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  1. honkey from pizza hut says:

    I gotta say as a hut employee, i’d love if our phone lines got intercepted and you crazy guys and gals got to talk to them xD And the prank calls from customers are so uninspired, you guys went the extra mile to really mess with people xD i love it

  2. DB Funk says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ve literally looking for this for over 15 years! So glad I found it. :)

  3. MegatronX says:

    The last of the phone phreakerz!!!

  4. Nuttickle from Finland says:

    Hello, you are very funny people. Muy name is Ölly Nåttickle from finland. I listen to you very often and I listen to Cacti radio on my ipod. Once it was so very funny I shat myself.

    Maintain the peoples of the world shatting themselves and the world will be a better place.

  5. Eric says:

    I discovered your site and your pranks last night while surfing bordily at night. You clips cracked me up. I joined your members and FB. This stuff reminds me a lot like Phil Henderie Show. He fucks with callers calling in and the listeners on the radio or online stream crack up. The butt of the jokes are on the morons that think it’s real. I love your work brothers! Keep it coming.

  6. Roxyana says:

    I can’t find the words to describe how much I love this site. I have renamed my pet cactus “RBCP” and I wish you all prosperity~

  7. Dianna says:

    Do you still have the prank phone call to “Margaret”? We don’t have a cassette of it anymore.. Would love to hear it again… Thanks

  8. Richard says:

    man you guys are hilarious :) pranks are awesome :)

  9. Richard says:

    I was laughing all night man :)

  10. Larry says:

    I am a gay man. ALl hail Satan

  11. brandon says:

    Amazing! You guys are Above and beyond. I grew up listening to the jerky boys tape and as a kid we made some calls of my own. now I bet the Jerky boys probably ripped you guys off. brad and friends you really took it to the next level with your variety and depth. nobody even comes close. You guys are so fucking hilarious. Ive spent a few weeks watching, listening and reading everything Avail. Im surprised I never heard of you cactuses before recently. I love you guys Keep it up

  12. Gabrielle says:

    I love this site, awesome and freaking hilarious, I admire you guys. <3

  13. KyleBear says:

    This site has provided me with many hours of entertainment and enjoyment. It keeps on giving! I’ve listened to 1.5 years of the Phone Show (so far) and all the Fun Shows in your ‘Podcasts’ section. I owe many moments of LULZ and hilarity to you guys. Your pranks are ingenious, original and well crafted. Thanks for existing!

  14. RayWong says:

    This fucking shit is fucking awesome because it fucking is.

  15. funkspiel says:

    Love the pla, kept me from getting bored on a 9 hour trip.

  16. HOSE-A says:

    i need a fourloco plz!!! i love you dad

  17. THEPLPPL says:

    I gotta say, phreaking movie theaters is F-U-N!

  18. Good Stuff. Can’t find your theatre pranks though.

  19. Jaahso says:

    Was still awake and just felt like writing on here! CACTUS?! (::::)

  20. Just discovered your website and was about rolling on thr floor laughing at your stories of hijacking the intercom at Fred Myers. I worked at Kmart in the mid 90’s and we used to have fun with shit like that. We never hijacked the line from outside, but did fun things like hitting the intercom page button on that hidden phone deep in the stock room that few knew about, and leaving it off the hook with a tape of obsenities and obnoxious noises playing into it. God that pissed off the managers there. I always thought it would be fun to hack into the customer service recordings that played when customers pressed the button, and replace them with obscene noises, but we never got to that level…we were just amateur pranksters.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Riley C says:

    The PLA is cool

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