End Of Days


Timothy and Casper sponsor today's show where I do one last round of calls to Christian stores that are about to go out of business.  This was a live show that happened Wednesday morning.

If you're into the game Rust, play with PLA! The server address is, or search for "rust rejects" in server list. If you're into GTA5, join the PLA Radio crew. And if you like wasting half your life away tapping on things in Simpsons Tapped Out, add a few of us PLA addicts, such as rbcp, bradbcp, sunshine_thc, zaxintel, carlitus-x, matthilloc838, and others listed in this thread.

Join the Elite Hobo Squad to support the PLA and get secret shows, or just support PLA with Patreon, add PLA on Facebook, add Snow Plow Show on Facebook, add PLA on Twitter, add PLA on Tumblr, add PLA on YouTube, add PLA Shows on YouTube, add RBCP on Instagram, add RBCP on Twitter, add RBCP on YouTube, add RBCP on Vine, leave a voice message for the show at 814-422-5309, call into live shows at 845-470-0336.


I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. What is in a name says:

    ~Hey brad did you know some game stops are closing down?

  2. toiletman says:

    My nobby description was weird to be honest.

  3. Greg T. says:

    Brad, so I’ve got this song I’ve made (The words have been changed, but the music is the same). Hopefully you’ll find it in your email.

    Instead of Wooly Bully … its Cactus Cactus! Plus, it’s dedicated to Mildred Monday with a excerpt from your call you made to her during the instrumental part of the song.

    Please play on your next show.

    I’m sure you’ll understand why I’ve gone to the extend of trying to contact you 3 ways. Cause you complain to us and you do seem to get behind on calls / messages to you. I’m sure you get over-whelmed with messages / calls. Thanks in advance for taking time to find my email!

    I don’t really want to spend the time to setup my studio equipment and burn a whole day making this song if you would not play it. So, I’m just seeing if you would play it. If you want me to make a better version of it, I’ll get out my equipment and make it sound a ton better. Although, I can only do stuff on weekends. I work 16 hours a day 5 days a week.

  4. rbcp says:

    Yep, I would most likely play any PLA-themed song sent to me.

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