Snow Plow Show – March 12th, 2014 – Frisbee Display

We luv Todd

Here’s the Wednesday Wacky Morning show for this week, where we call a bunch of gym customers and Yelp checkins.  This show is sponsored by Big Danny.  Thanks, Big Danny! kthxbyeclangggg…

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About a week ago, Carlito from Madhouse Live (yes, I’m blaming all of this on him) introduced me to a website called Patreon.  Patreon works a little like Kickstarter, but on a much smaller scale.  It allows users who enjoy content they find on the interwebs to fund the content, so that content gets better and happens more frequently.  So of course, I immediately set up a Patreon account for PLA, in hopes of tricking people into using it and getting filthy rich.  As of this writing, PLA is making approximately $250 per month with Patreon, all thanks to the amazing listeners who enjoy PLA’s stuff.  Thanks, you guys!

What I’m hoping to accomplish with Patreon is to create a buttload more content for the PLA than I currently do.  By receiving more money from Patreon, I’m able to scale back on my paid employment a bit.  And by scaling back on that, I have more time to create live shows, podcasts, videosmusic, poorly animated cartoons, unfunny comics, prank call albums, weird telephone playgrounds, games that aren’t much fun, t-shirts, and just all the other weird miscellaneous crap that I’ve been doing in my free time for the past 20 years or so.

Imagine how out-of-control this whole PLA thing could get if I had too much free time to do all this stuff.  Instead of putting just an hour a day into PLA like I currently do, what if I were putting 2 hours into it?  Or 4?  Or 8?  Given enough money and free time, I’m nearly certain that Phone Losers of America could become a sovereign nation and declare war against the United States.  Or at the very least, some fun new projects will come out of it.  And maybe more live shows, more videos, and a little more of everything else that happens here at PLA HQ.   You all know me pretty well and you can probably imagine the kinds of things that would be likely to happen if money were involved or if my personal time were less restricted.

One of the best parts about Patreon is that it’s forcing me to do PLA things.  We’ve already hit 2 milestones on the Patreon page, which means I am obligated to buy some professional DJ drops for the Snow Plow Show and for Carlito’s new prank show network, and I have to put out a new PLA prank call album.  I’ve already gotten started on the album and it’ll probably be available by this time next month.  The next milestone will force me to create another phone song and if things go well enough, you’ll end up seeing a new episode of Telephone Falls and we’ll end up with a PLA album on vinyl.  Because, you know, giant chunks of plastic 10 times bigger than your iPhone are convenient!

I enjoy the hell out of all the wacky content I’m able to put out there in my free time, and it makes me super happy that you people enjoy the things I make and I will always keep doing it whether this Patreon thing works out or not.  But if I’m able to make some decent money from Patreon, I will immediately begin working less hours at my real job and I will put 100% of that extra time into doing more shows, making more videos, more merchandise and just more everything.  And not only more, but maybe I can start dropping a little more money into these projects to make them better.  I will do as much stuff as I possibly can with the money and free time that your contributions and Patreon is able to give me.

So go donate the minimum. As it is now, $1 per month is getting you 4 live shows/podcasts a month and about 4 prank singles on the YouTube channel. And maybe 1 original phone-related song per year and a half-assed attempt at an animated show. $12 per year isn’t too bad of a price for all that, right?  And if you donate more, you get monthly care packages and other fun things from the PLA.  Visit to view the various reward levels and decide if you’d like to become a part of this.

Thank you, to everyone that’s supported PLA, both with Patreon and in other ways.  I’m excited to see if this pyramid scheme where this whole thing takes us!



If you think Patreon is just way too mainstream for someone like you, I’ve set up a donation page where you can donate directly or with those weird new-age hipster Bitcoin things that you people won’t quit talking about.  I will reward non-Patreon donations with the same things that Patreon users get.  (Speaking of that, if you’ve donated to PLA in the past year, send me an email if you’d like to collect any of those rewards listed on the Patreon page for the amount that you sent in.)

Snow Plow Show – March 8th, 2014 – Roy’s Athletic Club


Brad & Fake ZZ Top. This has nothing to do with this show.

Here’s a 3 hour Saturday night show which was so bad that the edited version is only an hour long.  The edit isn’t too terrible, though!

  • What Asterisk softphone software should I use?  What’s the best ever?  I’ll even pay for it if it doesn’t suck.  Let me know in the comments.
  • Bonecage is releasing a new album on April 1st! Go preorder it at for songs that feature RBCP being creepy!  (I cut a giant chunk of middle of the song out – it’s not really that short.)
  • Listen to JagTV! 
  • The two tiny bits of songs that I chopped out of the show for copyright reasons were Silly Really by Per Gessle and a cover of Lorde’s Team by Scott Bradlee
  • Carlito will be doing a morning show on Monday morning around 9am or 10am Pacific.  Hopefully.  Listen to it at 
  • The ending song is No Más Mermaids by Bonecage.

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Roy & Staci in the Morning – March 6th, 2014 – Thomas Edison Tribute Show

In today’s show, Staci skips lunch so that she can make cruel pranks about dead animals with RBCP!


Snow Plow Show – March 4th, 2014 – Internal Royvenue Service

This hour of IRS fraud is sponsored by Jason, who sent me money to buy a couple of 4lokos a few months ago.  Thanks, Jason!  Jason is also responsible for the annoying background music being really really loud in this episode.  I’m sorry about the loud background music.  I will do better next time.  On this show I receive calls from AcidPez, Baz and Staci Stack.

Snow Plow Show – February 27th, 2014 – Slendermantits

Get this shirt at

It’s the first morning show in YEARS, broadcasting on the Madhouse Radio Machine.  In this show I fail at reaching any Twitter complainers, but at least there’s a good Starbucks call.  This episode is sponsored by SlenderManTits, aka Unclegrandpapa.  Thanks, good sir!


Snow Plow Show – February 22nd, 2014 – Premature Assholation


On this Saturday show, I call people who’ve complained about companies on Twitter and then attempt a few convenience store surveys.  In the show I claimed I was going to wait to publish the show so I could insert some more complainer calls into it, but I’ll just save those for next time.  This 2 hour show has been edited down to just 51 minutes.  There was lots of ringing and coughing.

Snow Plow Show – February 5th, 2014 – Coke Terrorism

Thanks for this picture of you and the NYC mayor, Rob T Firefly!


Snow Plow Show – March 7th, 2011 er no, I mean January 25th, 2014 – Bulbasaur is cooler than Snorlax Security

Thanks for this bizarre photo, Daniel!

  • Thanks for falling for my pyramid scheme, Snorlax Security!
  • Hack my answering machines and spy on me. Dial 206-424-8422. Visit the answering machine hax0ring machine machine.
  • Turbo claims that you can hear a ton of Power Rangers calls by going to THIS LINK. But Turbo is a known liar and a thief, so who knows if you can trust his advice.
  • Jesus break: Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis, Grave Robber by Petra and Jesus Walks by Kanye West
  • The background music played throughout most of the show is Lie Lie Lie by Serj Tankian.  The other song is Technical Writer by The Doubleclicks.
  • Down With The Clown by Insane Clown Posse
  • Joe Peacock is the great author that I misquoted.  Here is the article I was referring to by Joe.
  • I tried calling that guy back all day to see if he received a bunch of phone calls, but he never answered.  Hopefully he’ll answer soon and I can append the call to this show or at least play it in the next show.
  • I finally got through to the guy whose cell phone I spoofed.  It was awful.  I pasted it onto the very end of this show, several days after I originally posted the show.  The audio is taken from Laugh Track Matt’s Party Time Show, the January 27th, 2011 2014 show.

Snow Plow Show – January 10th & 11th, 2013 – JagTV is Down With The Clown


Using my incredible audio editing skills, I’ve managed to convert 4.5 hours worth of horrible crappy shows into less than an hour of moderately entertaining material.  Most of the show takes place in the afternoon of January 10th, but the last few calls were taken from a 2am drunken ICP-laden prank show the following evening in which I played the same song over and over for more than 2 hours.

  • Opening music is Dogs Are Weird by Emergency Pizza Party
  • Prank call my answering machines!  Dial 505-796-5789 or 425-243-7565.  For more information on this system, visit 
  • Thanks for showering me with money, JagTV!  Visit JagTV’s Mixlr or watch his YouTube videos.  100% of JagTV’s money has gone toward purchasing another phone router for PLA’s new TNI box!  This will allow us to add 2 more answering machines to the system.
  • Thanks for the numbers, Brittany!
  • That tiny piece of song was Date Rape by Sublime
  • Power Rangers prank calls are amazing.  Go find amazing Power Rangers prank calls in every show from the last few weeks at Turbo’s Mixlr and Spray’s Mixlr.  The call I played was really long, so I chopped it in half.  Go find other ones, though!
  • There is a prank call request form on - I will regret this.  There’s also a form to request songs.
  • When you hear a verse of Down With The Clown by Insane Clown Posse, that’s the beginning of a completely different late-night show that happened on the following night.  I cut out over an hour from the first show because nothing was working out.