PLA Coins


This is a page for PLA coins.  They are currently sold out, so you're not getting one. Haha, sucks to be you!

I don't know if I'm going to order any more of the 2017 PLA coins or not. If I do and you want to be the first one to receive one, go ahead and place your order below, or use this PayPal link. The price is $10 for people in the US, $13 for people outside of the US. It'll be like a pre-order and your coin will go out as soon as I receive them.

If I don't order more 2017 PLA coins, you will have to wait until the next coin is made. The next coin will either be the 2018 PLA coins, or a new Snow Plow Show design that should be released either in 2017 or 2018. You will receive whichever one is made next.



If you've given way too much money to the show over the years, you should ask me for a free coin.

If you've contributed songs or drops or other things that I often play on shows, you should ask me for a free coin.

If I've forgotten to send you a free coin for doing things, you should yell at me about it.