Prank Call Contest

As mentioned in PLA Radio #15, I’m starting up a new contest. The Win RBCP’s Old Prank Call Tapes and CDs Contest! I recently converted my remaining cassette tapes and CDs to mp3s, most of which happened to be prank calls. So now I’m left with several dozen prank call tapes and CDs that I have no use for. So I’m using this contest as a guise for offloading my old crap onto some unsuspecting prank caller who thinks they’re actually winning something cool. I’m a genius!

If you would like to win this excellent collection of prank call history (aka crappy old prank tapes, lots with terrible sound quality) then all you have to do is submit a prank call that you’ve made. Not just any prank call, though. It must be a PLA-themed prank call. Your prank call must include something done in the spirit of the PLA, such as cactusing someone, calling someone from the PLA’s past, reenacting an prank call or an event from our site, or just doing something generally PLA-ey. Get it?

How many of these prank call cassetes/CDs I give out to each winner will depend on how many entries there are and how much effort you put into it. If there’s a lot of entries, I’ll probably let the first place winner have first choice, the second place winner have second choice, etc. If you need some help on how to record your telephone calls, click here for a tutorial. Here’s a semi-complete list of the tapes and CDs you could win:

  • The CranKings – Sushi and Friends Act I (copied cassette)
  • The Teleprankers Volume 1 and 2 (copied cassette)
  • Frank Da Prank (copied cassette)
  • Screamers (copied cassette)
  • Benny Calls Volume 3 (copied cassette)
  • Jerky Boys bootleg (copied cassette)
  • Jerky Boys Bud Light commercials (copied cassette)
  • The Ball Busters (copied cassette)
  • The Musacha Tapes (cassette)
  • John Lancaster SPEAKS (copied cassette)
  • Phone Losers of America Give Me Liberty or Give Me Steak (copied cassette)
  • Jenn Redmond (copied cassette)
  • Mark Knofler (copied cassette)
  • Phone Pride World Wide (all 4 of his CDs)
  • Bubba Johnson & Company (copied cassette)
  • The Phone Heads (copied cassette)
  • Dumbass (CD-R)
  • Garson Landfil (CD-R)
  • Go With The Flow (CD-R)
  • Tube Bar (cassette)
  • John Trubee – Great Phone Calls (CD-R)
  • Telephone Head (CD-R)
  • PLA Raw Material – Volumes 1 – 5) (CD-R)
  • 976-GIRLS (CD-R)
  • Phone Losers of America Give Me Liberty or Give Me Steak (real CD from

There’s a little more of it, but some of it is commercially available stuff and I probably shouldn’t mention that I’m giving away CD-Rs of their work. There’s some great prank callers in the mix and some crappy ones. But it’s all fun stuff to listen to. The contest officially starts today and it officially ends on January 15th, 2007. You can submit your pranks by email to rbcp AT or post them in the forums. Get to work!

PLA Radio #15 – Cordless Phones

This episode takes a look at cordless phone monitoring and shows you a little of the fun you missed out on in the 1990′s by eavesdropping on cordless phone users and interfering with their lives. Listen to Legend’s harassment of a cordless phone user in Florida, then hear the results of a few pranks in the mid-90′s. This show is nearly 24 minutes long and the full version is around 22 megs.

Listen to the show (128 kbps / 22 megs)

Listen to the show in mono (64 kbps / 11 megs)

Listen to the show (32 kbps / 6 megs)

Visit the PLA Radio archives

Show Notes:
00:00: My BFF Rose
00:23: Intro song by Trevelyn (visit his website or his Myspace for more music)
01:09: Hi PLAers
03:11: Legend’s 1999 cordless phone pranks with Missy and Dena – Listen to the full phone calls on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) – Also, visit Legend’s YouTube page, his Dailymotion page, his Myspace page, and his Megavideo page.
11:02: Voicemails – call 505-796-4020 to leave your own
14:20: Messing with my neighbors in Ohio
15:25: Old man’s jacket
18:00: The Dino Allsman story – Visit the official Dino Allsman page.
21:50: Bye – for more cordless phone stuff, click here.

Taco Bell Pranks by Sharolaid


Recently while doing a search for prank calls on Google’s blog search, I came across a strange video of a guy dressed up in drag and prank calling a Taco Bell. While he mostly just screamed at the Taco Bell employee, it was still a pretty amusing call. It was from a site called which I wasn’t familiar with. So I went back to their main page and did a site search for “Taco Bell prank” and…holy crap… The person that did the call had HUNDREDS of video prank calls while dressed in various forms of drag.

After watching about a dozen videos of this guy, I’ve decided to share them with you. Check out his videos by going to this URL:

After you’ve had your fill of hundreds of prank phone calls there (1,095 videos this person has up), take a look at his Myspace and his Stickam. He’s even got a domain at but it only links to his video prank calls.

As a new fan of Sharolaid’s, I’m not sure WHY he dresses in drag and makes prank phone calls, since it’s not clearly spelled out for me on any of his pages. I guess I need to start watching his show on Stickam to get it. All I know is that the phone calls are pretty damn amusing and everyone should listen to at least a few of them.


Legend813 on Prank Call Radio tonight!

Legend813 will be hosting Prank Call Radio tonight. The show starts at 10pm EST. So be listening to it! The URL to listen is:

10:51 EDIT: Legend is just now on and he’s talking about his PLA origins. Turns out that the stream above doesn’t seem to work. But if you go to you’ll see a live video stream of the show via Stickam. Go watch/listen.

Top 10 Movie Telephone Tricks

Ever been impressed at a movie character’s elite phone abilities? I sure have a few times. Here’s my collection of 10 great phone movie moments in no particular order…

David Lightman Obtains A Free Call: In Wargames, David Lightman, played by Matthew Broderick, is stuck out in the desert somewhere and desperately needs to call his girlfriend to ask for her help. But he has no money, so he finds a soda tab on the ground and uses it to create an electrical connection from the phone’s mouthpiece to the front of the pay phone, which gives him a free dial tone. From what I’ve heard, this particular trick used to actually work. It’s just too bad that you can’t find soda tabs like that all over the ground anymore.

Free Meals At Nice Restaurants: Ferris Beauller wants to scam a free meal in Ferris Beauller’s Day Off, but the restaurant guy doesn’t believe he’s really the Sausage King of Chicago. So Ferris picks up the restaurant’s phone and pretends to call the police, while actually calling the restaurant’s other phone line. When the restaurant guy finds another phone and picks up the line, it’s Ferris’ girlfriend wanting to speak with The Sausage King and helping to confirm Ferris’ fake identity. After this call, restaurant guy gets sneaky and picks up The Sausage King’s extension to eavesdrop, only to hear him speaking with the Chicago Police. Or at least his friend Cameron, pretending to be a police officer. Luckily, all adults in this movie are extremely stupid, so the plan works perfectly.

Pump Up The Volume – Cordless Beige Boxing: Near the end of this movie, we’re sure that our hero, Happy Harry Hardon, is finally caught because the authorities have traced his call as he was prank calling the school’s guidance counselor on the air with his pirate radio station. Much to everyone’s relief, we find that Harry has hidden a cordless phone base in his neighbor’s shed and that the calls were traced back to them. The police show up to arrest his elderly neighbors. I just want to know one thing – how did Harry get such a clear signal on that old 44 MHz cordless phone.

The Matrix – Traveling Through Phone Lines: You gotta be a little impressed with the characters in the Matrix, since they were somehow able to transfer themselves in and out of virtual worlds using regular copper phone lines. It’s just too bad they couldn’t figure out a way to adopt cellular technology in the same way for quick getaways from Agent Smith.

Terminator 2 – John Conner Needs A Quarter: Needing to call his foster parents to warn them about the T-1000, John asks his Terminator if he has a quarter. The terminator bashes the coin box in with one punch and quarters come pouring out of the phone. Not exactly something you can do if you don’t own a Terminator, but it was still a cool trick. Of course, we could stay that the Terminator stole this idea from Police Academy 3, when Sgt Tackleberry helped a little old lady retrieve her lost quarter from a pay phone by shooting at it with his gun. (As heard on the beginning of PLA Radio 14!) But we’ll give the Terminator the benefit of the doubt since he probably didn’t have time to watch that movie.

Diverting Calls Through 411 To Fool Caller ID: In Lindsay Lohan’s movie Mean Girls, her friend Regina isn’t happy about seeing Jason with Taylor Wedell. So she calls up Taylor’s mother. “Caller ID!” Gretchen quickly warns. But Regina knows her phone tricks – she calls 411 and asks them for the number since 411 won’t transmit your caller ID when they connect you. (According to this movie, anyway.) Regina pretends to be Planned Parenthood, calling for Taylor, and the mom freaks out. We see the results of the prank a few seconds later when the girl receives a call on her cell phone from her mother. Pretty vindictive but you gotta love Regina’s knowledge of caller ID for prank calling purposes.

Free Long Distance. Forever. In the comically bad movie, The Core, a hyperactive computer hacking genius (who they ask to hack the planet) grabs the cell phone of a passing agent. Folding a gum wrapper into a magical hacker-like shape, he uses it to whistle into the cell phone. He then tells the agent, “Here, you now have free long distance on this phone. Forever.” It’s amazing what a hacker can do with an unlimited supply of Xena tapes and Hotpockets.

Scamming Strangers Over The Phone: A couple of crafty youngsters scam a stranger with a fake lottery ticket in the beginning of the movie Ghost In The Machine. The fake lottery ticket has a phone number on the back of it to confirm the winnings. The stranger uses a pay phone to call it in, unwittingly reaching the kid’s friend who uses a voice changer to make himself sound like a female. After thinking that the ticket is valid, the stranger is ready to pay the kid a fraction of the winnings. Later in the movie you get to see a serial killer ghost track a woman’s movements from her car’s cellular phone, while switching traffic lights near her in an attempt to cause other cars to crash into her. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that!

Random Touch Tones = Free Calls: In that oh-so-technically-accurate movie called Hackers, Phantom Phreak needs to make a call from the pay phone that happens to be sitting at the table with him (WTF??). When the automated voice asked for $5.00 for the first minute, he plays a tape recording of a string of touch tones. Of course, this fools the pay phone into thinking he deposited money. What the hell is up with $5.00 for the first minute anyway? I sure don’t remember domestic phone rates being that insane in the mid-90′s. And per minute?? They always gave you 3 minutes to talk in between deposits, even for international calls.

“I called long distance – I sent 40,000 volts around the world…”: Edgar, the jealous home computer from the movie Electric Dreams, sure knows how to use a phone to make Miles’ life a living hell. He begins his reign of terror by using a service called Radio Phone to play music through Miles’ pager during a symphony. From there it escalates into authorizing ticket booths to cut up his credit cards and turning him into a wanted man at the grocery store. Edgar The Computer also becomes a regular call-in guest on The Dr. Ruth Show and he loves to call Miles at work every day to find out when he’ll be home. All from an acoustic coupler connection, somehow. The grand finale is in the end, when Edgar tells Miles that he’s used the phone to send 40,000 volts around the world in an effort to commit suicide. “Don’t be upset…I dialed toll free…”

So what’s your favorite movie phone moment? I’m sure I missed more than a few good ones. Post your favorites in the comments.

HOPE 5 Streaming Video

A few years ago, in 2004, Big-E, RTF, Judas Iscariot, Murd0c and I-baLL all gave a presentation at the Hackers On Planet Earth convention for PLA’s 10th anniversary. Thanks to Legend813, the full video of this event is now streaming on You can click here to watch it, or see it below…

Thanks, Legend!

10/27/2007 EDIT: Megavideo keeps being a bunch of cocks and taking down Legend’s videos. He’s giving up on putting the HOPE video up since he’s done it twice now. So instead of watching that, take a look at Legend’s collection of videos and pictures.

Legend’s YouTube page More than 200 videos here. Watch Legend do all kinds of wacky things, such as shop at 7-Eleven!

Legend’s Dailymotion page

Legend’s Myspace

Legend’s Megavideo page 234 videos, none of them being the HOPE PLA video.

Fun in a Reno Hotel

A Yaesu, a scanner and some notesDuring a recent stay at a very nice and very large hotel in Reno, we decided that lots of fun would happen if we could just find the frequencies to our hotel. Using information given to the maids and maintenance people has always worked out for us in the past. Eventually we got several hotel frequencies by calling up housekeeping and talking a maid out of the FCC ID on her radio. She was more than happy enough to pull the battery out of her radio and read the information to us. Using the FCC’s FCC ID search we were able to find several hotel frequencies and put them to good use. Wait a second, that’s not what this update is about.

This update is about opening up phone jacks in hotel rooms. For some reason, pretty much any large hotel in America thinks a flimsy piece of plastic is adequate protection against people who might want to tap into the phone lines of other rooms in a hotel. When you open up the phone jack in a hotel room, you’ll see something like this:

hotel room phone jack

A hotel phone jack should only have one set of wires in it. The wires for your phone line(s). But as you see in the picture, the area behind my phone jack had 3 extra cat5 cables running through it, all easily accessible to anyone with a screwdriver. Using a Leatherman, I was able to strip the insulation from the wires and test the lines on each one. Each of the 3 lines had a dial tone. I only tried the blue/blue-white wires in each cat5 cable since that’s what my phone line was hooked to. But I bet if I kept stripping wires I probably could have found more.

Now a sensible, morally grounded hacker would have said, “Hmmm, that’s interesting” and put the jack back on the wall and maybe anonymously alerted someone in charge of this security flaw. But I’m no hacker – I’m a huge asshole. Team Spessa and I used this elite exploit to irritate dozens of hotel guests and employees in the middle of the night.

I found out the room numbers of each line by calling the front desk from each of them, asking a random question and then saying, “Oh, by the way, what’s our room number?” We ended up with the phone lines for a room upstairs, the room next door to us, and a room two doors down. But I needed to be able to switch between lines so that when hotel security started banging on our door, I could quickly switch them back before answering the door. I’m paranoid, okay? I mean really, what are the odds that anyone would figure it out?

I walked around the streets of Reno, looking for a place that might sell some phone jacks or wiring since I hadn’t come prepared with anything that I could easily hook into these extra lines. During my search I ended up in a sleazy-looking liquor store and was surprised to find that they sold the perfect item – a dual line in-wall phone jack. It was so strange that a liquor store would sell this item. It was the only phone-related item on their shelf, yet it was perfect for my needs. The phone gods were looking out for me. I paid my $2.99 and headed back to the hotel.

hotel room phone jack

Since the jack had two separate RJ-11 jacks on it, I was able to hook our own room onto the top jack and then one of the other rooms into the bottom jack. This way we could have easy access to another room’s phone jack for days and the maid would never notice it. In the end it looked like this:

hotel room phone jack

On our last night at the hotel, after a late night of gambling, we entered our room at 2am and began making calls. Team Spessa came up with the crazy idea of pissing off as many people as we possibly could for the sole purpose of going into the lobby and witnessing the chaos. Pissing off the guests was easy enough. Our page of hotel prank calls will convince you of that. But tonight our goal was to get as many guests down in the lobby as possible, so many of our calls were very generic, made for the sole purpose of getting people into the lobby instead of being simply to make us giggle. The giggling would come later. Here’s an idea of how many of the calls went…

Switch Rooms Tonight We call up a lady and ask her to switch rooms so a celebrity can have their favorite room. Notice how when she’s in doubt and asks if this is a joke, all we have to do is tell her that it’s not a joke and she’s completely convinced. This happened in almost all the calls.

For close to an hour we called random rooms all over the hotel. We told one guy that our geiger counter was showing unusual levels of radiation around his room and we needed to move him out of his room. Others were told that they were making too much noise and they needed to come down and prove that they were quiet people. Many of them were upset that we were insisting that they’d ordered room service and would have to come down to have the charges removed. And then there were these people…

Carrot Top This lady is appalled that she has to leave her room at 3:00am just so a celebrity can have his favorite room. But when she finds out that the celebrity is Carrot Top, she has a fit. Full credit for this one goes to Mr. Spessa who kept whispering at me what to say. I ruin it in the end and the lady probably doesn’t come to the front desk, but the call is just too funny not to post here.

Room Service This stuttering lady is extremely upset that the front desk is charging her for room service as her husband rants in the background about calling the cops.

Noisy BabyMr. Spessa tells a guest that they need to keep their baby quiet, then convinces him to come down to the front desk.

Shut The Fuck Up We kindly ask a guest to shut the fuck up and he doesn’t find anything strange about this. His wife sure isn’t happy, though.

Illegal Music A guest denies that they’re downloading music illegally from their hotel room. They finally agree to come to the front desk to assure us that their cell phone isn’t responsible.

In the end, about 40 hotel guests were called with nearly all of them agreeing to come down to the front desk. I visited the front desk near the beginning and witnessed a young couple complaining about their fake room service order to several perplexed employees. And later, Mr. Spessa went down and complained to the front desk about the call that he was going to have to vacate his room for a celebrity. He claimed that he had to wake his entire family and they were all packing their things so they could move to another room. As he stood at the front desk, other guests were complaining to other employees and phone calls from pissed off guests were coming in from other rooms. During this time, Spessa and I took turns looking through our door’s peephole at the guests coming out of their rooms to go to downstairs. The entire hotel was alive with very irritated people.

In the end, the hotel was nice enough to credit all of our nights except for one and apologized for the inconvenience about a bajillion times. So not only did we get to see live entertainment in the lobby, nearly our entire stay was free! Thanks, hotel people!

Be sure to listen to the rest of our hotel calls at There’s a few new calls up, including some that weren’t included in this update.

Stewart Winslow, reporting for duty!

In 1996 I was looking in the Comedy section at Sam Goody (heh, remember those places?) and happened across a cassette tape by a prank call artist known as Telephone Head. I’d never heard of Telephone Head before (Not to be confused with The Phone Heads prank call tapes!) so I immediately plopped down ten bucks for it. The label on it was D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Records, the same label that gave us The 976-Girls and The Ball Busters.

I’m not gonna say it’s the most hilarious collection of prank calls I ever heard, but they were mildly amusing. A few calls were kind of pointless, such as the one were he just calls up a guy and asks “How’s it going?” about a dozen times. But the best calls were definitely the Stewart Winslow calls. Stewart was a computer geek who got thrown in the garbage can at school a lot and was always in search of the best computer data processing center around. He also loved to tell everyone about his big penis. Take a listen to these Stewart Winslow clips:

Stewart Buys A Computer In this first clip, Stewart asks an old man questions about a computer he wants to buy.
Teen Crisis Hotline In this next one, Stewart calls up the crisis hotline to try and get help with his problems, such as all the other kids calling him keyboard teeth.

Stewart Buys A Car Finally, Stewart needs to buy a car that includes a computer data processing center in it.

A did a little searching around Google tonight, seeing if there might be a tribute page to Telephone Head, and I found a Telephone Head Myspace! It’s located at On their Myspace you can learn a little about the history behind the guy that made these prank calls and you can listen to the rest of the calls from his CD, which is good since I’m too lazy to create a torrent for them. And if you really love the calls, you can even buy the CD or tape from

Thanks for creating the Stewart Winslow character, Telephone Head guy! He’s brought me moderate chuckles for over a decade now. Hopefully you visitors will think he’s as mediocre as I do.

PLA Shirts Now In Pretty Colors

If you’ve been dying to get a PLA t-shirt, but black and grey just wasn’t colorful enough for you, then today’s your lucky day! A very limited supply of the new PLA t-shirts are now available in dark green, dark orange, brown and white. Sorry, the pink is already sold out!

PLA Athletic Shirts in color

I only ordered 2 of each of these different colors – 1 in Large and the other in X-Large. Also available, but not in the picture, are 2 large shirts in the color maroon. If you must have these shirts immediately, then PayPal $19 to rbcp AT Or visit the PLA Store if you’d like to order a black or grey shirt.

Also, you should visit PLA’s page of photos to see your favorite celebrity superstars wearing PLA shirts! Once you’ve ordered a shirt, send in a picture of yourself wearing it and, chances are, it’ll end up on that page.

PLA Athletic Shirts worn

Thanks for your support! Without the proceeds from these t-shirts, RBCP wouldn’t be snorting nearly as much cocaine!

The Last Myspace Contest Update EVER!

Today the very last winner in PLA’s Myspace Contest was randomly chosen. That winner is…

June 1st winner
High on teh PLA!

Congrats, kid from Alabama! You too have won a PLA athletic-style t-shirt, a DVD full of PLA media, and a few stickers. And just to kind of wrap things up in this contest, here are the rest of the winners from the past few months.

May 1st winner
May 15th winner
Aaron =D

April 1st Winner:
gone fishin
gone fishin
April 15th Winner:
gone fishin
James Bland Entertainment

There’s no use in pretending that this contest didn’t suck balls. A total of 14 people entered it, giving everyone extremely good odds of winning. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I guess the lack of participation made it boring. Or maybe a Myspace contest is just a shitty idea no matter what the participation is like.

At least in the draw your own cartoon contest I got some cool artwork for the site out of it. And in the show your love for the PLA contest I got a few hilarious pictures to use on the site. In the design a PLA button contest I got about a dozen new buttons to add to the PLA store. But what have I got to show from this contest? What, I ask you!

I am happy that I was able to give 5 of you some t-shirts, though. I hope you wear them proudly and that they get you lots of chicks, as PLA t-shirts are known to do. We’ll come up with another contest soon. Maybe you can help us come up with a better contest idea by suggesting one in our forums. Lots of thanks to those who vandalized their own Myspace pages in the name of the PLA!