Lady pays $200 for a fake iPad, then gets a prank call from me!

Last week this lady was all over the news for being dumb enough to pay $200 for a sealed FedEx box that some guy at a gas station claimed had an iPad inside of it. Then, when she found out … Continue reading

Own A Piece of PLA Memorabilia

Here’s yet another post to tell you to watch PLA’s YouTube videos. These two videos might interest you if you’ve been into the PLA for a long time. Since I only have 8 months to live, I’m trying to give … Continue reading

Tons of New YouTube Videos

Isn’t that an amazing picture of the outline of a removed pay phone? I took that last year at a gas station, just outside of Corvallis, Oregon. Before they removed the empty pay phone stand, they were hanging advertising banners … Continue reading

Let’s play the Pay Phone Payout’s Dash For Cash with the Phrase that Pays on HOT Z109.2 FM!!!

In the newest episode of PLA TV, we pretend to be radio DJs calling pay phones and get people to do things for money. The videos in this prank span quite a few years, from 2003 to 2009. RBCP’s first … Continue reading

PLA TV: Those Wacky Missionaries!

This short video is barely enough to even be considered a PLA TV, but since when have I ever had standards. Watch as I attempt to mess with some missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints via … Continue reading