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Jeff brings you our very first car ding episode of Dingtember! The car ding segment is shorter than expected, since a few people weren't answering, so after the break we switch to asking 7-Elevens about their Crystal Pepsi shipments.

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I run this town.

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20 Responses

  1. timothy martin says:

    RBCP you did not tell him your right name, Call the man back and tell him your real name Shorty! Tell him this is Shorty. After all, your a Christian!

  2. Midget Mutilator says:

    Car ding idea, which has been with me forever for some reason…

    You’re an annoyingly preachy chiropractor. You happened to park/walk next to their car and noticed their back rests / neck rests are at all sorts of bad angles – sure to give them all sorts of terrible back problems in the future. You selflessly broke in and fixed that. They’re welcome. Go on and on about proper posture and sitting position.

  3. Midget Mutilator says:

    That thing I think I heard you say about wanting your slim jim back after accidentally leaving it in someone’s car is awesome. You should totally do that.

  4. Ben says:

    I know you don’t need co-hosts; however, please consider asking Carlito to come on sometime during Dingtember like you did last year.

  5. Ben says:

    – You were pulling their window down in an attempt to get a wiff of what their car smells like inside.

    – You threw bird seed all over their car and a bunch of pigeons came and pecked on it.

    – You were practicing your bird calls by chirping, “leave this car alone” and you later found out that you were chirping “attack this car. ”

    – You thought their car was “Kit” from knight rider and started kicking it because you became upset when it wouldn’t talk back to you.

  6. at&t deathstar says:

    Roy, can you please tell me what the music is at 5:30?

  7. Ipokesmot says:

    Welcome back to mixlr! Youtube is for hobos and vblogger jerks.

  8. Do you care if people REALLY local to you leave notes? Rule 8 on says no local pranks, but is it the same if you have another prank caller make the call?

  9. Derringer says:

    Brad pleeease do my car ding ideas: Say that their car was possessed like Christine and it started chasing you so you ran it over with a bulldozer, or say that you’re carrot tops manager and he used their car as either a prop or a stage for an outdoor show and dinged it.

  10. Dan Aleksander says:

    Sent you some numbers for a choir and a senior golf club, to your email.

  11. Boggy B says:

    Make sure you guys have a backup story just in case you get caught putting the notes on the cars.

    (More ding ideas)

    Your damm car radio was very loud so I had to break in and shut that motherfucker up.

    I needed to change my clothes so used your car as a changing room so no one else could see me naked.

    I tried to post some documents into your car but I failed as the window was closed. Be very vague about the documents.

    I was meant to meet you in the place where you had your car as I have a very special something for you. THe special thing was that I was to sell you some time shares as you sounded interested in it.

  12. The backup story is: WTF are you doing driving my spouse’s car(checks license plate)…Oh sorry…I was hoping to play a trick, Byyeee honey baby-sweet tits.

  13. rbcp says:

    Deathstar – that’s a song by PM Dawn called Reality.

  14. rbcp says:

    Number Three – it’s unlikely I would call any car ding people if they’re in my city or surrounding cities. I might do larger cities in Oregon, like Salem, Eugene, Portland, etc. I did quite a few from Portland last year.

  15. rbcp says:

    I might pass along the car ding pranks in Oregon to other people, unless they’re actually in my own city.

  16. Midget Mutilator says:

    Ding idea:

    You got into an altercation with a hobo asking for change. The fight went down kinda WWE style, and your finishing move was an elbow drop off their car.

  17. at&t deathstar says:

    thank you roy

  18. Dan says:

    Yes! Midget beat me to it but you definitely should say you got into a fight with a homeless guy asking for money and somehow damaged the car in the process….also it’s funnier if you lost the fight right?

  19. FijiLaw says:

    10/10 for the LOLzeez!

  20. Gonzo says:

    The car ding paradox is still hilarious. I’m pretty sure that guy was about to go insane.

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