RBCP Lubes Up His Cactus

Thanks for the amazing drawing, Nik Caesar!

Thanks for the amazing drawing, Nik Caesar!

Today we talk to a few tire and lube customers, and it's all thanks to everyone's favorite sponsor, Tony in Arizona.

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I run this town.

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11 Responses

  1. Alan vidales says:

    Do another live show on Saturday

  2. Midget Mutilator says:

    Some shows come out at just the right time, just when I “need” them the most, and this was one of those. Thanks.

    Wuv u Bwad.

  3. Boggy B says:

    Surely Jiad is going to win his case, One defence I can think of is TV companies do it so why can’t we.

  4. Greg T. says:

    Well, I’m in California. Which means I am going to be making money again.

    I could start donating again, but I have the strangest feeling that you don’t like me. I guess my best thing to do is become a hobo and just enjoy your show.

    If you want me to continue to donate, then figure out what you said you would do in your previous email and do that.


    It’s not the box of stuff.

  5. Th says:

    Boggy b, TV companies get away with it because they get permission from the property owners / security in advance (by paying them $$$$) and then they pay all of the prankstars and Roycipients afterwards more $$$$ for their permission to use the material and not sue.

  6. Dan says:

    Youtube prankers do way worse and post without permission. Apparently that’s not against the law or if it is no one is enforcing it bc they still do it and post it on a regular basis. I don’t understand the difference.

  7. Dan Aleksander says:

    Sent you some phone lists rights before Dingtember

  8. FijiLaw says:

    thanks for another 10/10 show

  9. Avi says:

    Hello Roy,
    I found this article and immediately though about your tenants from hell calls.

  10. CacAss says:

    Did you lube up your cacAss Brad?


  11. Lumpen Proletarian says:

    Live shows are tough to find.

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