Dingtember The 23rd

Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity and leaving a note when you ding a car in the mall, Sunshine!

Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity and leaving a note when you ding a car in the mall, Sunshine!

Guess what we're doing today?  Car ding calls, for an entire hour!  If you're tired of car ding calls, blame Stan Trucker, because he's the sponsor of the show.  Only one week of them left, though!

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I run this town.

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19 Responses

  1. Gonzo says:

    1. Your 8 year old kid was driving because you swapped places to teach him what its like to be an adult.
    2. The driver didn’t see you and drove into you which is how it got dinged.
    3. You were playing GTA in real life and dropped their car from a helicopter
    4. You were in a self driving car so take it up with Google.

  2. Mont Sandwich says:

    You were driving home and you noticed a tick on your arm and you swerved off side of road slightly but Scraped on curb so you got out of car and checked your tire but noticed an addressed stamped letter on the ground and saw it was for the house right next to where you pulled over so you went up to door and knocked. An elderly gentleman opened the door and you gave him the letter and he started to drone on and on and his cat ran out the door past him so you ran after it and it ran into a neighbors yard and you lost sight of it but some young kids got startled by you and their soccer ball was accidentally lofted into the road and it was fairly busy so you went to grab it for them and it rolled down into the parking lot and you grabbed it but while sprinting back you saw a ring on the ground and picked it up but then you accidentally scratched their windshield with the ring while leaving the note

  3. Dan Aleksander says:

    I am dying laughing at someone putting a Car Ding note on one of the cars in the mall. Someone should put one on one of those rides for little kids outside the supermarket.

  4. Have you been outsourcing the Oregon ding numbers to another show, other than XYZ?
    I haven’t heard any Oregon references yet.

  5. Eeeee says:

    Tell the roycipients that you were saving their car from being covered in sentient goo!

  6. Ben says:

    – You had a job interview nearby and noticed your pants were wrinkled. So, you ironed your pants on the hood of their car.

    – You ran out of quarters at the laundromat. So, to dry your clothes, you opened their hood and used the heat of their engine.

    – After visiting your neighbor “Patrick Star”, you met up with “Sandy” to go jellyfishing in the park. You ended up running into their car with a jellyfish net.

    – You turned on their headlights to make shadow puppets to entertain your kid.

  7. Dan Aleksander says:

    You dinged their car because it is Dingtember

  8. John jsh says:

    Giving an inspirational speech on roof of the car was the best. Lol.

  9. Boggy B says:

    More ding ideas (Liking those ideas guys)

    I put your car up on craigslist so you might be getting a few calls from people who want to buy your car. I set your car at a reasonable price. (No reason at all)

    We were doing a spitting contest to see how far we could spit. I managed to get the spit on your car a few times and when I tried to clean the spit off I accidentally left a note.

  10. Ben (perth) says:

    The reason obey can’t be used in spreadshirt is because like your Harley Davidson shirts it’s a licensed trademark and if spreadshirt openly sells a “obey” shirt knock off it would open itself up to all these copywrite laws which I know you are familiar with. So that’s why. Loving the calls Brad by the way best dingtember out of the two so far

  11. Ipokesmot says:

    Please everyone, remember to donate to Patreon so we can help our good friend Steve.

  12. Pinion says:

    Brad A. Carter! You are the hardest person to get in touch with.

    Please create a premium donator only email address or something like that for which gives us donators priority email to you. A new email address just for contacting you!


  13. AdultMan says:

    Emergency Pizza Party that you keep promoting has good voices, and good beasts, but their music makes no sense.

    They also sing as if singing to teenagers instead of adults which is making their music sound corny. I’m guessing they must be teenagers as they have no adult experiences to put their music.

    I can only guess the promotion is because they are letting you play it on your podcast.

    I truly tried to listen to them for an album, but all I could do was just enjoy the music and forget the lyrics.

    I’m sure the age group that listens to you is from the 80s and not just recently.

    Anyhow. I tried.

  14. BirthdayCake says:

    Is the reason you stopped to writing on birthday cake pranks is because of ?

  15. Totep says:

    You were hooking up a temporary pneumatic tube receiving station to their exhaust pipe and scratched up their steering wheel

    You were writing the ding note on their hood and pressed the pen too hard, leaving an impression of the note on their hood (like on a pad of paper where the piece of paper under the one you wrote on carries the impression of what you wrote)

    You thought the car was wanted for war crimes but it ended up being a similar looking car but you dinged it anyway for looking like a war crime car

    You dinged their car by accidentally tasing (or pepper spraying) it because you thought it blew it’s horn at you in a sexual way

    It’s one and zeros were misaligned and you dinged the car while trying to re-align them

    You saw a possum climb under the car so you beat on the top of the car to scare it out. Turns out it was just an old possum colored rag blowing around.

    Your horse accidentally shit on it and you scratched the car while cleaning off horse feces

    You are from the university Astronomy Dept. and a radioactive piece of Skylab (which you were tracking with a telescope) landed in the space between the door and the body of the car, so you dinged the car while prying it out with a science-machete.

    Your schmaltz was stolen and you thought you saw it in their glove compartment

    You dinged their car while making grits because you aren’t that good at making grits yet

    You suffer from the homalambulophobia condition and smooth surfaces freak you out, so you dinged their car and felt much better.

    You saw a gorilla or a large, hairy hobo ding the car but it didn’t leave a note so you left one for it

    You dinged their car last year but didn’t have a paper or pen on you at the time, and recognized the ding a few days ago when you walked by it so you left a note now about the old ding.

    You were changing you baby girl’s diaper on the hood and her clit ring scratched the hood

  16. ehzee munny says:

    ♣You scrape cars for free wax so you can make crayons for the orphans the paint gives it color…..♣
    ♣You are a reptilian and need to warm up on the hoods of cars to regulate your temperature ..you are so relaxed you poop……♣
    ♣You are the blinker fluid authority yup you were out so I went ahead and filled it for you..zips up sound fx…I also went through your glove box to find address for your bill♣
    ♣You are a disgruntled software owner of roysoft who got fired from own company for blank reason so every car that has roysoft installed you hack etc♣

  17. -you “borrowed” their side mirror for half an hour, and when you reinstalled it, you ding their car

    -While you was making love with your sister on their hood, your sister ‘being too heavy’ dented(dinged) their hood.

    -you was talking in you cell phone in a intense discussion with your friend when all of a sudden he said something that made you very angry. So you slammed your first down on the nearest object insight which was their hood.

    √√√√√√√√√ being so drunk that you blacked out, your friends told you what happened that night. All you could understand from them is that you somehow dinged their car and not really sure if it really happened or not. √√√√√√

  18. FijiLaw says:

    Thanks 8/10

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