This Is Not A Dingtember Show

Mike has been writing his car ding notes onto a book of parking tickets

Mike has been writing his car ding notes onto a book of parking tickets

Adam H brings you all one last show of car ding calls, but it's in October, so this definitely isn't a Dingtember show.  Thanks, T K Billington for another copyright violation-filled intro song.

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I run this town.

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14 Responses

  1. Remove says:

    Holy fucking shit. For the love of PLA, please upload the lady that can’t stop panting onto youtube.

  2. Ben says:

    Only 332 days til the next Dingtember!

  3. ghettofolife says:

    This really sucks, that Dingtember is over oh well off to find the best glory hole in America. Wish me luck yall

  4. Alan vidales says:

    On your next show can you do one live on YouTube

  5. Have you considered uploading a call from every show immediately to your PAL YouTube channel with 25k subs?
    It’s much easier to share your videos for exposure and it advertises the show that advertises your Patreon! YAY! or not…

  6. Boggy B says:

    Nice Lady

  7. FijiLaw says:

    Fucking awesome intro! & definitely watching “Humans need not apply” 10/10 LOL!

  8. Being from Chicago, that is hilarious! The Chicago parking ticket photo!

  9. Boggy B says:

    I was listening to phone antics and they just mentioned the (snow plow show) at the end of one of their episodes.

  10. Greg T. says:

    Fanatic noun – a person overenthusiastic about an interest

    I for one, would love you to try and go thru a month of Fanatictober!

    Or maybe these?

    Maniactober – where you get calls from all your maniac fans while you try to handle them while keeping your sanity! Any fans whom don’t show any ethusiasim for your show gets hung up on for not being MANIC about your show!

    Addictober – Where you allow calls from all your addicted fans whom love your show so much they can’t live without it and must tell you so :P You can limit their time on the phone and say you’ve got 1 minute to tell me why you love PLA! Maybe carry around an extra phone that records all incoming calls just so you can take these calls anytime?

    Crazytober – Where you allow calls directly to you that you record when your at home or however you can figure out how to do it when your anywhere! Its like VOICE MAIL ON STERIODS!

    *** Or maybe you can intice your Addicts to donate $200 per month and give them at least 1 call per week ($50 / week) to a special extra phone you carry around that is a direct line to you. You can have the option to call them back during a time better for you. Giving them a maxium time of 2 mins to talk with you or what ever you decide is the max time you can “handle” such calls.


    Grouchtober – sounds good, but not sure how to implement it.. maybe someone else can say?

  11. Mr. Taco says:

    Damn Brad, that lady nearly had a heart attack.

  12. Jalonta says:


    I found this exchange between a business and a disgruntled customer on facebook. I think you’d find it amusing:

    Also here is the “Sorry I Tased You” Cake article again because it’s amazing:

  13. Toiletman says:

    (I would love a whole month of tennant pranks)

  14. petite bourgeois says:


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