PLA Radio – Episode 7 – Screwing With Other Podcasts

4/30/2006 – In this episode, Adam Curry cohosts as RBCP attempts to screw with various Podcast shows, including Mugglecast, JamesPod and Nobody Likes Onions. This podcast is 29 minutes long and is about 27.4 megs.

The background music on this show is the theme from Knight Rider. And the song on the end is called Re: Your Brains and is by Jonathan Coulton. Visit his website to download lots of great music.

Visit Cal’s Content Kingdom – because he wants you to!

Cal's Content KingdomIf you don’t visit Cal’s Content Kingdom for the games or the forums or the artiCals or the blogs, then you’ll probably go there for the PLA TV videos that are available only on his site. Watch Cal screw with various members of various communities in the various videos on his site. Visit Cal’s Content Kingdom today!

Quiznos sighs, deals with a Bored RBCP

Mike at Quiznos4/21/2006 – Countykid IMed me yesterday asking if I would screw with some Berkeley Quiznos employees while he was in there ordering food and eating. And of course I obliged. For most of Countykid’s visit, he was entertained by Mike the Employee throwing up his arms in exasperation each time the phone rang and all the other employees eagerly crowding around him to try and listen to the bizarre phone calls.

Click here to listen to the calls.

Keep in mind, I edited out the parts where the phone rang for several minutes at a time with nobody picking up because they were sick of the calls. I finally got him to answer again by unblocking my Caller ID. This is in the call where he tries to scare me by saying he’s got my cell phone number. Countykid was nice enough to snap a few pictures for me while I made the phone calls. Click here for the pictures.

Jolly Spamhead Found

Jolly Spamhead Found!
The elusive Jolly Spamhead was located today when he slipped up by signing RBCP’s guestbook with a friendly message. Mr. Spamhead is alive and well and maintains a Myspace page. You can go there to read an entry about him being found. Or him finding us, or whatever. Anyway, welcome back, JS!

PLA TV on your ipod

PLATV on the Ipod
I set up a new feed specifically for the PLA TV episodes. So if you’ve got a video ipod and you want to listen to old shitty PLA TV videos, now you can! For now, I’ve just thrown the old Switch ads on the feed, but I’ll put some more stuff in there soon. I’ve got many gigs of video stuff that I don’t really consider good enough to make a full PLA TV episode out of, but it’s amusing enough to stick on an Ipod feed. So subscribe and you’ll eventually start seeing some new stuff that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Live Webcam Prank Call

Once there was a conversation on Cal’s forum about unsecured cameras on the internet. The site was mentioned and we used it to find this live webcam at a bar in North Carolina called Jackalope Jacks. It showed this picture:

webcam prank call

This seemed like the perfect opportunity for some live interactive prank calling. So I called up the bar, talked to the bartender and asked him to go get the guy that was sitting at the bar and put him on the phone. A few seconds later I got to witness the bartender walk up to this guy and tell him he’s got a phone call…

Click here to read the rest of this story, complete with sound clips and webcam snaps

Declaration of War

Who is the content king?We have declared a fatwa on Calimar and his new site Cal’s Content Kingdom! Our content is better than his content. Cal thinks that people want to watch user submitted videos, play old-school video games against other users, read artiCals and talk in his forums.

Our new website – – lets you log into, create a profile, comment on our content and instant message each other. Do you really need Cal’s Content Kingdom to entertain you with his flash video games? Do you really want to post all your emo bullshit in his blog section? The choice is clear. Don’t visit the evil empire known as Cal’s Content Kingdom. Stick with what you know and love. RBCP’s Content Kingdom.

*paid for by Citizens Against Calimar


Our April Fool’s joke on the world was so stealthy and so obscure and so brilliant that hardly anybody even noticed they were being fooled! But the joke is on all of you. You see, all that maroon color on this page uses the hex color code of #8C0000. And I changed the code to #8C0010 which is a slightly different shade of the same maroon! And none of you had a fucking clue either! HAH! The best part is that some of the pages on remained at #8C0000 and others were #8C0010 all day. So half the time you were seeing maroon and the other half you were seeing maroon. Watch out next April 1st, suckers!

PLA RADIO EPISODE #6 – Celebrity Prank Calls

In this episode RBCP attempts to prank call a few celebrities, including Corey Feldman, Eminem, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reba McIntyre, David Coverdale and Brett Ratner. I said attempted, not succeeded. This podcast is 12 minutes and 43 seconds long and a whopping 12 megabytes in size. It’s co-hosted by a couple of random elderly people who can’t hear anything. Here are some show notes for you…

00:00 Verna
00:05 Intro
01:20 Celebrity answering machines
02:20 Calling Corey Feldman
03:30 Calling Reba McIntyre
05:00 Technical Difficulties in the Orvil Household
06:50 Calling Jennifer Love Hewitt
08:04 Calling Eminem
09:43 Wrapping up with Orvil
10:35 Leave a voicemail at (505) 796-4020
10:45 Welcome to my World by Nerf Herder

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