HOPE 5 Streaming Video

A few years ago, in 2004, Big-E, RTF, Judas Iscariot, Murd0c and I-baLL all gave a presentation at the Hackers On Planet Earth convention for PLA’s 10th anniversary. Thanks to Legend813, the full video of this event is now streaming on megavideo.com. You can click here to watch it, or see it below…

Thanks, Legend!

10/27/2007 EDIT: Megavideo keeps being a bunch of cocks and taking down Legend’s videos. He’s giving up on putting the HOPE video up since he’s done it twice now. So instead of watching that, take a look at Legend’s collection of videos and pictures.

Legend’s YouTube page More than 200 videos here. Watch Legend do all kinds of wacky things, such as shop at 7-Eleven!

Legend’s Dailymotion page

Legend’s Myspace

Legend’s Megavideo page 234 videos, none of them being the HOPE PLA video.

Fun in a Reno Hotel

A Yaesu, a scanner and some notesDuring a recent stay at a very nice and very large hotel in Reno, we decided that lots of fun would happen if we could just find the frequencies to our hotel. Using information given to the maids and maintenance people has always worked out for us in the past. Eventually we got several hotel frequencies by calling up housekeeping and talking a maid out of the FCC ID on her radio. She was more than happy enough to pull the battery out of her radio and read the information to us. Using the FCC’s FCC ID search we were able to find several hotel frequencies and put them to good use. Wait a second, that’s not what this update is about.

This update is about opening up phone jacks in hotel rooms. For some reason, pretty much any large hotel in America thinks a flimsy piece of plastic is adequate protection against people who might want to tap into the phone lines of other rooms in a hotel. When you open up the phone jack in a hotel room, you’ll see something like this:

hotel room phone jack

A hotel phone jack should only have one set of wires in it. The wires for your phone line(s). But as you see in the picture, the area behind my phone jack had 3 extra cat5 cables running through it, all easily accessible to anyone with a screwdriver. Using a Leatherman, I was able to strip the insulation from the wires and test the lines on each one. Each of the 3 lines had a dial tone. I only tried the blue/blue-white wires in each cat5 cable since that’s what my phone line was hooked to. But I bet if I kept stripping wires I probably could have found more.

Now a sensible, morally grounded hacker would have said, “Hmmm, that’s interesting” and put the jack back on the wall and maybe anonymously alerted someone in charge of this security flaw. But I’m no hacker – I’m a huge asshole. Team Spessa and I used this elite exploit to irritate dozens of hotel guests and employees in the middle of the night.

I found out the room numbers of each line by calling the front desk from each of them, asking a random question and then saying, “Oh, by the way, what’s our room number?” We ended up with the phone lines for a room upstairs, the room next door to us, and a room two doors down. But I needed to be able to switch between lines so that when hotel security started banging on our door, I could quickly switch them back before answering the door. I’m paranoid, okay? I mean really, what are the odds that anyone would figure it out?

I walked around the streets of Reno, looking for a place that might sell some phone jacks or wiring since I hadn’t come prepared with anything that I could easily hook into these extra lines. During my search I ended up in a sleazy-looking liquor store and was surprised to find that they sold the perfect item – a dual line in-wall phone jack. It was so strange that a liquor store would sell this item. It was the only phone-related item on their shelf, yet it was perfect for my needs. The phone gods were looking out for me. I paid my $2.99 and headed back to the hotel.

hotel room phone jack

Since the jack had two separate RJ-11 jacks on it, I was able to hook our own room onto the top jack and then one of the other rooms into the bottom jack. This way we could have easy access to another room’s phone jack for days and the maid would never notice it. In the end it looked like this:

hotel room phone jack

On our last night at the hotel, after a late night of gambling, we entered our room at 2am and began making calls. Team Spessa came up with the crazy idea of pissing off as many people as we possibly could for the sole purpose of going into the lobby and witnessing the chaos. Pissing off the guests was easy enough. Our page of hotel prank calls will convince you of that. But tonight our goal was to get as many guests down in the lobby as possible, so many of our calls were very generic, made for the sole purpose of getting people into the lobby instead of being simply to make us giggle. The giggling would come later. Here’s an idea of how many of the calls went…

Switch Rooms Tonight We call up a lady and ask her to switch rooms so a celebrity can have their favorite room. Notice how when she’s in doubt and asks if this is a joke, all we have to do is tell her that it’s not a joke and she’s completely convinced. This happened in almost all the calls.

For close to an hour we called random rooms all over the hotel. We told one guy that our geiger counter was showing unusual levels of radiation around his room and we needed to move him out of his room. Others were told that they were making too much noise and they needed to come down and prove that they were quiet people. Many of them were upset that we were insisting that they’d ordered room service and would have to come down to have the charges removed. And then there were these people…

Carrot Top This lady is appalled that she has to leave her room at 3:00am just so a celebrity can have his favorite room. But when she finds out that the celebrity is Carrot Top, she has a fit. Full credit for this one goes to Mr. Spessa who kept whispering at me what to say. I ruin it in the end and the lady probably doesn’t come to the front desk, but the call is just too funny not to post here.

Room Service This stuttering lady is extremely upset that the front desk is charging her for room service as her husband rants in the background about calling the cops.

Noisy BabyMr. Spessa tells a guest that they need to keep their baby quiet, then convinces him to come down to the front desk.

Shut The Fuck Up We kindly ask a guest to shut the fuck up and he doesn’t find anything strange about this. His wife sure isn’t happy, though.

Illegal Music A guest denies that they’re downloading music illegally from their hotel room. They finally agree to come to the front desk to assure us that their cell phone isn’t responsible.

In the end, about 40 hotel guests were called with nearly all of them agreeing to come down to the front desk. I visited the front desk near the beginning and witnessed a young couple complaining about their fake room service order to several perplexed employees. And later, Mr. Spessa went down and complained to the front desk about the call that he was going to have to vacate his room for a celebrity. He claimed that he had to wake his entire family and they were all packing their things so they could move to another room. As he stood at the front desk, other guests were complaining to other employees and phone calls from pissed off guests were coming in from other rooms. During this time, Spessa and I took turns looking through our door’s peephole at the guests coming out of their rooms to go to downstairs. The entire hotel was alive with very irritated people.

In the end, the hotel was nice enough to credit all of our nights except for one and apologized for the inconvenience about a bajillion times. So not only did we get to see live entertainment in the lobby, nearly our entire stay was free! Thanks, hotel people!

Be sure to listen to the rest of our hotel calls at http://www.phonelosers.org/hotel/. There’s a few new calls up, including some that weren’t included in this update.

Stewart Winslow, reporting for duty!

In 1996 I was looking in the Comedy section at Sam Goody (heh, remember those places?) and happened across a cassette tape by a prank call artist known as Telephone Head. I’d never heard of Telephone Head before (Not to be confused with The Phone Heads prank call tapes!) so I immediately plopped down ten bucks for it. The label on it was D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Records, the same label that gave us The 976-Girls and The Ball Busters.

I’m not gonna say it’s the most hilarious collection of prank calls I ever heard, but they were mildly amusing. A few calls were kind of pointless, such as the one were he just calls up a guy and asks “How’s it going?” about a dozen times. But the best calls were definitely the Stewart Winslow calls. Stewart was a computer geek who got thrown in the garbage can at school a lot and was always in search of the best computer data processing center around. He also loved to tell everyone about his big penis. Take a listen to these Stewart Winslow clips:

Stewart Buys A Computer In this first clip, Stewart asks an old man questions about a computer he wants to buy.
Teen Crisis Hotline In this next one, Stewart calls up the crisis hotline to try and get help with his problems, such as all the other kids calling him keyboard teeth.

Stewart Buys A Car Finally, Stewart needs to buy a car that includes a computer data processing center in it.

A did a little searching around Google tonight, seeing if there might be a tribute page to Telephone Head, and I found a Telephone Head Myspace! It’s located at http://www.myspace.com/telephonehead. On their Myspace you can learn a little about the history behind the guy that made these prank calls and you can listen to the rest of the calls from his CD, which is good since I’m too lazy to create a torrent for them. And if you really love the calls, you can even buy the CD or tape from Amazon.com.

Thanks for creating the Stewart Winslow character, Telephone Head guy! He’s brought me moderate chuckles for over a decade now. Hopefully you visitors will think he’s as mediocre as I do.

PLA Shirts Now In Pretty Colors

If you’ve been dying to get a PLA t-shirt, but black and grey just wasn’t colorful enough for you, then today’s your lucky day! A very limited supply of the new PLA t-shirts are now available in dark green, dark orange, brown and white. Sorry, the pink is already sold out!

PLA Athletic Shirts in color

I only ordered 2 of each of these different colors – 1 in Large and the other in X-Large. Also available, but not in the picture, are 2 large shirts in the color maroon. If you must have these shirts immediately, then PayPal $19 to rbcp AT phonelosers.org. Or visit the PLA Store if you’d like to order a black or grey shirt.

Also, you should visit PLA’s page of photos to see your favorite celebrity superstars wearing PLA shirts! Once you’ve ordered a shirt, send in a picture of yourself wearing it and, chances are, it’ll end up on that page.

PLA Athletic Shirts worn

Thanks for your support! Without the proceeds from these t-shirts, RBCP wouldn’t be snorting nearly as much cocaine!

The Last Myspace Contest Update EVER!

Today the very last winner in PLA’s Myspace Contest was randomly chosen. That winner is…

June 1st winner
High on teh PLA!

Congrats, kid from Alabama! You too have won a PLA athletic-style t-shirt, a DVD full of PLA media, and a few stickers. And just to kind of wrap things up in this contest, here are the rest of the winners from the past few months.

May 1st winner
May 15th winner
Aaron =D

April 1st Winner:
gone fishin
gone fishin
April 15th Winner:
gone fishin
James Bland Entertainment

There’s no use in pretending that this contest didn’t suck balls. A total of 14 people entered it, giving everyone extremely good odds of winning. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I guess the lack of participation made it boring. Or maybe a Myspace contest is just a shitty idea no matter what the participation is like.

At least in the draw your own cartoon contest I got some cool artwork for the site out of it. And in the show your love for the PLA contest I got a few hilarious pictures to use on the site. In the design a PLA button contest I got about a dozen new buttons to add to the PLA store. But what have I got to show from this contest? What, I ask you!

I am happy that I was able to give 5 of you some t-shirts, though. I hope you wear them proudly and that they get you lots of chicks, as PLA t-shirts are known to do. We’ll come up with another contest soon. Maybe you can help us come up with a better contest idea by suggesting one in our forums. Lots of thanks to those who vandalized their own Myspace pages in the name of the PLA!

More Myspace Tshirt Contest Winners

A couple weeks ago we randomly choose another winner for the Myspace Tshirt contest, but were too lazy to post about him. Today we chose the latest winner. The winners are…

May 1st winner
May 15th winner
Aaron =D

Congratulations, both of you! You’ve won a shirt, some stickers, and a PLA DVD. RBCP will be showing up at your door very soon with a film crew to hand you all of this great PLA stuff personally, just like Ed McMahon does!

If you haven’t won the contest yet, you’ve still got the next 15 days to curse RBCP for rigging the votes and yell at him because you think his random number generator script favors everyone but YOU! If you haven’t entered the contest yet, then you should. You still have as much chance to win as anyone else does.

Prank Call Torrents

In my last post I whined about there not being enough prank calls torrents in the world and I promised to do something about it. Well here’s my attempt to do something. The following torrents are now available for your downloading pleasure.

Mark Knopfler: Mark Knopfler is a classic prankster from the late 80′s. A few years ago I set up a tribute page where you can post and read comments from other Mark Knopfler fans.

Fightsters – A Little Man’s Love: Here’s the full CD from the prank call group I talked about in my previous post.

Neil Hamburger – Great Phone Calls: Neil Hamburger’s in town! I love this CD. You may remember Neil from a very small scene on stage in the Tenacious D movie. Neil loves to audition for comedy clubs over the phone and he’s so lonely that he drives his local pizza joints nuts.

Captain Janks – The King Of The Cranks: Captain Janks loves Howard Stern just a little too much. But you gotta be impressed with how many live news broadcasts he’s pranked.

Howard Stern Pranks: A bunch of Howard Stern pranks. I found these on some other torrent. I haven’t actually listened to them yet though.

The Ball Busters – No Hang Ups: This is the sequel to a great album by the Ball Busters. Unfortunately I can’t find the original right now so the sequel will have to do. It’s still got some pretty good stuff in it.

The Jerky Boys Discography: Everything the Jerky Boys have ever done.

Phone Losers of America Media Pack: Remember the PLA Media CD? Well here it is without the 700 megabyte limitation! It’s 2.64 gigabytes of all the PLA Radio episodes, PLA TV, hundreds of prank calls, all of the original PLA text files and more.

Bubba The Love Sponge – Ned Only: Bubba is another radio DJ that does prank phone calls. Legend813 sent these to me after I made this post and he tells me these are good.

That’s it for now. One of these days I’ll get around to putting some more torrents up. Download these and seed them for other people to enjoy! And if you’ve got your own prank calls that you’d like to share with the world, create a torrent and post it in the comments section of this post. If you’re too lazy to make your own torrent, mail your prank call tape or CD to RBCP and maybe he’ll do it for you.

If you don’t know how to download a torrent, visit utorrent.com and download their bittorrent client. Once you do that, you’ll be able to click on the prank call torrents listed above and they’ll download for you. You’ll also be able to search for pirated movies, music, software and porn at The Pirate Bay but we don’t condone illegal things like that.

In The Name Of Jesus

Years ago, when I was really into trading prank call cassettes and CDs with people on the internet, I was given a tape labeled “The Pittsburgh Fightsters – A Little Man’s Love.” The title of the cassette was taken from one of the prank calls that I didn’t care too much for. About half of the pranks were really great and the rest weren’t too bad either. Well okay, a couple were awful.

But throughout the tape, they prank called one lady continuously. She was hilarious because she injected the phrase, “In the name of Jesus” into conversation when she got upset. And it was really easy to upset her. The mere mention of Satan was enough to make her flip out. And…well, just listen to these calls.

In The Name of Jesus Part 1: The prankster calls up this foreign lady and asks for a guy name Angelo. It seems that the prankster has been calling and asking for Angelo for quite some time by this point, judging by the lady’s response. She continuously uses the phrase, “in the name of Jesus” and the prankster finally responds with, “In the name of no Jesus” and then later, “In the name of Satan” which really sets the lady off. And so it begins…
In The Name of Jesus Part 2: A new prankster is calling the lady this time, but you hear the original prankster chanting “Praise Satan” in the background. Eventually the new prankster joins in the chant, as the lady tries to outdo them with screams of, “In the name of JESUS!”

In The Name of Jesus Part 3: This one is mediocre – they simply yell, “In the name of Jesus/Satan” at each other a few times and it ends.

In The Name of Jesus Part 4: This one begins with the standard Jesus/Satan battle, then progresses into meowing by the prankster, and then whispering that Satan is coming. She fights back with some unconvincing laughter to show that it doesn’t bother her.

What a lovable old religious nut! According to Prank Call Central, the Fightsters have put out at least 20 CDs. But this is the only one I’ve ever heard and I love it mainly for the Jesus Lady. The CDs don’t appear to be available in stores (not on Amazon.com anyway) but you can buy a lot of them from Prank Call Central.

Trading prank call tapes and CDs used to be fun, but it kind of died out in the early 2000′s. I still have a pretty huge collection of 20th century prank call tapes and CDs, though. I would say, “Let’s all trade prank call CDs again, just like we used to!” but that’d be pointless since everyone has broadband these days. So instead…let’s all make a lot of prank call CDs available on bittorrent!

A bittorrent search for prank calls returns pitiful results. It’s mostly Jerky Boys, Howard Stern, and other wacky morning DJs. None of the old, independent prank call mp3s are up there and that needs to change. I want to see classics on bittorrent, like Mark Knofler, Neil Hamburger, 967-GIRLS, John Trubee, and the Ball Busters. I’m taking it back! The prank call revolution begins now! Or maybe I’ll just go watch some TV instead. Here’s another Fightsters call, completely unrelated to the name of Jesus.

Hang Up The Phone This one is great and it’s such a simple concept – the prankster calls up a guy and demands that he hangs up the phone. The man is so pissed off by this that he decides to show the prankster at thing or two by refusing to hang up the phone, yelling “I ain’t hangin’ up nothing!”

Go discover some prank calls groups today. Our Ultimate Prank Call Page isn’t very ultimate but it’s got some good links to prank call sites on it. Prank Call Central has even more links. And our prank call reviews page has got…reviews. I’m going to set up some prank call torrents later. Check this post in a day or two for some prank call torrent links.

Myspace Tshirt Contest Winners


Using a PHP script to randomly pick from the very small list of entries, we have now chosen 2 winners for the PLA Myspace Contest. The winners are…

April 1st Winner:
gone fishin
gone fishin
April 15th Winner:
gone fishin
James Bland Entertainment

Congratulations, you’ve won a tshirt, some stickers, a PLA DVD, and an all-expense paid dinner at Red Lobster with RBCP! The next t-shirt winner will be announced on May 1st.

PLA Radio Episode #14 – Wacky Morning DJ

Isn’t that a nice hat up there, sitting in front of the PLA Radio mixer? Buy it!

This PLA Radio episode contains an update on the old social enginnering episode, a bit about sendmeavoicemail.com and then some sound clips from a wacky morning DJ that I prank called a long time ago. This podcast is 22 minutes long and is about 19.8 megs.

Listen to the show

Listen to the show on dialup

Visit the PLA Radio archives