Hackers On Planet Earth 2012

Instead of doing one of those silly, old-fashioned PLA panels at HOPE this year, Rob T Firefly organized a 90 minute radio slot on Radio Statler instead. This was perfect for me since I was too shy to leave my hotel room for the entirety of HOPE. We were joined by afreak, Laugh Track Matt, […]

Defcon is OVER

As always, Defcon was freakin’ awesome, but this year it was an entirely different level of awesome because there were a bunch of PLA people there to hang out with, such as Rob The Hyena, Sudo, Staci (or whatever the I’m supposed to call her this week), Laugh Track Matt, Jenn, Afreak, Jammie, Blue Boy, […]

Audio from Rob The Hyena

If you’re a regular listener of The Phone Show, then you’ve probably heard Rob The Hyena calling being a regular caller/host these past few months. Rob is the guy who made Cacti Radio’s iPhone app, using his AppCitement website. He’s also done a bit of PLA/Cacti art on his DeviantART page and sells weird tshirts […]

Who’s Going To Defcon This Summer?

Any of you Phone Loser types going to Defcon this summer? Quite a few of us PLA people are planning to make it, such as RBCP, afreak, DBK, RogueClown, Jenn, blu3b0y, CountyKid, el_jefe, Jammie, ApprenticePhreak, io, Rappy McRapperson, Laugh Track Matt, OhEmGee, lmnk, Evie and Drolley. This year’s PLA group photo should be a lot […]

ShmooCon Happened

vixen, altalp, i-ball, RTF and RogueClown hiding behind him. This weekend a bunch of PLA Forums people made it to the annual ShmooCon hacker convention in Washington D.C. There were a lot of other people there too, but who cares about all them. Lots of thanks to everyone who showed up and said hello to […]

The Last HOPE Aftermath

The PLA panel happened, but I don’t have too much information at this time. murd0c called me last night and gave me details, but I was too tired to remember anything he said. I’m pretty sure nobody died, though. Below is the video that was played at the beginning of the panel, which murd0c claims […]