FOD87’s Short Show


One of 2015's most beautiful PLA pumpkins, sent to us by Nick
One of 2015's most beautiful PLA pumpkins, sent to us by Nick

FOD87's Short Show is brought to you by FOD87.  When you need a show but don't have enough time to do a full hour, FOD87 has got you covered!  In today's show, we call a few more lube job customers and then there's a pet store call just kind of thrown into the middle of the show inexplicably.

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12 Replies to “FOD87’s Short Show”

  1. The Voicemails are only requests now. That’s what the ding number should be used for. Then sell the call-in numbers to ‘The Chinese Government’ LLC.

    You didn’t BLEEP out the pet store’s name either.

    JagTV should be a co-host for a show.

  2. Wow! Brad, was that a new show with a lady friend helping you? Is there future plans for more shows with her? Having her on your show increased fun on listening 10 times! It was like flipping on the FUN switch… OMG your show is getting better!

    Also, I don’t think I have the correct software to access your secret shows… and is reason I’ve not been able to listen / know about them. What do I need to access your secret shows?

    Maybe you had put what I requested in your secret show and is reason I’ve not heard it yet!

    Help me access them.. You know my email.

  3. You should do a hang up phone joke where you tell them to hang up, and if they don’t… Act like they did… Game phone ring
    .. Fake person picks up and day his this Roy from “their phone number” .. You say yes… Then they ask is they can charge your phone for the call… LOL!

  4. Being a socialist I don’t think the hobo shows are a good thing. Everyone must have a listen I say. Personal opinion I’m not really a fan of the hoboshow as it seems a bit pointless. (Remember just my opinion other people might love the idea)

    (Lets flush people down the toilet)

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