Social Engineering Crash Course

Today Chris and Sarah are  going to teach us all how to social engineer top secret customer information from companies that will always assure you that your information is completely secure.  Today's ending song is Me Time by Busdriver.

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I run this town.

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12 Responses

  1. Ipokesmot says:

    Goddammit Roy you’re giving away all our best tricks, next you’ll be talking about our backdoors. Mr Potato head lol.

  2. I loved this show. Definitely a show that you can give to someone who hasn’t listened to you before. You don’t asterisk your Caller ID anymore?(wasn’t brought up)

    Telling people you’re a prankster sometimes saves calls, Especially at 7-Eleven.

    Lay-away customers for a hobosode would be awesome! It would be easy to make someone cry right before Christmas. “This is the last (insert toy/game here) and my son wants it”

  3. Zaxintel says:

    Oh sheit the jig is up now, all the stupids will know

  4. Liz says:

    And don’t forget ladies, we add that +10 modifier to every social engineering check. Wee!

  5. rbcp says:

    I still spoof, I just forgot to mention that. I wasn’t spoofing while calling the businesses, though, so if they looked their their displays they would see whatever business I spoofed last calling them. Like Dominos corporate office call probably came from a Wal-Mart.

  6. Toiletman says:

    Is it really dangerous to hand out phone information?

  7. p says:

    This was amazing! Please call that guy from pizza place who willingly gave you their customer’s numbers and try do some prank calls together with him on the phone! That would be awesome and you should also do more shows similiar to this. It was one of the best I have listened to.

  8. Dan Aleksander says:

    LOL Wikileaks found out Obama has a secret Ameritech email. Made me think of Jim Bayless.

  9. p says:

    Toiletman yeah, it is. You don’t want any company to give away your personal info to anyone. If you can trick them into giving you someone’s phone number you can also trick them to give you someone’s credit card number. Such information can be used to impersonate that person when calling a bank or any other company that provides them with any service. With enough infoarmation someone can try to get access to your accounts and often all they need to do is just make a few phone calls. If someone has only your phone number they can call you and pretend to be from a company that provides you with some service and try to get some of your personal information directly from you. When rbcp gets customer’s phone numbers from different companies they trust him and think they know who he is, but in reality he could be a scammer looking for his next victims.

  10. FijiLaw says:

    Oh yea, another 10/10 show! can’t wait for you to start making international calls

  11. Greg T. says:

    Brad! I am slightly behind on recent phone pranks.. but I now see you are monitoring these comments :P

    I’ve sent your bonus check, its 3 digits instead of 2! $$$.$$ Enjoy!

    A personal request: Keep doing what your doing. I have no complaints.

    Use that $$ sparely, I was going to split that into 4 weeks of stuff.. but decided to give you it in a lump sum for this month. Can I at least get a reply via email you received it other than PayPal telling me so? Thanks!

    Thanks again Brad!

    P.S. The work here in California is “almost hell” work.. our construction team is being pushed beyond our limits and I’ve not gotten much time to relax and just enjoy listening to your podcast throughout the day as I normally would. Keep me in your “dark prayers” (LOL). If I can keep jobs coming, then I can continue to donate like I have been… I’ll keep you posted. (This job is pushing to end near the end of DEC this year instead of March next year. They’ve hired an extra 200 people to help!) So this “partially long term job” is probably going to be pretty short!

    P.S.S. You know my position already.. I love hearing you team up with a lady friend in doing pranks on your show.. is that a possibility again Brad?

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