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Welcome to the Elite Cactus Squad membership page! PLA membership is our get-rich-quick scheme to help support the PLA, which will create more content, more shows, more videos, more music, more merchandise, and just a ton more awesomeness in general.

For as little as $5.00 per month, you will get access to PLA's high-quality audio feeds, exclusive episodes of The Snow Plow Show, and occasional care packages in the mail containing PLA merchandise such as stickers, buttons, and other miscellaneous things. But more importantly, your monthly contribution funds the amazing things that you find on phonelosers.org. The more support we can get, the more things that are going to happen around here.

If you're interested in supporting PLA's wacky projects, then sign up below with PayPal. You will automatically be upgraded so that you can view the secret podcast feeds and other secret content on this site.

If you hate PayPal, you can contribute the same amounts with Bitcoin, Amazon Payments, Google Payments, and other payment options on our donations page or through Patreon. Then just register for an account and it will be upgraded to a paid member usually within 1 day. You'll probably want to email RBCP and let me know you're a paying member if you do it that way.


. Bronze Subscription Silver Subscription Gold Subscription Platinum Subscription
Monthly $5.00/month
Quarterly $15/per 3 months
$30/per 3 months
$60.00/per 3 months
$120.00/per 3 months
Yearly $50/year

What is the difference between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum?

There is no difference between the various levels. You can pick how much you want to contribute and you'll receive the same benefits. You might be more likely to receive a little extra in the mail if you're paying more than $5 per month, but there is no guarantee.

What? I get things in the mail for this?

Yes, I occasionally send out PLA merchandise to contributors. You'll need to provide your mailing address to me at [email protected], or just fill out your address in your profile on this site. Mostly you'll receive stickers, but sometimes you'll receive other fun things such as bracelets, buttons, pencils, and other random PLA crap that you don't need.

33 Responses

  1. John Tocornal says:

    I am a Patreon member. I donate $10/month for your show

  2. buster says:

    this is bullshit!

  3. neonlikebjork says:

    W00t! neon’s here….

  4. Dee Nineson says:

    Ahh, looks like I misunderstood the blog post /podcast. Looks like the subscriptions more than the $1/month. You should give $1/month patreon people a free month for this misunderstanding :P

    Also, whats up with the different levels? Does a yearly platinum subscription get you a blowjob or something?

  5. Joshua Lawson says:

    I subscribed through Patreon. I would donate more if my wife did not have me by the balls and I was not such a pussy.

  6. Chris FUCKYOURBCP says:

    Fuck your patreon

  7.   says:

    Please love me rbcp

  8. Tony Simek says:

    My sister made $28 per hour working from home. Also, Cactus.

  9. rbcp says:

    everyone should set their name to rbcp

  10. Matthew Goodyear says:

    show us yer boobs

  11. Jaahso says:

    I contributed to the PLA with my time and creativity by sending RBCP an awesome design that happen to be turned into a shirt and web design for the Snow Plow Show website! All from the kindness of my heart! Lol! So instead of stealing my stuff, why dont you give me some free junk or a job in the PLA Advertisement/ Design Department, hey Brad? Lolzzzz! Joking.. I like “volunteering” my time doing this kind of stuff!

  12. Jaahso says:

    Not like I’m a professional, but I love doing this sort of thing!

  13. Steven Weston says:

    On Platinum Membership it would just be cheaper to buy the 3 month package 4 times than to buy the yearly package. I just saved you fortunes, you should upgrade me to elite cactus squad for free.

  14. Dick Cheney says:

    im paying $10/month for higher-quality garbage and i love it.

  15. desi turrietta says:

    I am a patreon member. Also I pledged through patreon to donate money each month to phonelosers and sent a message to RBCP at [email protected]. he hasn’t given me access to the secret shows. Also, I heard he once gave a bunch of cracker Jacks to homeless orphans and the orphan were so happy and thankful then rbcp left and all the orphans opened their cracker jack boxes only to discover the boxes were filled with used fishbowl gravel. It was apparently so sad

  16. rbcp says:

    Desi – I’ve upgraded you now. Sorry about that. I don’t remember getting an email from you. Maybe it went to spam. GAWD, SORRY!

  17. desi turrietta says:

    Thanks Brad! I don’t care what everyone says about you, you’re a nice guy.

  18. Godot says:

    Where can I pay in buttcoins?

  19. gabopump says:

    Hi Brad, I’m from México and I listen to your shows religiously, the only problem is that I’m poor and I live a third world country. will you accept my dogecoins? I love you.

  20. Servo says:

    Thanks for your great show and service

  21. Bill Pierce says:

    This is bullshit! I’m going to sign up with a $5.00 subscription to prove that rbcp does not send cool shit in the mail. I dare you to prove me wrong. (by sending me some cool shit)

  22. Lux says:

    I am a dedicated fan and have been on your damn show, Brad, I even have a PLA ID card saying I belong in the situation room. How do I get into this secret club and also be poor?

  23. EarwigsInMyEars says:

    I named my cactus Roy

  24. Hobo Joe says:

    I paid through patreon and still don’t have my access nor do I have my free ticket to heaven.. which I guess isn’t actually free because I paid for it but whatever just give me my fucking ticket to heaven… please.

  25. warpig23 says:

    I am a cactus farmer

  26. cuntflap5! Roy Boy says:

    I joined up via Patreon but don’t require your winsome amenities. May I ask only for the password to my internet refrigerator, please?

  27. Taylor says:

    Just got my PLA Xmas Swag. Took you long enough RBCP! Jeez, give someone 5$ a month, get a late ASS xmas card! Thanks RBCP, Luv u too!

  28. Larry the Seeker says:

    What is Paypal?

  29. Pillow Man says:

    Where can I download the older Snow Plow Show shows. 2014 and 2015 links in the archive work but I can’t download anything from 2013, the links are broken. Is there anywhere I can download these older shows??? I need my fix, dude!

  30. Tyler Townsend says:

    I love you brad

  31. dave great says:

    i love voicemails they my favourite part of the show

  32. Don’t join this scam! I was a paying member for 2 months and it caused me to get AIDS.

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