Car Dealership Calls

Car Dealership Pranks

Truck Incident A lady calls to check on the status of her truck, only to find out that it's been blown up by a new employee who didn't know about the "no smoking under the hood" policy.

Complaint About Cursing This lady wants to complain about an employee cursing at her husband and Spessa sets things right by explaining the dealership's close-knit family policies to her.

Hot Asian RBCP has a thing for Asians, which is pretty obvious in this clip.

Tastes Better This guy isn't happy with Spessa's knowledge on car parts and asks to speak to a man instead. Big mistake.

Shut Your Kids Up RBCP tries to help this lady, but it's hard to concentrate with her little brats yelling into the phone.

Guy Can't Comprehend This guy has already read the ad, but calls in and keeps asking the same questions over and over.

How Do I Open The Hood? Simple things like opening the hood of a car are too complex for this lady, but RBCP is patient enough to explain things to her.

Old Man - Part 1 An old man wants to fix his old car and Mr. Spessa tries to convince him to enjoy his twilight years by buying a new one instead.

Old Man - Part 2 The old man calls back to complain about Mr. Spessa and becomes more and more unhappy as the call progresses.

RED ALERT! While having his credit checked, this man's credit rating sets off a few alarms. He calls back to tell us how funny we are. You'll notice Mr. Spessa pressing the mute button a lot so we can all laugh.

20 Responses

  1. Gina says:

    LOL!! How do u guys manage to get into these phone lines?

  2. ThePrankCallMasterWhoFucksUpPrankCalls says:

    This is so funny! i almost pissed my pants

  3. ThePrankCallMasterWhoFucksUpPrankCalls says:

    Taste better? LMFAO!

  4. cd says:

    These are great. I love all of the incoming calls on this site(especially the Walmart calls) please do more if you can!

  5. g says:

    this is awsome

  6. Zooey says:

    be careful you don’t contact the wrong type of person who takes the call too seriously and goes off the deep end…
    otherwise, cheers…

    …you might consider letting people in on the gag before hanging up…

  7. finners says:

    The old man Part 2 call was genius – HAHAHAHAHA

  8. asfdasdfd says:


  9. sdnfkjn says:

    In the one with the lady who could not open the hood, I knew it was going to be a geo tracker right away lol. The hood latch is in the glovebox for some reason in them.

  10. Fat Ass says:

    This shit is great. I was into this stuff when I was twelve and I would get on the walmart intercom. I’m sixteen now and just rediscovered it.

  11. dingle berries says:

    HAHAHA!!! so funny how they talk normal and then when they find something to make fun of they snap and drop the f word in somewhere and the people are caught so off guard

  12. dingle berries says:

    HAHAHA!! truck incident call was so funny!!!

  13. Push Me, Sonny says:

    I was pleased by all these calls, in a sensual way. My heart was bound to yours as they beat together. How could you have allowed this to happen? A man calls and you tell him the police are on the way? And set off sirens? You’ve certainly crossed the line. And now we are one.

  14. BBAN says:


  15. Jason says:

    These calls are super funny. I love the Old Man calls. Poor guy and his daughters just get abused to no end. Freakin’ crazy!

  16. Jim says:

    I’d love to meet Spessa.

  17. John says:

    Spessa is actually Jeri Ellsworth. She is well known female hacker on the internet. look her up.

  18. Naomi Champlin says:

    BEEN sharing this with all my all my friends, hilarious!!! Please keep it up!!!

  19. Timothy Martin says:

    You guy’s are World Class Car Dealerships! Yes buy a brand new car before you die!

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    […] Click here to listen to more dealership calls. […]

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