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PLA Episode 10 – Six Month Sobriety Celebration Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSS The Dial-A-Payphone show is back in this special celebration for my six months and six days of sobriety. Shawn calls in to thank me for getting him fired a few years ago,...

Telephone Falls – Coming Soon…Again 6

Telephone Falls – Coming Soon…Again

  PLA’s Patreon earned $717 this month, which means that a new episode of Telephone Falls is officially happening!  I knew this would happen eventually, but I’m surprised and happy that it’s happening so soon.  And a little worried, because I haven’t done a bit of work on a new episode and I already...

Patreon 5


About a week ago, Carlito from Madhouse Live (yes, I’m blaming all of this on him) introduced me to a website called Patreon.  Patreon works a little like Kickstarter, but on a much smaller scale.  It allows users who enjoy content they find on the interwebs to fund the content, so...

PLA Paper Archives 3

PLA Paper Archives

Last week I went on a rampage against paper, throwing old documents away and offering you people a chance to take some of them for free. Today I’ve scanned in a bunch of these old PLA things and I’ve put them up on an archive page. You can visit

The PLA Media Torrent 2011 Edition is up 4

The PLA Media Torrent 2011 Edition is up

A recent forum post motivated me to create a new torrent of everything PLA has ever done. Thanks to the nonstop Phone Show episodes, the torrent is now up to 15 gigs. You’ll also get every episode of the PLA Radio podcast, the Big Beef Bueno podcast, and thousands of...

Download the new 2010 PLA Media Pack 0

Download the new 2010 PLA Media Pack

Every year or so, I unleash a torrent unto the world, containing everything the PLA has ever done on it. This year the size has doubled to 10 gigs of PLA videos, text files, pictures, songs, skits and prank calls. You’ll also get every episode of The Phone Show and...

PLA: The Book 3

PLA: The Book

If you’re sick of reading all this content on for free then have I got a deal for you! Very soon you’ll be able to purchase your very own Phone Losers of America book that contains a tiny fraction of the amount of content you can find on this...

PLA on your Nintendo DS 1

PLA on your Nintendo DS

In between writing awesome songs about PLA and awesome songs not about the PLA, Trevelyn has found time to code a PLA game for the Nintendo DS. Not only do you get to hear the PLA Radio theme song on it, but you get to draw on it, play a...

PLA Media Pack 2009 now available on bittorrent 13

PLA Media Pack 2009 now available on bittorrent

It’s been a couple years since I made a torrent of the PLA Media Pack and put it up for download. Last time I did this, the “DVD” was a mere 2.5 gigs. Now it’s more than double that size, thanks to all the videos, PLA Radio and Phone Shows...

The Phone Show 3

The Phone Show

As mentioned in the most recent episode of PLA Radio, RBCP is doing a weekly hour-long show on Party 934 called The Phone Show. It’s on each Tuesday morning at 2am Eastern time. Listen each week for live phone calls, music and whatever else we feel like doing for an...