Adopt-A-Highway: The Second Page

Today I complete an entire page of Uncle Runkle's Adopt-A-Highway spreadsheet and we learn exactly what type of people are afraid of actual hard work.  Thanks for sponsoring today's show, Rand al'Thor!

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I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. Join #phonelosers on EFnet says:

    Wikipedia has the logo in better quality;

  2. Putch says:

    I would like to request that you do an entire episode of Friends with added rim-shots, Nelson laughs, and other Snow Plow Show standard sound clips. And do it drunkenly, please.

  3. CactusCommando says:

    Hey Brad did you use a guide to do this?

  4. rbcp says:

    CactusCommando, what do you mean a guide? I just screwed the back of the phone onto the door frame and snapped it on, if that’s what you mean.

  5. CactusCommando says:

    Gotcha. I had assumed it was some super special hacker stuff you did and it sent to the situation room, detected motion etc.

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