Live Caddyshack Show

Amazingly kickass art is by Nik Caesar from

Xander Fett presents us with this live show from Friday morning, where we call members of a country club and attempt to convince them that they're racist for only using white balls.  Here is one of the Linday Lohan calls from Matt's channel.  The ending song is the chiptunes version of Free Water by Christopher.

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I run this town.

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6 Responses

  1. Pillow Man says:

    Roy, I have an idea. You could call the post office and ask if your overseas prescriptions have come in yet, cause you don’t have insurance to get drugs from a doctor. And you wanted to see if your medical marijuana from the dark net has arrived, because you don’t have a medical card. Maybe that’s too crazy, but you know how to spoof and shit right? Not to mention all the marijuana pipes you have lost, hehehehe.

  2. CactusCommando says:

    Brad, I once listened to an mp3 on this site where someone (almost sure it wasn’t you) called a police station and asked if he could buy some weed from the evidence locker. I can’t seem to find that file any more. Any ideas?

  3. rbcp says:

    That one was a secret show. The one labeled Bad Roys.

  4. CactusCommando says:

    Found it. Thanks honey baby sweety pie.

  5. InkedGoddess says:

    Hey Brad, What is the name of the background music that starts playing at the 8 minute mark? It’s my favorite! Thanks in advance :)

  6. InkedGoddess says:

    I found the track in case anyone else is interested- ‘Cascadia’ by Trash80

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