The Very Last Dingtember For Real This Time


Jason B sponsors a quick 3 hour show where we clear out this year's Dingtember voicemail box to make sure every single roycipient has been called.  The ending music is that one Go Cup song by Reefer Badness.

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I run this town.

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15 Responses

  1. Zack Morris says:

    I was thinking of spending time with my kids but fuck that, three hours of rbcp!

  2. Alan vidales says:

    What kind of mixer do you use

  3. Raymond Preston says:

    Why is the show called the snow plow show ???

  4. Apocalypse says:

    Hey Brad, regarding the Gallagher tickets in this show…I’ll bet my 5-cent life savings that it’s the police trying to arrest you or the person leaving the note. Police departments who have trouble tracking down suspects will call suspect phone numbers or send letters to their house saying that they won a vacation or a thousand bucks or something to that effect. Then it says to be at this address at this time to claim their prize. They send these bullshit letters out to hundreds of suspects and the ones that show up get arrested on the spot.

  5. Boggy B says:

    I think Apocalypse has a good point there. That message sounded so suspicious, don’t fall for it Brad.

  6. rbcp says:

    I don’t remember if I put it in the show, but I did call the theater where the tickets were from and the machine on the line claimed it actually was a theater. Maybe they were working with the cops, though, damn snitches.

  7. iregretjumping says:

    Hey, thanks for using several of my ideas. Wonderful surprise.

  8. Dan says:

    Well that’s my home town but I didn’t leave any notes this year and I had nothing to fo with that theater stuff. If you want me to take the bait email me the address and I’ll go get the tickets. I can report back….hopefully…uhh if not I’ll try to use my 1 call to leave a voicemail between jail rapes.

  9. Greg T. says:

    Brad, I hate to say it, but, You must get wasted a lot or have a really bad long term memory.

    I wonder whom takes care of your email? You or someone else? Maybe I need to read the email again…

    Did you ever actually receive the money I sent you last time? If yes, please do tell me the 2 largest amount of donations I have done so I know I am sending money to the right PayPal account. I can only guess, it does not beat other donations, but at least I try.

    I really loved your 3 hour program for which I’ve not yet finished due to work.

    Please do explain what it takes to be a sponsor of your show. I originally thought that to be the largest donators, but that clearly isn’t the case. It seems more to be the long term donators, which does make some sense. Maybe you should classify that in your program. To be a sponsor of this whole show, you need to have at least donated $240 and been a member for over six months…. or something like that. If your going for long term $5 per month donator, then at that rate in 4 years that is what they would have given you.


    I’ve been listening top your show since May 2016 in Minnesota. I’m now in California. I’m jobs are erratic! I don’t know when my next job is or where it will be. So… I did promise you some extra money for at least trying… So soon it well be sent as soon as you verify to me the exact amounts of 2 maximums I have sent you… You can do this via email.

    If you prefer any other donation way other than Paypal, please let me know in that email.

    You bonus check awaits.

    I used a different email for PayPal, let me know if you have a hard time finding me and I’ll shoot you an email via it!

  10. timothy martin says:

    Brad go back to lube jobs! You Bitch! Cactus! Thank God for womens Lib Brad or there would be more like you on the streets (Now the internet!)

  11. Ohhai says:

    A guy dropped a line like “I’m the father of my son’s BMW” and you didn’t play the whole message? Come on Brad! Awesome show, though. It was amazing having a 3 hour long episode.

  12. timothy martin says:

    E T Phone home CACTUS CACTUS CACTUS!!!

  13. timothy martin says:

    Brad has bed bugs he’s sick fumigate!

  14. rbcp says:

    Greg, get your short term memory fixed. We’ve already emailed.

  15. timothy martin says:

    Brad, what do you have against women? The IRS has a lot of women working 4 them, They R gonna hunt U down and retaliate! Don’t worry about women’s lib, the IRS gonna get even! It’s all about money ain’t nothing funny!

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