On today's show, Xander Fett will be helping me return house blueprints to their rightful owners.  Thanks, Xander Fett!

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I run this town.

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3 Responses

  1. Bobby Hill says:

    Typically, the blueprints for your house is from the County Assessor’s office.

  2. Timothy Martin says:

    RBCP you’re finally right, a contract is a contract. No matter how stinky your are, or how rotten you may be, even if you have brown spots in back of your underwear even if you pick your nose, they did make a contract with you you stinky rotten nose picker!

  3. Timothy Martin says:

    That gave me an idea, call people and tell them they have been picking there nose at T’a Club! Not to do it any more. Any way this is you Brad – YEP!

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