Geocaching and Delivering Babies

Thanks for this image, Etsa!

William S brings us over an hour of calls to car ding roycipients, each one more absurdly self-centered than the last.

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I run this town.

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17 Responses

  1. timothy martin says:

    RBCP. I will be glad when your done dinging cars. Especially mime, the car repairs are getting too expensive to fix, and you have not paid me anything! Pay up RBCP!

  2. Mont Sandwich says:

    Your dog cannon misfired or you were backing up a truck of porta potties and they weren’t attached well and they fell on to the car

  3. Ipokesmot says:

    Hey Roy can I make a music request?

  4. Worried says:

    Brad! You broke one of your own rules and told a guy to bodily harm another by punching another in their face!

  5. rbcp says:

    But it’s a loophole!

  6. Kitten says:

    Brad. Can’t wait for another live show… Maybe, something different? Using all of Ben’s ideas cause they are easy?

    How about a public question page, where people can post questions you answer publicly without using these post area for everything?

    Anyhow.. Your so much better than your old shows from 2009. Still listening to them anyhow. I may mix down the best stuff and post it.

  7. Happy18thYouSlut says:

    Not doing any more birthday cake shows?

  8. Totep says:

    Some ideas:

    During the solar storm, your car’s navigation system was set 0.01 inch off from reality so you dinged the car while parallel parking

    A micrometeorite impacted your belt buckle and ricocheted at their car, dinging it.

    you made an emergency landing of your hot air balloon on the top of their car

    your stingray ran amok while your were transporting it home and it’s tail dinged their car

    you dinged their car performing an exorcism in/on it

    you saw an amoeba on their hood and smashed it but dinged the hood

    you thought you smelled a chicken burrito in their car and dinged the car while investigating

    you were doing the hucklebuck with your boyfriend and he dinged their car when he fell off your torso

    you thought their car was Hitler’s car so you tried to tackle it

    you saw your reflection in the window as you walked by and thought it was your doppelganger coming to get you and as you started to run, you tripped and hit your head on a front driver’s side wheel, scuffing it

    A priest gave you “emergency communion” on top of the car and he dinged it with his solid gold rosary

    you thought it was a ghost car and tried to walk through it but dinged it

    you were showing your girlfriend how to wash a car with your boobs and your nipple ring dinged the car you were practicing on

    you accidentally dinged it when you were pouring ticks into the gas tank

  9. Tiny Kitty says:

    Everyone should follow the rules EXCEPT FOR rbcp?

    What does rbcp stand for?

  10. timothy martin says:

    RBCP, you never told anyone when you left a ding note that you did because it’s the christian thing to do! I thought you were a christian! HOBO!

  11. Ipokesmot says:

    – You were launching eggs and flaming darts with a catapult at someone else’s house but might have hit their car a few times.

  12. Boggy B says:

    I might of stole that baby idea from someone else me thinks but thanks for using it anyway. :)

    (More ding dings)

    I changed all four of your tyres and have giving you some cool 4 X 4 tyres, so cool. You can pay me later for the hard work I have done.

    I had to destroy your radio as it was a (DAB)

    I had to eat two kebabs with chips on them and I wanted to eat them in your car. Your car may smell of rotten kebab meat.

    We are going to play a game of guess what I removed. I removed something from your engine and you have to guess what I have removed. (I love this game)

  13. Ben says:

    Boggy’s idea of “guess what I removed from your car” would likely get a rise out of people. People will be searching all over their car for whatever you took. You could even make it into a contest. If they guess right, then they get a new car.

  14. FijiLaw says:

    8/10, real good shit Agent 003

  15. EspesaLover says:

    I miss Espesa… when is she coming back to PLA?

  16. Michael Jordan says:

    Do you plan to have us blacks punch each other when you say to? fuck that! Black lives matter!

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