Hot Water Heater Issues

Today's show features about an hour of me stressing out apartment managers, all thanks to Brad The Producer.

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I run this town.

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9 Responses

  1. james harden says:


  2. Richard Cardo says:

    Brad, you should pretend you turned someone’s house into a smart house and you can see everything they are doing, and can do whatever they want from a remote location if they want.

  3. Mang Scoos says:

    Damn now I wanna get watch dogs 2

  4. Toiletman says:

    I have an idea say you are the toiletman and you want to flush everyone down the toilet.

  5. Toiletman says:

    That was strange my comment has got rid of Kuraz’s comment unless it just shows that on my computer. I’ve not seen that before.

  6. Apocalypse says:

    Brad…IF YOU READ THESE COMMENTS STILL…You did NOT use this list yet! I hope you finish the list because it took me forever to get you those vital GPS coordinates and screenshots. Gawd! I have a new list on the way…full of West Coast complexes with unit numbers.

  7. Apocalypse says:

    …with the next list I send, you’ve got to do that prank you tried with Stacey back in the day…telling managers you cut down a tree that was blocking your view and it fell into another unit! I’ll add a few units with trees to the list.

  8. FijiLaw says:

    Such a splendid show Roy, BTW, the illuminati fooled everyone, Trump is also part of the illuminati, not just Hillary, such a mind job, whats new eh! keep up the resistance buddy!

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