Life Threatening Car Dings

Thanks for the show art, Grutch!

Thanks for the show art, Grutch!

And on the 9th day, Jack off Daniels brought us yet even more car dings...

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I run this town.

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14 Responses

  1. timothy martin says:

    RBCP you are my favorite Ding-A-Ling!

  2. Ben says:

    – You are promoting an invention called the, “Dentcil.” When you get ahold of them, start playing background music and advertising the “Dentcil” as if you are Billy Mayes.

    – You are a spy and had been following them for a couple of weeks and dinged their car uninstalling the GPS from their car.

    – You are producing the new Sir Mix A lot music video and one of the scenes included 10 big booty girls twerking on their car. Didn’t they notice the butt prints?

    – You were leaning a ladder against their car to get higher up. When they ask why you needed to use a ladder, tell them because you are a dwarf and needed the ladder to put the note on their car.

    – You were selling cactus plants and used the hood of their car as a display table.

  3. I left a few coupons with some ding notes in Salem. I’m also making BIG ding signs for tonight. I’ll post them on the Reddit page.

  4. Boggy B says:

    Keep up the good work guys with putting notes on and everything. :)

    (More ding ideas)

    Your number plate was covered with dirt how dare you drive with mud on number plate. I cleaned the mud off your number plate now thank me.

    As I was going over to steal your mirror I accidentally bump into the car and gave it a big scratch across the front.

    I had to break into the car as there was a fly in the car so Ihas to break in to release it.

  5. Toiletman says:

    I puddled the car so sorry.

  6. ehzee munny says:

    Shot a porn scene in your backseat there might be stains

  7. A Local Ruffian says:

    Okay so it might not be original, but say that you are colorblind so their car is practically invisible to you and you crashed your scooter into it. Turn the tables and say they don’t care about the disabled and play it off like you’re the victim. That’ll definitely get someone riled up haha.

  8. Gonzo says:

    Something about self-driving cars

  9. Boggy B says:

    One idea that could really annoy people is to say that you were parked in a disabled bay so I tried to move your car but was unable.

  10. Shmanky says:

    +1 for self-driving cars (Gonzo). They need to call Google for insurance help (TheNumber_Three).

  11. timothy martin says:

    Too many ideas! Every one is sharing Ideas! It’s got to stop! RBCP is a HOBO! He will say what comes in to his cotton picking mind, let it flow naturally from his mind comes the irritations that make so called normal people upset!

  12. Stalin_Without_The_Charm says:

    Agree Tim, let the true evil flow from the master.

  13. timothy martin says:

    RBCP is pure evil! Some day, some day RCBP RIP! But it will be a very very long time, Ma Bell sure loves this HOBO! Just listen to this!

  14. SimpleX says:

    Rbcp on one of these roysipiants you should tell them you were training your toddler how to drive and he accidently scraped their car trying to parallel park, and say your kid can possibly work off the damage when he gets older or something like that.

    Also i assume you are doing a show friday but you should let us know when you plan on doing a show so everyone can go put a bunch of notes out like an hour before the show starts so you get lots of fresh incoming calls..

    Practice practice! Thanks for the shows

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