Tuesday Morning Blasphemy

King Eckbert brings you today's hour of blasphemy where we call a bunch of the remaining Christian Family Store chains and try to convince them to do a few silly things before they go out of business forever.

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I run this town.

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6 Responses

  1. Aw, man…I missed a very funny show here, and not only that, missed hearing Brad announce my name on the new supporter list. Damn Patreon wouldn’t let me sign in with my Mixlr chat handle: I am the hippie hobo otherwise known as Psychaotic.
    I wish I’d tuned in live…and that’ll teach me to get lazy about checking my reminders on this here Droid slab that’s permanently fused to my hand. This was a classic. Thank you!

  2. Timothy Martin says:

    Mr. Carter, did you know that Bill Gate’s wife divorced him and took everything from him, his cash is lost yep all thanks to you! Bill Gates is on skid-row homeless and very very hungry thanks to the phone call you made to his wife yep. You did it to him you did! Now be saved and make some calls in his behalf OK just do it!

  3. REID says:

    Carlito never posts on Madhouse live anymore, I don’t get the point of keeping the site open if it just sits there with no new content. Pretty gay. His shows are okay and have their moments but he usually says dumb s*** so he gets hung up on quick where as you Brad will keep the person on the phone squeezing any direction you can to get as many laughs as possible.

  4. El Diablo says:

    Best show you’ve ever done!

    Can we get more shows like this?

  5. Deborah Crum says:

    When you did your show intro I was leary, but oh my goodness this was your funniest show in a while!! I lost it at Holy Ghostbusters! Keep up the great work Brad!

  6. anounyym1 says:

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