Roy & Staci in the Morning!

Grab your cup of coffee and start your mornings right, with Roy & Staci! In this episode we discuss the 2013 Prank Call Marathon that never happened, nurses suiciding over prank calls, and we call up some apartment managers and … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

I know it seems like all I ever do is post YouTube videos anymore, but YouTube is where I’ve been releasing most of PLA’s stuff this past year. At least murd0c convinced me to get rid of that horrid sidebar … Continue reading

rhinoCRUNCH is making PLA prank calls CREEPY!

A guy known as rhinoCRUNCH on YouTube has been turning his favorite PLA prank calls into creepy YouTube videos by apparently animating dead bodies. Here’s a few of the videos he’s done recently. There are more, but it’s way too … Continue reading

Installation of Sand in my Apartment

One of my favorite online comics, Toothpaste For Dinner, recently gave us a crazy idea for a prank phone call – calling up our landlords and demanding that they reimburse us for all the sand we had dumped into our … Continue reading

The Fun Show

For the past few months, OhEmGee, aka a long-time PLA girl whose name we are never again allowed to utter, has been doing a live prank call show on Cacti Radio. The show airs each Wednesday night at 9pm PST. … Continue reading