Apartment Manager Prank Calls

Apartment Manager Prank Calls

The video below contains the best of our apartment calls. And the mp3 links below the video will let you download and listen to the full versions of a few of the calls. We were never actually tenants at any of these apartment complexes – we just got their phone numbers from some online phone books.

Toilet Problems – This lady is horrified to find out that RBCP has been flushing sand down his toilet. Just to give OhEmGee her credit – she came up with the idea of flushing sand down the toilet and leaving the water running to “get revenge” on the landlord. She’s obviously a nightmare of a tenant in her apartment complex.

Meth Lab Mold – RBCP suspects that his meth lab is causing the walls and ceiling to get mold.

Stealing Copper For Rent – Staci tells the apartment manager that she’s sold all the copper pipes in the apartment so she’d have money to pay her rent.

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Apartment Manager Prank Calls — 17 Comments

  1. These calls are totally awesome!! Had me rolling wanting more!! I love how you guys played it all serious!! What a great idea!!!

  2. stop using that girl in your phone calls she sucks sooo bad! she is fucking up good opportunities to be funny!

  3. Staci and RBCP are my favorite crankers. Something about Staci’s voice just cracks me up. I especially love her work on the Killer Robot crank! RBCP is very endearing. Love his voice.

  4. I keep clicking on “Click here to listen to more apartment manager prank calls” and nothing happens :(

  5. Michael – guess I forgot to add the rest of them. They’re pretty much all on the YouTube video anyway though, which I’m embedding onto this page right now. Me and Staci plan to do some more of these calls soon.

  6. I love this shit i am a maintenance tech in n apartment community in vegas. The bitches at the front desk deserve one of these calls…..

  7. I think Staci is Awesome, I think all you guys are awesome, really enjoy your prank calls. You guys are the best at what you do, really appreciate all the laughs. Thanks guys and Staci

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