The Texas Prank Call Massacre

Colin's 2016 PLA pumpkin
Colin's 2016 PLA pumpkin

This show should have been released on Friday, but LoOoDaXFactor spilled a Four Loco all over the central computer here in the situation room and it took all weekend to clean up.  This was a live show from Friday, where I called homeowners who weren't home and told them that I was in the process of cutting down all their trees.

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13 Replies to “The Texas Prank Call Massacre”

  1. Regarding the callbacks to make sure they know it’s a prank.

    At the beginning ask them something like ‘Before we get in to detail our lawyers require a specific verbal confirmation yes-or-no to ensure we are talking to the right person. Please answer yes or no. Are you PERSONNAME?’. And afterwards when they refuse to give permission say “I will use your recorded yes in the beginning to make it look like you said yes Tee hee” etc.

  2. call people up and say you accidently killed their dog and ran out and bought the clone. it looks and acts like the same dog you always had. but now you owe me 50 thousand dollars for his replacement

  3. call people up and tell them you killed their grass but don’t worry last night we came over and dug up the lawn and replaced it with fake grass. it looks and acts like regular grass, you should water it and cut it. it will look like it dies off in the winter and everything real grass does but its an extra 10k for this fake lawn and we did such a good job that you cant even tell your lawn was ever replaced.

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