Own A Piece of PLA Memorabilia

Here’s yet another post to tell you to watch PLA’s YouTube videos. These two videos might interest you if you’ve been into the PLA for a long time. Since I only have 8 months to live, I’m trying to give … Continue reading

The Phone Show 12/13/2011 Episode & Rappy McRapperson Album Release Party!

Every once in awhile, I post a Phone Show episode to the PLA feed, just to remind you people who dearly miss PLA Radio why I hate baby Jesus. But my secret ulterior motive for posting this today is to … Continue reading


Back in early 2009, Party 934 gave me a slot on their radio station, which became The Phone Show. Almost immediately, a group of guys known as “pbx411″ started calling into the show only to scream their URL at us … Continue reading

Big Beef Bueno Stuff and PLA Book Stuff and R0xy Stuff

At the request of Chris Ellerback, after a 3 year hiatus, the Big Beef Bueno podcast is back! You may remember BBB coming out around the same time that PLA Radio originally did, but then I lost interest in it…UNTIL … Continue reading

Cacti Radio & The Phone Show

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update about The Phone Show, so here it goes. There’s a show. It’s called The Phone Show. It’s on Cacti Radio once a week, each Tuesday, at 9pm PST. RBCP hosts along with … Continue reading