Yet Another Brentwood Preshow

Above is Jake Cremer’s cell phone. Thanks for the picture, Jake! This show is dedicated to Cole for suggesting that I call pet grooming customers. Here are a few show notes: The Madhouse chatroom is at The identity of … Continue reading

The Generic Tortilla Chips and 4 Loko Show for April 6th, 2013

Here’s the latest “preshow” by RBCP, which wasn’t actually a preshow since nothing else was on last Saturday, so it’s been officially renamed to the Generic Tortilla Chips and 4 Loko Show. You should just skip the first 20 minutes … Continue reading

RBCP’s Preshow Show for March 23rd, 2013

I did another preshow on Saturday night, once again for Brent Westwood’s show. This one drags on for a little over 2 hours and includes calls to video store customers, pizza survey calls and I bust a girl for smoking … Continue reading

The Preshow for March 9th, 2013

Isn’t it about time I release another preshow? This one happened a couple of weeks ago, right before the Madhouse Live show that never happened. This show features amazing bits of audio such as Eminem making horribly unfunny prank calls, … Continue reading

The Madhouse Pre-Cum Show for February 9th, 2013

For the past few weeks, I’ve been broadcasting on the Madhouse Live stream before Carlito’s show, playing music, complaining about Carlito being late, listening to other prank streams live on the air, and occasionally making some prank calls. This week’s … Continue reading

The Snow Plow Show Episode 002 – Phreak Squad

Guess how difficult it is to call various large-chain stores that repair computers and trick them out of their customer information? This SPS episode contains calls to these customers by RBCP, Carlito, Zyklon, Rappy, Petty Pranks and Trev0r. All music … Continue reading

The Snow Plow Show

The Snow Plow Show is the latest podcast by the PLA is hosted 12 times a day by RBCP. Just like PLA Radio and The Phone Show, this show focuses on pranks, hax0ring, and whatever else the PLA is currently … Continue reading