Corporate Favors

The corporate office hereby commands you to visit and tell Nik how awesome he is for creating this.

Tony sponsors this live show that he didn't even show up to listen to (how rude), but it's yet another show where I call businesses and inform them that they're required to do favors for me because I'm with the corporate office.  The opening song before the live part is Dance Floor by Apples In Stereo and the song in the middle is Fat Sluts by Rappy McRapperson.

Join the Elite Hobo Squad to support the PLA and get secret shows, or just support PLA with Patreon, add PLA on Facebook, add Snow Plow Show on Facebook, add PLA on Twitter, add PLA on Tumblr, add PLA on YouTube, add PLA Shows on YouTube, add RBCP on Instagram, add RBCP on Twitter, add RBCP on YouTube, add RBCP on Vine, leave a voice message for the show at 814-422-5309.


I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. CactusCommando says:

    One of your best shows. You sound well rested and brought it back with a vengeance. Now I want TEN MORE shows just like it. Hurry the fuck up.

  2. Poopkiller says:

    ooo you know your porn stop playing like you don’t. i listen to your shows as porn is playing on mute. you ruin my boner every time so that helps me actually get to watch the whole movie. In stead of just the first scene. thanks brad

  3. Boggy B says:

    Corporate favours, I don’t think the condom one worked too well. Here’s a few ideas I thought of.

    I’m bringing a psychotic dog over, you need to make sure he not go crazy.

    Could I volunteer you to buy the meat for the restraunt tonight. Nominate someone to buy the meat, could be an employer.

    Ask someone if they could run into town to buy me a shoe.

  4. mikeadoo says:

    have an idea i saw a post on fb about a landlord charging tenants to flush the toilet with coins i know it might be not real but if you brought it up and call them as the landlord that your installing new automatic toilets it would be funny as they become outrage.

  5. Boggy B says:

    HI Mikeadoo, funny thing was that the (toiletman) mentioned it on the voicemail at the end of the last show.

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