PLA’s Cast of Characters

The page will introduce you to most people that are somehow associated with the PLA, whether they contributed to the PLA or they just managed to cross paths with PLAers. If you need to contact the PLA, either use the information found on this page to talk to a particular member, or use the PLA's contact page.

Also known as: RBCP, Alex, Brad Carter, Arbie
Title: Current Webmaster, editor of old PLA 'Zine, host of PLA Radio.
E-mail: brad at phonelosers dot org
Current Location: Albany, Oregon

El JefeEl Jefe
Also known as: Zak
Current Location: Colorado
Credits: Inspired much of the content written in the PLA issues. He is also present in many of the older PLA prank calls.

Title: Thief
Websites: Myspace, UPL
Current Location: California
Credits: Stole the content in the PLA issues to form the United Phone Losers zine, hijacked an episode of PLA Radio, let expire and go to a domain squatter for several years. Hates when people capitalize the first letter of his alias. Once blew up a 909 Verizon switch because RBCP wouldn't answer his emails.

Logic BoxLogic Box
Misc: Wrote a few articles for PLA, Started the #rock channel, killed the #rock channel, co-founded System Failure, killed System Failure. Participated in the Boulder News Forum fun after writing an article about it in an issue of the PLA zine.
E-mail: logic at geekbox dot net
Current Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Rob T. FireflyRob T. Firefly
Also known as:RTF, Rufus T. Firefly
Misc: Wrote a few articles for the PLA zine, spoke at the PLA panel during Hope 2004 and 2008, performed the song Deter on the PLA's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, wrote quite a few things for the United Phone Losers
Current Location: New York

Also known as: Caffeine Boy, EvilCal, Cal
Credits: Created a BBS for PLA users and forums for the PLA users. Also helped create a few of the PLA TV videos. Ran Cal's Content Kingdom for about a year. Wrote a Defcon review and a beige boxing article in the PLA zine.
Current Location: Texas

Websites: Live Journal, Flickr
Credits: Appears in many PLA prank calls, such as the movie theater pranks and the auto parts pranks. Also appeared as a faked co-host in PLA Radio Episode #4. Was on the PLA panel at the Hope conferences in 2004 and 2008.
Current Location: Kansas

Title: Rambling Articles Writer
Current Location: Colorado
Credits: Wrote a few opinion pieces for the PLA zine. Co-founded RoyCo and, an Illinois internet provider, with El Jefe.

Chris TomkinsonChris Tomkinson
Current Location: Arizona
Credits: The subject of PLA #003. Was also featured in various other bits of PLA issues and was the subject of 100's of prank phone calls in the early 1990's. His dad gave an interview to a newspaper article about the PLA and the phone calls to Chris.

Richard CardoRichard Cardo
Current Location: Colorado
Credits: Richard Cardo is a professional detective who initiated a rigorous investigation against Brad Carter and the PLA for their involvement in the kidnapping and murder of JonBenet Ramsey during CurervoCon, revealing that Brad cowered under JonBenet's bed before darting downstairs to write the ransom note. His series of videos on YouTube exposes the PLA for what they really are. Read about the videos, Brad Carter's book on the subject and Brad's journal entry. Also, there's our official Richard Cardo website.

Also known as: Samantha Stack, ThatOneGirl, Cheeetah, W3bGirl, SamKay, cofegirl
Current Location: Oregon
Credits: Tannest was involved in our Boulder News Forum fun in 1997 and is known for her all-around craziness and exposing herself on her webcam. Her adventures can be read at

Also known as: Amanda
Current Location: Massachusetts
Credits: Peachey was one of the very first victim's of IRC's #rock. I'll write more about her later, but for now take a look at some old IRC logs at

Big Larry
Also known as: Big Larry
Current Location: Oregon
Credits: In 1996 Larry lived in the same house as RBCP and Colleen Card. Larry was tortured day and night by RBCP for various reasons. You can read all about Larry by clicking here.

12 Responses

  1. Monster Magnet says:

    Wow, you guys are still at it?

  2. Mr. Anderson says:

    Why did you take Dino Allsman off of this page? But you still left Richard Cardo and some of the other victims.

  3. fuck you says:

    mildred monday was my grandmother and all your calls were recorded and my lawyer will be contacting you. you are low life pieces of shit and you will die

  4. The Infernal Machine BBS says:

    Wow, you guys are still going??
    I ran a BBS about 20 years ago (The Infernal Machine, later became House of Blue Lights).
    Met RBCP on my board while he was leeching my HPAVC archives.
    Good times!
    Stay with it!!!


  6. Lux says:

    Matthew, go home, you are drunk

  7. I am a fanatic of this show. I can’t seem to stop listening. I have been a prankster all my life and love hearing your shows all day at work, during my commutes, and when I goto sleep. What the hell, are you guys loading your ‘casts with crack or something? here’s my number, prank my ass sometime. 847-750-6480. JauxPUNK (joe)

  8. pest says:

    wow cant believe this page is still on, still find the zines fucking hillarious, good times!

  9. Molly says:


  10. Wowman says:

    The rise of this site once again because of the death of PCN

  11. halsallms says:

    Love listening to the shows but Brad, you need to amend your prank call style on the Snowplough show. You seem pretty lazy sometimes to keep the joke running and lose credibility after a matter of seconds on occasion. It’s similar to Carlito in terms of being laid back in your approach, if you were a bit more engaged and serious it might result in more credibility and better responses from the recipient.

  12. adam corbin says:


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