Episode 410 – Saturday Morning Live

Here’s a live Saturday morning show brought to you by Lion IX!  In this show I call home about camping, drone deliveries, weird neighbors LOOKING at me, astronomy, lost mail from the 1980’s, and more. 2XL Robot commercial If you’re into astronomy, check out this clip of Venus’ two moons Here’s Liz Darwin’s Dingtember intro […]

Episode 409 – Halloween Allergies

Here’s a Halloween show mostly based on some article that Sunshine told me about and I just believed without even verifying it.   This episode is sponsored by Goby, who takes full responsibility for RoyCo’s shoddy bookkeeping that leads to unhappy customers. Thanks for the new intro song, Brandon! Get a deck of PLAying cards in […]

Episode 406 – Lt. Tuck Pendleton to Ground Control – Recorded on October 21st, 2017 (late October) otherwise known as 10/21/2017 even though I posted the show and recorded the voicemails on Sunday. 21-10-17 if you’re one of those flat Earth people

Scott brings you a couple hours of only a few people actually believing that I’m on the International Space Station.  It’s weird, I thought this was way more believable than telling people that I’ve been miniaturized and injected into their body. Today’s intro is by Jack Helliquinn Look at past PLA pumpkins Go hang out […]

Episode 403 – Phone Tube Cleaning

JamesS4 brings you a show about nothing, where I pretty much just read emails and play voicemails and other peoples prank calls, but there’s kind of a fun bit at some point where I fail at convincing people that I’m a telephone lineman. The opening song is Towards The Gates of Roy by Henrik Three […]