RBCP Hides Behind Phones Cause He Ain’t No Real G

Dan A. totally vandalized the church sign at St. Roy Cacti Church. Shame on you, Dan A.

Dan A. totally vandalized the church sign at St. Roy Cacti Church. Shame on you, Dan A.

High School Graduate sponsors today's show, which was actually Friday's show and this whole clusterfuck is all his fault.  Thanks, High School Graduate!  This is a show full of car ding pranks and threats from Randy.

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I run this town.

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12 Responses

  1. I’ve been signing notes in Salem with ‘-Staci’ So you can say it’s your dumb wife or maybe accuse them of cheating.

  2. Ben says:

    – You work for 100.3 the gerbil and broke into their car to change the their radio presets to 100.3.

    – You used their car battery to charge your cell phone.

    – You a master archer and was practicing by shooting arrows into their tail pipe.

    – Your kid was acting up. So, you put them in time-out in their car.

  3. Apocalypse says:

    Brad!! Got the best idea for the store! PhoneLosers.org BUMPER STICKERS! Think of all the local advertising! I’d totally put a bunch all over MY outrageously expensive 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage coupe! Think about it yo!

  4. GuyManderson says:

    – An old woman’s purse was being stolen and you ran after the culprit. You tackled him down and the fight escalated to the hood of their car

    – You live a couple of houses over and your mother in law is in town for the week. Everytime she irritates you, you come town to where their car is parked and punch the shit out of it.

    – You went out partying and blacked out at some point during the evening. You woke up in the back seat with a feral cat that went insane and sprayed everywhere.

    – You’re Sensei Doug and you’ve been developing a new technique for your zoomba class that involves punching car doors and windows

  5. me says:

    state farm insurance
    name- Roy gerbal
    policy number 109#31399848218105501ZX429613374208675309541696917#38123456789ICUPLOLJK

  6. Boggy B says:

    (More ding ding ideas)

    My sister was giving birth so I had to break into the car and had to calm my sister down as the baby was coming out.

    I was doing a survey and the survey was asking questions such as how many seatbelts, How many steering wheels, do the breaks work, Are the seats adjustable. (You failed the survey) (etc)

    I had to clean up your number plate as it was covered with mud.

    I egged inside your car.

  7. BigBradFan says:

    You can tell when Brad is running low on money… His shows get further and further apart. Patreon gives him money on the first of every month. By the 2nd weekend of the month, I’m pretty sure those funds are gone. Brad needs at least $1000 per week to keep the shows coming almost every day, I assume. Bread is making the current money stretch as far as he can. Come on, this is what he wants to do for a living for the rest of his life.

    He only asks at least $1 min per person because he believes he probably does have more than 4000 listeners per month, which would be a dam good figure. He probably has 8000 listeners and only expects half to donate or less. He recommends you donate $10 if you can which really makes me think the listeners are much less. Figure your numbers. If you can’t afford to donate, help Brad get more listeners! The more he has, the better odds he will have at getting more donations.

  8. SatansDen says:

    Please do more 900 pyshic phone calls pranks!

  9. Worrier says:

    Dude long time no replies.. I’m worried.

  10. Toiletman says:

    (The best ideas in the world)

    You have signed up for some walmart deals notifications so you will be getting a phone call everyday letting you know what deals we have today.

    Phoning everyday to let you know that you have no new text messages in your inbox.

  11. toilet man has an idea that belongs in the toilet

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