Confusing Phonetic Alphabet

If you want to politely infuriate someone on the phone who asks you to spell something, this confusing phonetic alphabet should work perfectly.

For your convenience, I've created 2 printable versions so that you can easily hang this in your cubicle for easy access.  Here is the full color version, and here's the grayscale version for you hobos without color printers.

A huge thanks to the PLA community to helped compile this list of confusing words.  Billions of suggestions have been sent to me, but I've only included words that I felt would incite the perfect amount of rage.  The list definitely has room to grow, so if you have any suggestions for the next version of it, please post them in the comments.

As always, thank you Nik Caesar of, for letting us use your artwork to promote confusion and civil unrest.


I run this town.

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3 Responses

  1. Ipokesmot says:

    I made a typo of your other site and found a page full of hot chicks and snowplows:

  2. Poopy Sails says:

    E as in idiot?

  3. Timothy Martin says:

    Well it looks like Royco Plumbing is at it again. What ever you do just hang up the phone!

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