubee – Great Phone Calls (CD-R)
  • Telephone Head (CD-R)
  • PLA Raw Material – Volumes 1 – 5) (CD-R)
  • 976-GIRLS (CD-R)
  • Phone Losers of America Give Me Liberty or Give Me Steak (real CD from mp3.com)

There’s a little more of it, but some of it is commercially available stuff and I probably shouldn’t mention that I’m giving away CD-Rs of their work. There’s some great prank callers in the mix and some crappy ones. But it’s all fun stuff to listen to. The contest officially starts today and it officially ends on January 15th, 2007. You can submit your pranks by email to rbcp AT phonelosers.org or post them in the forums. Get to work!

PLA Radio #15 – Cordless Phones

This episode takes a look at cordless phone monitoring and shows you a little of the fun you missed out on in the 1990′s by eavesdropping on cordless phone users and interfering with their lives. Listen to Legend’s harassment of a cordless phone user in Florida, then hear the results of a few pranks in the mid-90′s. This show is nearly 24 minutes long and the full version is around 22 megs.

Listen to the show (128 kbps / 22 megs)

Listen to the show in mono (64 kbps / 11 megs)

Listen to the show (32 kbps / 6 megs)

Visit the PLA Radio archives

Show Notes:
00:00: My BFF Rose
00:23: Intro song by Trevelyn (visit his website or his Myspace for more music)
01:09: Hi PLAers
03:11: Legend’s 1999 cordless phone pranks with Missy and Dena – Listen to the full phone calls on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) – Also, visit Legend’s YouTube page, his Dailymotion page, his Myspace page, and his Megavideo page.
11:02: Voicemails – call 505-796-4020 to leave your own
14:20: Messing with my neighbors in Ohio
15:25: Old man’s jacket
18:00: The Dino Allsman story – Visit the official Dino Allsman page.
21:50: Bye – for more cordless phone stuff, click here.

Taco Bell Pranks by Sharolaid


Recently while doing a search for prank calls on Google’s blog search, I came across a strange video of a guy dressed up in drag and prank calling a Taco Bell. While he mostly just screamed at the Taco Bell employee, it was still a pretty amusing call. It was from a site called revver.com which I wasn’t familiar with. So I went back to their main page and did a site search for “Taco Bell prank” and…holy crap… The person that did the call had HUNDREDS of video prank calls while dressed in various forms of drag.

After watching about a dozen videos of this guy, I’ve decided to share them with you. Check out his videos by going to this URL:


After you’ve had your fill of hundreds of prank phone calls there (1,095 videos this person has up), take a look at his Myspace and his Stickam. He’s even got a domain at sharolaid.com but it only links to his video prank calls.

As a new fan of Sharolaid’s, I’m not sure WHY he dresses in drag and makes prank phone calls, since it’s not clearly spelled out for me on any of his pages. I guess I need to start watching his show on Stickam to get it. All I know is that the phone calls are pretty damn amusing and everyone should listen to at least a few of them.



Legend813 on Prank Call Radio tonight!

Legend813 will be hosting Prank Call Radio tonight. The show starts at 10pm EST. So be listening to it! The URL to listen is:


10:51 EDIT: Legend is just now on and he’s talking about his PLA origins. Turns out that the stream above doesn’t seem to work. But if you go to prankcallradio.com you’ll see a live video stream of the show via Stickam. Go watch/listen.