Man, The Temerity of You

Thanks for snapping this picture, Liana WEST. We really appreciate it, MISS. WEST.

Thanks for snapping this picture, Liana WEST. We really appreciate it, MISS WEST.

In today's snow, Chris and Sarah bring us another hour of car ding pranks that include the usual paradoxes, aluminum ladders and werewolves.

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I run this town.

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20 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    – You are Sinsai Doug and dinged their car teaching your karate student to wax-on-wax-off. Their car should be shiny though!

    – You were hired by their insurance company to track their driving habits. You dented their car installing the device that tracks them.

    – You’re a Muslim and it was time to pray. So you put your prayer mat on their hood and prayed toward Mecca there.

    – Your pet Lizard was with you and you couldn’t take it into the store. So, you caged it in their car while you went shopping.

    – You were using their radio antenna to communicate with a UFO you just saw.

  2. Neal says:

    Was the voicemail guy asking about hang up the phone thinking of jagtv?

  3. Scott_Bradford says:

    -You are mourning the death of Harambe by reenacting his glorious death.

  4. GuyManderson says:

    I love the Rue Goldberg idea

  5. FijiLaw says:

    10/10 AWHOOOOoooo!

  6. Leif Ericsson says:

    Hey Arby, I just downloaded the Hobosode even though I’m not a paying member! I feel like I just did something against the rules and I’m getting all giddy about it. I used the download link just fine, though trying to click the post to read show notes brought me to a page that told me to pay 5$ or stick a cactus up my ass. I chose the latter, but it’s still saying I don’t have member privileges. Anyways, you should probably fix that. Sincerely, Leif Ericsson

  7. Wewlad says:

    Caller from New Orleans here. Wow, is that what I really sound like?

  8. Ben your ideas are fucking retarded. Mostly shit that would be as good as saying ANYTHING that comes to mind in the moment. Not something worth writing down.

  9. Greg T. says:

    Is like pulling teeth and hair trying to donate to you!

    I’ve tried to reassert my password, and it isn’t working. Please send me a working password for my account so I can donate properly!

  10. Greg T. says:

    Your new policy number should be 666

    Lucifer Jezribel

    Or whatever

  11. Sai says:

    – You where playing golf on top of their car and you accidentally swinged your club on the window and scuffed the window.

  12. Greg T. says:

    -A friend of yours said that they last saw waldo on your car. I didn’t see him on the sides, so I climbed up on your roof to look and my steel toe boots dingged it. My college professor’s assignment had now turned sour! Looks like I have fucked up again! Probably going to get a F for this assignment!

    -A couple of my friends dared me to jump over the hood of your car, and I almost made it except that my hand with my marriage ring came down and scratched your hood!

    -I scratched your front windshield while I was checking to see if you had some good window shield wipers that I could swap out with a friend of mine. I couldn’t seen to take them off.. The force I used to try caused me to scratch your window!

    -I dinged your car trying to fix your car’s Antenna. Somehow while trying to unscrew it my hand slipped and I hit it with my wrench!

    -I accidently dingged your car while to removed your car decals for my college homework.

    -someone has stuffed a potato in your muffler. Being a good Christian I decided to get it out. After much work I got it out, but forgot I add a knife in my hand when I went to wave at a policeman for which I explained myself and he said Good Job Son! Then I saw the ding!

    -There was children playing near your car and one of them ran into it. I told them I would take blame and they said thanks and went on their way. So do you think my insurance will cover it or should we make a good story?

    -(talk partially slow) My mommy said I could drive any car I want as I just passed the drivers test! I wanted to drive your car, but it was locked.. So I punched it and your car made a sound like “ding”.. so I left you a note letting you know I your car can talk and it said “ding”.

    Not sure how many I can leave.. So I’ll stop here.

  13. Greg T. says:

    – I messed up on the note, it should have said I chipped your car. I want the color of your car so bad, I chipped it and took it to a car paint shop to have it duplicated.

    -I left the note cause I witnessed someone ding your car. Yeah I should have written it better, but I was in a hurry. The car has some writing on the side. Ready a pen? It spelled P-O-L-E-A-S-E “a car leasing agency”. They had a number written on the back. If my driving is bad call 214-666-4321.

  14. FijiLaw says:

    Yea love when you guys go into the Loop of which came 1st, the ding or the note, like a break in the space time continium :)

  15. Greg T. says:

    Hey Brad! You must be California time zone? That’s 2 hours behind me. Not sure hire I was able to hear your live show, cause you didn’t send me an email telling me how to regain access to my account.

    Thanks for the live show.

    Once I get home on my laptop, I’ll better be able to try again to access my account and see if I can donate.

    I kind of wish you could email me when you do get my donation.

  16. Boggy B says:

    Yeah I noticed that one too Leif Ericsson, I was wondering if Brad does know about it and is kidding people on that no one can listen to it or has Leif let the cat out the bag. lol

    (More ding ideas)

    You were trying to leave the note inside the car trying to tell them that you damaged the car while leaving a note.

    We were just playing Tag with my 40 year old friends, some of us even hid in the car.

    We tried to install a square vector undernealth your car.

    Carrot top has made an offer to buy the car. He has offered $33954632526 but to get the money you muyst sign up on the motor club of america website.

  17. Greg T. says:

    Brad.. May need moderation.. I give lots of information about my self here.

    Brad.. Im not suRe why I’m trying so hard to donate. You won’t email, you don’t reply after the first time you replied, you… Oh Damit!

    Is trying this hard almost like harassment???

    You have played my voice marks even though they sucked. That is a big bonus.

    I wear a speaker at work (UE boom). And everyone loves to listen to you when I an in their area of work. So, yeah I’m spreading your broadcasts around to about 200 employees at the construction job in at. I’m pretty sure that at least 10 of them are your new listeners as they love it when I drop by and your on my speaker.

    If you sold a car sticker to promote your website, I’d buy it and apply it.

    So, fuck me for being a big fan.. I’m just a stupid construction worker not good with computers and I can’t seem to get a working password. I want to donate to you weekly and help you as much as i can, but What should I do?

    I’m completely lost. You can call me to help if j you want, but I’ve got the word you don’t speak directly to fans.

    So email me help out something.

    I’ve got $75.00 from last week waiting on you and another $50 this weekend.

    With Construction work, you never know when you’ll be on unemployment next. So get the money while you can. I make a president’s salary while in working. They pay really well because the work is usually short term and nobody likes outside work.

    So yeah… Hell give me a dam call. My wife won’t mind.. She’s in Georgia with three kids, while I’m working in Marshall, MN. on the solar project.

    I was also know as El Diabo, Pagan, and my real name Greg T.

    Brad, of you need any other information to make you fell better about me.. Go Fuck Yourself you scamming idiot.. LOL.. Sure as hell what you would say.. Right? Well not as violent as that.

    Seriously, dude. My job Erik probably end near October… Halloween… So I want as many broadcasts as you can do.. And I’ll keep the money coming weekly. I just need you to figure out how I can get access to everything while I’m donating.


  18. Rod Dickinson says:

    -You are a tow truck driver/repo guy and wanted to test your new truck. You could say you dragged their car 50ft and then it broke the lift so you broke in, put it in neutral, and rolled it back. Lots of ways to go with this one.

    -You wanted to teach your son about honesty so you had him ding their car and then leave a note.

    -You saw them giving you snake eyes so you dinged it but then felt bad

    -Dinged it while practicing karate nearby

  19. this is the wrong place to post comments…try using the prank submission page.
    ~ p.s. you are not cool unless you folow the rules.

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