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Julian sponsors today's show of internet customer problems.  Thanks, Julian!  I chopped nearly an hour out of this live show and I definitely did not make a lady cry in this episode.

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I run this town.

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18 Responses

  1. timothy martin says:

    What a beautiful ending, your now an all star! But, Leave the talent to the stars, I just don’t like it when customer service agents sing, nether do I like being put on hold and hearing the same song! Please leave the music to the famous dead singers OK! You customer service personal are very very sick individuals!

  2. ed fish says:

    Where is the full video on youtube? :(

  3. Alanvidales says:

    Ed fish he just uploaded the full video on YouTube

  4. pyrate says:

    Hey Bradboy, can you seed the rappy mcrap torrent pack again? like 23 people trying to get it

  5. Boggy B says:

    DingTember just around the corner.

  6. Sherlock Homeless says:

    Sooo… Is it time to start leaving stupid ass Dingtember ideas yet?

  7. Arch Angel says:

    Did you guys know Carrot Top’s slogan is “Laugh Until You’re Orange In The Hair”

  8. ehzee munny says:

    Used to know people with surname dinger could be hilarious if you somehow 3wayed to them with the dingee….sutcac …………………………..cactus oh cactus how you stick, when I take a piss in desert carefully pull my dick, green sticky slime with thorns abound, I made peyote tea and passed around, I heard my friend laughing and hollering fierce , turns out through his nutsack needles did pierce. Thats all I have I guess im finish,
    my name not popeye but I smoke my spinach

  9. _Liz says:

    The “please stop yelling at me” call was amazing

  10. rbcp says:

    I will use all money you give to me to buy expensive clothes for myself that I can wear into clubs to pick up on girls way too young for me. Thanks in advance for the support!

  11. timothy martin says:

    RBCP hasn’t made a new show in the last few days because he’s too lazy to do it or he don’t have the nerves to do so. I still believe in him though, because I don’t have the nerves to do it my self! RIP RBCP!

  12. Witchcraft says:

    I was running a game server for six years, then got sick of it… Tried to continue.. But hungry for something new… Brad claims to be doing this for 10 or 20 years? Yeah.. bored to tears!

    I think that in order to make it fun again for Brad… he’ll have to change stuff up a bit, I’m sure the listeners wouldn’t like that, but It would probably renew his ethuisasim towards doing this show.

    I would really hope he finds a Lady to co-host his show again, and finds someone to be his “manager” again as the I am not giving you to my supervisor is getting old. It was more fun to watch reactions of when they hear what his supervisor had to say!

    I’m curious what really happened between him and his old co-hosts.

    Brad must get trolled allot, because the people in his irc chat act like coming in there asking for him and stuff isn’t legit. They do want to make you feel unwelcomed.

    I’ll donate sometime later tonight. I’m in MN. I think that is CDT time zone. I can’t do monthly donations as my job is a unstable one. But I’ll donate something. I personally hate PayPal, and don’t want the other option… I guess I must use PayPal. Probably the yearly option. I’m thinking around 8-9 pm tonight if it does not rain here.

    I’m seriously not a troll and this tonight well prove that.

    I’m probably the most interactive donator as I’ve got nothing better to do.

  13. ed fish says:

    Why won’t members login work anymore?

    503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you need assistance.

  14. Dan says:

    I’m sure he is burnt out which sucks bc I don’t think he realises how funny he still is the same happened to carlito….even burnt out and running on fumes they’re still funny as hell and highly entertaining. I agree on the co-host but he’s said many times he’s not interested unfortunately.

  15. Archive says:

    Need an archive of all his shows.

  16. Ipokesmot says:

    These comments are so gay.

  17. Donator says:

    Please do a Saturday live show! This Saturday!

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