Phone Losers of America Episode 4 – Carlito from Madhouse Live

Carlito is the President and CEO of the longest running prank call show in prank call show history, the show known as Madhouse Live. For over ten years, Carlito has entertained the internets with weekly shows and wacky pranks. Madhouse Live was the very first show to join the Cacti Radio Network. These days you can hear him on the Prank Call Nation Mixlr, home of other great shows like Mop Riding With Dwight and Partytime with Laugh Track Matt and Zax. Carlito is also a regular contributor at Calls of Mass Confusion and has appeared on countless other internet radio shows throughout the years.


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I run this town.

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4 Responses

  1. LA says:

    Nice photo shop here guys. You look so gosh darn cute!! XO

  2. Pagan says:

    Is that photo fake?

  3. Daryl Lankford says:

    Brad and Carlito in a behind the scenes photo from their shoot on “Time Caller – Stupid Bitch Hang Up”

  4. pebkaculus says:

    Who’s Big Amy?

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