AUTOMATIC REDIAL – The Monday Morning Sunday Show – April 27th, 2015

I tried to put together a new show today, but things didn't work out so I'm saying fuck it and just posting an old show instead. This one is from April 27th, 2015, and some guy, possibly from Louisiana, recently suggested THIS SHOW as something people need to hear again. So if you don't enjoy this show, it's entirely that guy's fault. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new show put together this weekend. Below are the original show notes from this episode.

Thanks, Mistress Morgan, for this disturbing picture

Thanks, Mistress Morgan, for this disturbing picture

Jeremy from Texas sponsors this show where we continue pestering neighborhoods that have a home owners association.

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I run this town.

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14 Responses

  1. Boggy B says:

    Unlucky Brad

  2. Ee says:

    What’s a payphone?

  3. timothy martin says:

    OK Brad Carter, I remember all the lawns you destroyed last year, it’s truly boring to hear about it all over again so, it’s painful to hear it again so here’s some music just to make it worse OK!

  4. Ipokesmot says:

    That’s a gross pic of Dustbernadette.

  5. Bandit McFuklebuck says:

    I’ve been in a homo owner’s assn for 2 years now and I ain’t been bitched at once….and you should see how I let my bushes grow that I’m spupposed to trim!

  6. Greg T. says:

    Thanks Brad! Got your mail of PLA stuff send to my California address! Oddly none of it advertises

    You need to make your stuff idiot proof and put your full web address on the stuff you give away.

    Got a crazy clear sticker which I can’t seem to read. What’s it say?

  7. Apocalypse says:

    RB…please play the “You’re calling at twelve o’clock in the fucking midnight dammit” call on the next show!!!!

  8. Midget Mutilator says:

    The first and last calls in this show are fucking legendary, at least in my little world. In fact, this show is almost entertaining enough for me to generously overlook having already listened to it enough times to damn near remember your ever insightful in-between-calls-banter word for word.

    I like how you call the listeners hobos, yet you’re the one trying to sell recycled garbage… Muhahahahaha.

    Hugs and/or kisses.

  9. Ruprecht says:

    Brad I sent u a song via smule over a month ago. Pleasd check ur email

  10. mikeadoo says:

    motherfucker update your shit

  11. Churp says:

    Is that mistress Morgan in the corner?

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