Apartment Manager Prank Calls

Apartment Manager Prank Calls

The video below contains the best of our apartment calls. We were never actually tenants at any of these apartment complexes - we just got their phone numbers from some online phone books.

Online prank calls

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  1. Jason says:

    OMG, these are hilarious!

  2. jman says:

    I love the apartment manager calls. You should do more! Staci rocks!!

  3. USBell says:

    These calls are totally awesome!! Had me rolling wanting more!! I love how you guys played it all serious!! What a great idea!!!

  4. BIG BALLS says:


  5. nick says:

    stop using that girl in your phone calls she sucks sooo bad! she is fucking up good opportunities to be funny!

  6. Jay Hova says:

    Staci sounds like Sara Silverman

  7. KyleBear says:

    Staci and RBCP are my favorite crankers. Something about Staci’s voice just cracks me up. I especially love her work on the Killer Robot crank! RBCP is very endearing. Love his voice.

  8. Michael says:

    I keep clicking on “Click here to listen to more apartment manager prank calls” and nothing happens :(

  9. rbcp says:

    Michael – guess I forgot to add the rest of them. They’re pretty much all on the YouTube video anyway though, which I’m embedding onto this page right now. Me and Staci plan to do some more of these calls soon.

  10. Chrisfish says:

    I love this shit i am a maintenance tech in n apartment community in vegas. The bitches at the front desk deserve one of these calls…..

  11. SAL says:


  12. I think Staci is Awesome, I think all you guys are awesome, really enjoy your prank calls. You guys are the best at what you do, really appreciate all the laughs. Thanks guys and Staci

  13. pan says:

    this is a kool site

  14. FuSeD386 says:

    “What is a meth lab?” hahahahahaha

  15. Jonathan Ante says:


  16. Cojultad says:

    It’s too early for pants!

  17. I’m an apartment manager. I was laughing so hard. Wishing I could share some true stories with you. People are truly nuts!

  18. louann chambers says:

    Omg the meth lab one is funny…. and “hold on its early for pants” wow. LOL

  19. louann chambers says:

    Smoking weed every day in the sauna is the stupdest idea ever.#seewhatImean.

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