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Thanks, Bill White, for sending me this picture from my favorite 1970's TV show - The Bradley Bunch

Thanks, Bill White, for sending me this picture from my favorite 1970's TV show - The Bradley Bunch

Today we call up a few more home owners from the same directory as earlier this week for some post Halloween calls.  It's Greg T's fault that I'm just now doing post Halloween calls in November.  Thanks, Greg!  The ending song is The Hotline by The Pool Boys.

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I run this town.

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9 Responses

  1. Alan vidales says:

    What happened to the shoutcast 24/7 live stream is it broken

  2. jodyantichrist says:

    Hey brad love your show as always. I had some more ideas for you.

    Say you are running for the city Santa clause and you want their vote and trash talk your opponent.

    Say they have to install a chimney for Santa clause to get in, Or just leave the doors unlocked

    Tell people Christmas is canceled and Santa isn’t real.

    Ask they have any leftovers from thanksgiving and if they do to leave it on their porch for you to collect.

    Say to people with Christmas decorations that they need to take down their “Halloween” decorations.

    Say the new mascot for Christmas is Mrs clause because Santa was sexist and the have to change all Santa’s to Mrs Santa’s

    Tell people you are Santa and to make sure they leave out milk and cookies or they won’t get any presents

  3. Shoutcast still isn’t working sweety bear.

  4. johnnyfanta says:

    Shoutcast 24/7 live stream is it broken, but if you have to get a new one can you get one that doesn’t use flash as it won’t play on my phone.

  5. MCSARay says:

    Hilary Clinton gets away with using a private email server but brad gets raided for doing prank calls.#IWANTMYCOUNTRYBACK

  6. Apocalypse says:

    In light of the raid, I think you should be sent a huge list of government phone number complaint lines and complain about a whole host of shit…with the help of the chat room of course. Doesn’t have to be the FBI. Some examples can be the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Education, Administration on Developmental Disabilities, African Development Foundation, the Copyright Office, Endangered Species Program, Fannie Mae, Farm Service Agency, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), etc. There are some obscure ones that might be worth fucking with a little. Just innocent stuff. Complain to the Fed Railroad Admin that you are a hobo and fell out of a boxcar and want to complain. I don’t know. Could make for a mildly amusing show at least! Google “list of government services” for a list of over 430 government agencies. Hell I’ll compile a list if Brad wants to give it a try

  7. Toiletman says:

    The toiletman might be leaving voice messages on brads phone. It’s been a long time since I last left a message.

    Remember to flush the toilet after use everyone.

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